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Gogoanime And other Best Website for Dubbed Anime


In today’s global era one thing that is common with everyone is that we all have stress. Stress can give you headaches, make you become lazy, or short-tempered these things are enough to affect your relationships, working ability and health as well. So it is very important to take care of your stress before it will overpower you.

To fight stress people play video games but the overdose of that can result in abnormal psychological behavior. There are safe options as well as you can do yoga, meditation, listen to peaceful music, watch Gogoanime as it is most convenient, entertaining, easy to access and free.

What is Gogoanime?

Gogoanime is a website which proved iimself as a great platform where you can watch a lot of animation series in high Definition format absolutely free. They also have a popular animation series. which is named after site, In other words, gogoanime is a popular animation streaming service which uses fictional characters and environment to perform their fictional story main purpose of these series is to make you entertain.

It is Japanese by origin watching that quickly changes your mood and helps you to switch your mindset from a stressful environment. Engaging stories help you to entertain and develop your imagination. Some of the stories give you a life teaching as well or a broad vision to understand your problems in the relationship.

Those who watch gogoanime selectively are confident enough to find alternative ways in complex situations. Gogoanime also helps to develop healthy habits through precious tips to eat and live healthy to become fit. Moving forward let’s discuss why gogoanime is so popular?

Why everyone is crazy about Gogoanime?

A very first question in your mind is why everyone is crazy about gogoanime. There are various factors like engaging stories, adorable characters, use of special effects and many more various episodes are based on retro graphic novels watching them alive which you once read and imagined is everyone’s fantasy.

When you watch gogoanime apart from entertainment you also learn social messages and a playful view on daily problems of life. Anyone can watch gogoanime despite their age, sex, hobbies, region etc gogoanime comes with a universal approach and acceptance. A wide range of characters and fairytale environment make it stand apart from other entertainment mediums Some of them are as follows.

Entertainment Mediums

  • Several Characters -Gogoanime series uses a wide range of characters to depict their story you can easily find a cute character which he loves most
  • Nostalgia – Many people in society feel nostalgic as they read and watched comic books and animation shows while their school days.Also, gogoanime is an advanced format of retro comic book and cartoon shows this USP make them stand alive between the other formats of entertainment
  • Unconventional Concept – Gogoanime uses a variety of new concepts which helps viewers like you to develop a healthy habit with entertaining visuals
  • Regular editions – several sequels and prequels of gogoanime is released till the date continuity of stories with add on characters to refresh the concept becomes cherry on the cake
  • Ease of use – you don’t need any extra setting or device to watch gogoanime you can easily watch it by logging on the website and you are all set also one can download episodes and watch afterward or with no internet
  • Options – wide collection of animation are available on the website you can easily choose, the option provides users freedom to watch which helps it to reserve its space in everyone’s heart

Apart from this one must understand that watching is an everyday activity done by every human also considered as a way through which a person feels relaxed vibrant colors used in gogoanime soothes mind let’s discuss salient features of gogoanime.

Silent Features

  • You can choose from different style episodes based on your interest some of them are a murder mystery, love story, action, school, comedy, adventure, tours, horror, fantasy, treasure hunt, game, music and more
  • English subtitles help one to understand easily also there is an option for dubbed anime versions in several languages are available as well
  • You can watch it online or can download it to watch afterward which even doesn’t need internet
  • one can enquire or contact site admin simply by filling the form available on site the admin will contact you through personal email
  • You can use filters available on site to refine new seasons, new episodes or genres easily
  • Last but not least it is absolutely free and easy to access

Addiction why is it so with Gogoanime?

Many of you may be aware of the fact that gogoanime is addictive there are various evidence which proved that people spending more time watching a gogoanime may have an addictive psychological effects also a popular Indian saying which means Extreme of anything will result to an end, in other words, doing a work repetitively for a long time may have adverse effects on your mental or physical health also watching anime for long hours or repetitively can make you addictive. You can avoid this addiction by taking some precautionary measures like maintaining a time limit or an episode limit over a piece of time.

beautifully crafted characters with a tight storyline help you to start again and again. Today several platforms are available on the internet where you can get your daily dose of gogoanime but from my personal experience, some sites take long formality and low stream rate with poor quality of the episode. is very easy to use, having a huge collection of gogoanime which facilitates you to choose your favorite genre. The site also provides application so you can get quick access to gogoanime but advertisements between the broadcast can spoil your experience of streaming gogoanime.

Is gogoanime legal to use?

Gogoanime is a legal platform but mode of operation is illegal because don’t hold any license for the content they are distributing a copyright case can be done by developers but they never do that means they don’t care for it or maybe it helps them to become more popular. So, in other words, you can say it is a gray site now the main concern streaming on this site can cause you a trouble the answer is no but be careful as ads appearing on these sites can cause uploading of malware on your system by taking precautionary measures you can easily enjoy streaming your favorite anime in your most loved style or genre. Now let’s learn how to download your favorite gogoanime.

How to download gogoanime

  1. Type in your web browser
  2. select your desired animation and click
  3. then click on download button to download the animation
  4. enjoy your animation clip when you want to see

Apart from the website, there are applications which facilitate quick access to gogoanime some of them are as follows

How to download Gogoanime app for PC

You can download anime gogo tv app that is available for free on Microsoft

This app allows you to explore the wide range animations from various styles and most popular shows, latest episodes are updated regularly it also facilitates you to mark your favorite anime and many more you can directly download the app by clicking here

How to download Gogoanime app for Android (APK)

For all android devices, you can download Fastanime which is available on google play store

it will provide you tons of anime that are English dubbed anime and English subtitle in high definition quality you can easily enjoy hundred of hours on any Android compatible device and it is absolutely free. you can directly download the app for Android by clicking here

How to download Gogoanime app for IOS

IOS is an operating system found in all devices manufactured by Apple you can download jp anime player it is a trusted app having a huge database of anime like kissanime, kisscartoon, gogoanime,anime-freak,soul-anime and many more direct link for downloading app is here

Best Gogoanime series

There are the various popular Japanese style of the cartoonish show based on retro graphic novels as Japanese term anime for cartoon shows with Japanese tradition and culture it is more than an anime show it is a remedy for stress there are much evergreen anime series some of them are as follows:-


one of such kind of anime is Doraemon it is really popular around the globe it is evergreen anime which sold their 100 million copies till 2015. Doraemon was illustrated by Fujiko F.Fujio and first published in December 1969 but in the English version, anime is released in the mid-1980s in America It became so popular from there it has been dubbed anime in most of the languages it made records in India too where it has been broadcasted in 3 regional languages of India.

Doraemon is also an anime ambassador appointed by the foreign ministry of Japan in the year 2008

The Doraemon has a magical pocket from where he gets all of his magical gadgets to help Nobita who is a young boy always score poor grades and overfilled by feelings like bullying, sadness,jealousy series also consist of some characters like Shizuka she is a close friend of Nobita also love interest, Takeshi and Suneo are two friends of Nobita most of the time both of them are involved in bullying Nobita.

Apart from this Doraemon also have tv series, movie, video game, musical videos, and merchandise as well


The Shin-chan has a record-breaking fan following around the globe it is illustrated by Yoshito Usui he is a Japanese manga artist from Shizuka city concept is very simple Shin-chan Nohara is a 5-year-old kid story revolves around his mom, dad, younger sister, pet dog scenario is set in a city called Kasukabe. Shin-chan first appeared in 1990 it is broadcasted on several tv channels around the globe and dubbed anime in more than 30 languages and aired in 45 countries. There are several movies, games, songs, accessories are available as well


Kochikame is so special because this is only anime which is more popular in India than Japan it is written by Toshimichi Okawa started in 1976 Kochikame plot revolves around the Ryotsu he is an innocent policeman looking to earn some extra money but tragically his plans always go wrong and a lot of humor comes from situation as mundane characters and bizarre location add spice to this all-time loved anime

Dragonball z

Dragon Ball z is produced by Toei anime written by Takao Koyama has become a massive hit in United States, India, Canada, Australia, Europe, Latin America Dragon ball follows the life incidents of Goku along with his friends defend earth and becomes earth lifesavers a superhuman having magical powers with expertise in martial arts.

Other Best Website For Dubbed Anime

I am a diehard fan of anime and love to watch it for hours on my favorite platform i.e. but as I already mentioned above that it is a grey index site. So, it can be banned or gone down without any prior notice. If any copyright violation claim made by creators, ending up like this is the worst feeling for a fan like me to avoid the frustrating situation I have collected a list of gogoanime alternatives available on the internet I am sharing the list so, you can simply check those alternatives to refresh your mood as well.

The best alternatives available for gogoanime are as follows:-

KissAnime As anime is a Japanese style cartoon. Language is a big barrier to understand anime but kissanime is a solution to that as this platform contains a huge amount of high-quality videos in dubbed anime version as well in many languages so it becomes more easy for viewers to understand and enjoy it easily apart from this site also owns a forum where all registered members can participate in ongoing discussion it is a must hangout place for every anime lover


Nowadays  animefreak is very popular among anime lovers they have a pretty big collection almost ten thousand and all are accessible at no cost just register yourself at the site and start streaming with your account they upload new episodes directly on the same day of its release date also facilitates you to create or customize a playlist, you can check the collection in directory style of all high definition dubbed anime episodes


This is a site where you will get twenty-five thousand anime episodes. Categorised according to their style or genre they also provide latest updates or news on anime regularly, a discussion forum where you can enjoy great anime debates and refresh your knowledge regarding anime can go through reading storylines of anime at summary section of website you can conduct polls on anime topics A dreamy fairytale for every anime lover also one of my most preferred and favorite site in spite of functionality and workability


Animeland is a great place for those who needs dubbed anime,music video,movie etc you can easily search for your desired anime and enjoy watching it only site which streams anime without any registration separator category for newly added anime so no worry of missing any anime uploaded interactive chat widget allows you to discuss information regarding the anime you are watching or want to be watched


You can stream high-quality anime of all different genres like horror, comedy, love, murder mystery, treasure hunting, alien etc all this with a unique feature of the stream a random anime which automatically chooses an anime for you is a thrilling experience. Detailed descriptions are provided for every anime so one can easily figure out that on what topic anime will perform and for how much episodes

  • Animestream

Anime stream has a surprising content you just need to keep exploring true high definition videos with a facility of multiple streaming so you don’t need to check other sites in between a no-compromise experience as it accomplishes every need that an anime lover struggles for they update latest anime episodes 10 times faster as compared to other regular anime sites and the most exciting thing you get all this for free


Masterani provides you high definition anime movies and daily episodes with English subtitles help you to understand anime stories (for non-Japanese speakers). Register on site for a free account as it allows many features like commenting, you can rate your watched shows also facilitates you to upload subtitles in your language so that it will help non-English speakers but the only disadvantage is they use various anime streaming services to broadcast an anime it can become a bit laggy.

Nyaa torrent

Nyaa torrent is a public torrent site dedicated to anime a home to japanese game shows, tv shows, softwares and many more It is founded in the year 2011 only anime site which has been awarded for 1000 most popular website on it the Internet never bound you to register or make a account as it is optional


Gogoanime9 is a very popular platform which provides you buttery smooth streaming of high definition anime which you can choose from dubbed anime episodes in a different language they stream back to back episodes so after the end of one episode next one starts automatically


if you are an anime lover you must visit zonavibu It is best in terms of quality sophisticated website design eye appealing animes you can also control the speed of video while playing anime but this one is paid service but worth every penny spent on it.

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Gogoanime is a Japanese style cartoon show which is now loved by audience around the globe apart from anime. It also works as a great stress buster allows one to learn new ways to resolve day to day problems. So, you can include gogoanime in your lifestyle as a healthy habit to improve your lifestyle there is a list of alternates as well. So you never end up watching an anime or you can simply refresh your anime streaming experience some of them are complementary as well as premium service for anime streaming with multiple features.

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