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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Chat Problems|Warzone Mic And Voice not working


Call of Duty Warzone is one of the popular thrilling games. Let’s get arousal of infinity war, absolutely free of cost. It is a war game launched in 2003, and the set-up of this game was made based on World War II. Generally, this game gained so much popularity, but now, many objections raised by this game user.

These are some illustrations, which carry different levels of arousal from basic to some advanced degrees. However, some users are now protesting against this game because microphone and voice chat does not work correctly.

Features of Call of duty

Some advantageous features of Call of Duty Warzone gameplay are given below:

Enjoy the game in free of cost

Now you can play Call of Duty Warzone from different platforms, like – PC, Xbox One, etc. And yes, you do not need to pay for it, this is free of cost. The advanced players will get some extra bonuses. Just make your harddisk free of 83-103 GB to download this game and enjoy the battle.

It uses the latest Warfare.

The advanced players, who already exist in modern Warfare, can easily activate the latest Warzone from the main menu. It will require 18 to 22 GB memory.

You will get everything in these two – Warfare and Warzone, from Battle Pass, operators to shields, etc. The player can customize the options as per their requirement.

COD Modern Warfare consists of cross-platform.

You may also access cross-platform playing here. It will allow you to play with your fellow, close friends, and other players from all around the world. No matter what platforms they are using to play.

This platform offers a chance to make a strong bonding in the community. Now you may explore your excitement by playing with mouse and keyboard also.

The Large mapping

The game occupies an ample space. It has various named regions. You can easily distinguish the urban and rural areas and can guide your playmate also.

Includes Ping System

Call of Duty also includes Ping System, like Apex Legends. It allows players to communicate with their teammates. It also helps to tag any notable things on the map for the player’s squad. You may tag any weapons, shield to fight against your opponent

Dual game modes

The players may see the dual-mode of Call of Duty Warfare. They are – Battle Royale and Plunder.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Chat Problems

Nowadays, plenty of players are suffering from chat problems during gaming sessions, and they are complaining. Before starting the game, the players should need to check the entire settings process, including input and output devices. Here the input device is a microphone, which takes the voice and converts into an electrical signal.

At the same time, the output does the vice versa activities and helps to listen. They should configure in the right way. The standard and fundamental problems occurred due to connecting various output devices, and corresponding input devices are not accessed.

However, the players may find the solutions by following some steps. Users who are using PlayStation 4 or Xbox one platform can easily set their sound from settings.

Those who are accessing the game from desktop should go to place first, then sound, and then to the Sound control panel. Choose Playback, then default, speakers, then Recording and then microphone. After reaching there, just off new input devices.

Call Of Duty Warzone Mic And Voice Chat Not Working

Sometimes, the headphones are not working during sessions, and players suffer for it. The player should connect two devices to proceed with the game, one is for talking, and another is for hearing. So the input device will help to spa=eak, and the output will help to listen.

But players sometimes realize that they can not hear properly, and their opponent can not listen to them appropriately. It means their microphone is not working.

To fix the problem, you should check the output-input device’s connection, whether connected accurately or not.

COD voice chat issues

The main objection against this game is regarding the problem in voice chat. We can play this game through the voice-chat system. Many users opposed this system as they complain that there is something wrong in voice – conversation. And for this reason, they can not hear others.

Objection Against Technology Used In This Game: There is a technology called NAT used. NAT or network address translation is one of the networking systems that control our internet settings and doesn’t let us engage in any other game or chat. So, some of the sufferers make this NAT system responsible for these disturbances. 

But, it seems that this allegation is not correct. That is why the user fails to learn from each other. And the effect of this problem falls on the game.

The Assurance:

However, It is said by the authority that this is a widespread problem, and it also promised that they would try their best to resolve this problem forever.

PC mic not working in cod

The same problem has raised for PC users, while they are accessing the Call of Duty Warfare game from the desktop, sometimes their microphone is not working correctly. They can not listen to any one’s command during the session.

You may overcome this problem by deactivating all the devices, which are already connected and are using for audio purposes. Then activate your input and output devices as default. Afterward, it would help if you went to the COD platform and then open the MW game settings.

And finally, you may find the tab of voice chat. Here you can access your input and output. Again confirm that you have connected microphone as input device and headphone as output. Hopefully, now you can solve your problem, and can enjoy the gaming session with your friends.


COD modern warfare is one of the most played games. I have listed all the details about it above. I have mentioned about the recent issues; all the users are facing while trying to play. You can comment here if you are facing any problem while playing the Call of Duty game. I would love to hear any kind of feedback from you.

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