Call of Duty WWII Review: Return to Origins?

Call of Duty WWII is a brilliant game in the call of duty series. In this article, we will be giving you reviews of Call of Duty WWII. While there have been many great first player shooting games, Call of Duty games always stand out. This instance of Call of Duty is no exception.

Not only does the game make for a great campaign, it also gives you an excellent new mode in multiplayer mode. There is also a new denser, creepier version of Nazi zombies whom you will want to slaughter in the worst possible manner.

Although the game is nothing short of great, it could have been exceptional but for some minor flaws & inconsistencies in all major parts of the game.

Call of Duty WWII Campaign

Most players don’t like playing campaigns a lot. However, if you do decide to play Call of Duty WWII Campaign, you won’t be disappointed. Call of Duty WWII gives you a very personal feeling while maintaining the typical war story that most first shooter games generally have.

In the campaign, the player follows Private “Red” Daniels through major historical moments like the D-Day landing and the liberation of the city of Paris, for example.Call of duty WWII image 2

The campaign will last for about 5 to 6 hours and the game will make you feel for the soldiers on the battlefield, even though you know they are animated characters. There are many well-animated cutscenes and narrations that will lead you through the story, as is the Call of Duty way.

As you will be playing historical settings, targeting enemies is a bit difficult but it makes the gameplay more interesting. Because of this, the game may feel slow sometimes. However, it is not so. The combat does require some patience in locating targets but it is very rewarding in terms of experience. Call of Duty WWII will make you run for your life as you will stumble upon enemies a lot.

We found the changes refreshing. The game feels grounded and the characters are vulnerable. However, in terms of types of equipment, the game could have offered more options to the players. Modern players are used to drones and computer assistance. In WWII, your army is the only assistance you have.

Call of Duty WWII Multiplayer Mode

While few players will play the campaign mode with interest, most players will typically jump straight to the multiplayer mode. Call of Duty WWII is no different from its predecessors when it comes to multiplayer mode.

You die fast, you respawn fast and you kill fast. With a bit of experience, you will die less and kill more. The experience is awesome and you will be completely immersed in the gameplay.

Although there are no high-tech gadgets or superweapons that you can use against your enemies, the WWII setting does provide a different experience. Although, the game can improve by adding more maps.

Loading time of different items in the menus (weapons and attachments, for example) is noticeable. They don’t load immediately as we are used to in modern games. You don’t expect Call of Duty to have such issues.

We also faced some time delay when trying to load into the matches and once the match is over, moving past the end-game scoreboard also took some time. Although these are little things, they spoil the experience somewhat.

Luckily, we do not experience such issues during the actual battles and campaigns. That may have been a dealbreaker for many people.

It is a good idea to gain as much XP as possible at the beginning of the Call of Duty WWII in order to unlock some skills which will help you gain a footing with other players. Although you will be killed a lot when you are at lower ranks, you can use the XP to unlock some decent weapons. As you slowly climb the ranks, you will be at an advantage.Call of duty WWII image 3

You can progress through low ranks by using the new Orders and Contracts option. Once you have accepted and completed these in-match side goals, you will get many different rewards like XP or supplies. The goals may be something like killing X number of enemies in Y minutes.

You can pick up these contracts from the Headquarters. Headquarters is the in-game hub where you can pick up contracts and orders, open supply drops for everyone, practice different weapons at the gun range, etc.

Call of Duty WWII also introduces Divisions, which adds a new leveling system over and above the individual character and weapon levels. We have found this to be a good addition to the game. Call of Duty WWII has five divisions, namely the Infantry, the Airborne, the Mountain, the Armored and the Expeditionary. Each of these divisions has their special set of perks for a certain weapon class.

It is important to pick a division that suits your playing style. You will eventually unlock all divisions.

Avatar customization is a good feature of the game. And yes, we can now have women players in Call of Duty WWII multiplayer. If someone has any issues with the realism of this, they should have set that aside when they started shooting zombies.

You can choose your character to be of any race or gender.

Call of Duty WWII offers nine regular maps and three War mode maps. They also offer an exclusive map for season pass holders. Although the game has many maps, most of them feel similar in design. The maps are all small, are long not wide, have three lanes in general and the players will benefit if they use rifles and SMGs instead of pistols and shotguns.

Call of Duty WWII – Nazi Zombies

In the basic story, the four main characters have to work towards retrieving stolen art. In doing so, they end up in Nazi territory. To top it all, the Nazi territory is infested with zombies.

Although Nazi zombies do look like zombies, they don’t work that well if the aim is scaring the players. They do serve well as cannon fodder. The fight does have an intense music and there are a few jump-scares here and there but overall, it was not something that would easily scare the general gamer.

Call of Duty WWII Reviews image 7

In order to survive Nazi zombies, it is crucial that the team works together. There are few tasks which require you to be in different areas of the map in a limited time. You have to press a lever in one area, for example, and within a few moments, press another lever that is farther away on the map. When all the players work well together, this becomes easier.

The map used is great. It is dense and has many underground pathways that set it apart from the general plain maps where you don’t have places to run away from zombies.

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Nazi Zombies introduces four different kinds of roles for customizations- offense, medic, control, and support. Each of these has their own task and a unique ability. This is a good addition to the game. However, you cannot customize until you have reached level 5.

Although it is frustrating to wait till you reach level 5 and then get to know what all your character is capable of, the specials are very useful.


Whether it is the campaign mode or the multiplayer mode, you will love playing the game. Although there are a few areas where the game could have done better, it is one of the best games on the market to play for WWII fans. And what better time pass then to slaughter Nazi zombies?

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