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World Cricket Championship 2 Latest Features And Reviews

World Cricket Championship 2, as the name goes, is the game solely meant to play cricket. The game is popular for its gameplay, features and the graphics. Moreover, the compatibility of the game is universal. You can play the game easily over any android device, PC, and the iOS devices. WCC 2 is cool of its kind game. The game is also known to be the advanced game available on the Android devices. If you are a kind of person, wanting to enjoy cricket on the mobile, WCC 2 is for you.

World Cricket Championship 2 Features

World Cricket Championship 2 has Different Modes of Play

The game has different modes to play. The practice mode, quick play mode, and Tournament mode. The practice mode allows you to practice and improvise your skills at the game. Whilst in the quick play mode, you have to select the two teams and play. In tournament mode, allows you to play the tournaments such as ODI, 20-20, 50-50, test series and so on, depending on your choice.

WCC 2 Allows you to Challenge your Friends

World Cricket Championship 2 allows you to challenge your friends to play the game. You can invite your friends and play together online. This is one of the amazing features of the game that lets you play with your friends.

WCC 2 has an in-app editing option to create your own team

The game has an editing option. You can edit your players’ name. Their dresses and team name, are all customizable. You are by default, allowed to choose any existing team which is playing in the international matches.

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WCC 2 Game Reviews

WCC 2 makes you experience the real cricket

“A wonderful game which experiences the real cricket. It also has wonderful graphics which makes it more attractive & brilliant look up but there something was a missing impact in lbw etc. Through which you can able to make a wonderful game and make it world’s no.1 game. If you do the changes then I am very thankful to you and play it with more pleasure then now. Please do these changes given above. You also can introduce more grounds like Perth, Brisbane, Auckland, Indore, Ranchi, Hyderabad, etc. You also should introduce rain in between the matches and then D/S method.”, reviews Yash Garg.

WCC 2 works well with certain updates

“Pls update the following things: Add super overs. Make sure that videos are always available. Reduce the cost of customization of team players. Pls at least try to give default original jersey number and faces so that work is reduced. Extra player slots (about 15 ) in the change squad so that there is no need to rename original players always. And reduce advertisement. If so give money in all ads between overs. Pls try to make such changes …….will help a lot. But it is a good game and very creative.”, reviews 26Barve

The game consumes larger storage space

“Not worth for 221mb. Bring Ipl auction with correct names like Chennai super kings, Mumbai Indians. then fix that lagging. Improve batting and bowling. Sometimes there is a ball go for a wide fix that. Make the first Ball placing after that speed and turning point. Fix, please. You are better than real cricket 18.”, reviews #MDAWUF 17
I think after reading this you are excited to know how to play this game, then just go through with this link and check out tips and tricks to play WCC 2.


Seeing the features and the reviews of the game, WCC 2 is the game worth giving a try. There are a lot of cricket lovers around. If you wish to explore the cricket virtually, WCC 2 is how it would be.

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