How Tik Tok affecting young generation? (Bad effects)

Is there a young child on your premises who love to create videos on Tik Tok? Is your child used to live alone with his/her smartphone? If yes, then the post for you.

Tik Tok is the social platform, enables you to create 15 seconds lip sync videos using its background music. Tik Tok was launched in 2016 and since then it has become the most popular video creating platform for youngsters. If you are intersted to promote your brand or services on TikTok check my post on TikTok Ads.

Young children are becoming addicting of this social platform and they do anything to draw the attention of other users. Children make different types of videos including sexually suggestive. If you want to know about the bad impacts of Tik Tok and how it affecting the young generation then you are in exact place. Here I will throw some light on its adverse effects on our kids which will definitely compel you to think.

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Bad Effects of Tik Tok on the young generation
How Tik Tok affecting young generation? (Bad effects)

Bad Effects of Tik Tok on the young generation

Tik Tok has blocked in Indonesia seeing the adverse effects on the young kids. There are plenty of factors which indicates that it is really harmful to our kids. Take a look below to confirm:

Children are using false identities

Tik Tok doesn’t follow any policy to stop young kids to join the community of adults. Even below the age of 10 kids are participating in adult activities. They hide their age and join Tik Tok and post seductive videos. Young girls wear seductive outfits and make videos then post and adults stalk them. At an early age, children are learning criminal activities.

Easily connect with adults

Via Tik Tok children can chat with others and can come in contact with dirty mind people. They push the kids in seductive activities and can misuse their videos. Apart from seductive videos, there are dangerous videos which can affect the mental level of young children and they can repeat these activities to draw attention.

Affect the IQ level of kids

According to research, it is proved that using smartphones for a long period can diminish your IQ level. Our young generation is fond of new things and Tik Tok seems an advanced invention and they attract towards it and spoiling their IQ.

Becoming addictive

Excess of anything is not good and Tik Tok has become the addiction of youngsters. They spend their fruitful hours creating videos and also in commenting and liking other’s videos. They used to live alone and don’t like to expend time with their parents. As a result, they don’t focus on moral values and becoming irresponsible.

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Well, Tik Tok is not suitable for young kids and they are spoiling their innocence with this social platform. Even kids are becoming mature and take part in adult activities. If you want to save your child from its bad impacts then you have to stop them to use Tik Tok. You can also keep an eye on his/her activities and also check their account regularly.

Tik Tok should use privacy measures and also fix the age limit of the users. We are not saying to ban it but after some modification, it can be a good choice.

Hope, you liked the post and if you did then do share with your close once so that they can stop their kids to use Tik Tok. For more updates stay connected and keep reading.

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