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Prince of Persia Game Features And Reviews

Prince of Persia is the battle between The God of Light, Ormazd versus his brother Ahriman, the destructive God of Darkness. The Prince arrives to witness the dark world. His only motive is to breathe safe in the land. Prince takes all the necessary actions to fight against evil corruption and injustice already taking place.

Prince of Persia Game Features

Prince of Persia game is the series

The game is an iteration of its preceding parts. Prince of Persia is the dynamic game with modesty and adventures. The game is more of ambitions, rather than destruction.

Prince of Persia Game is the illusion Breaker

Most of the part in the game Prince of Persia is the illusion breaker. That said, you won’t have to focus on defeating your enemies. You have to conquer your own piece of land. The amazing graphics and the smoothness it imparts makes the game easy and fun. Hence, for many, the game is certainly going to be an illusion breaker.

Prince of Persia game is easygoing yet Adventurous Game

Prince of Persia is easy, fun and equally adventurous game. The only way out is to let the game take over you. You will have to perform only basic actions and enjoy the go.

Prince of Persia Game Review:

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Gameplay is Excellent and the Graphics is nice

“This is my third prince of Persia, and the best, Gameplay is excellent, the graphics are nice, the game is large… Any more?
The cell-shading effect is very good, I have not found anything in the game that I did not like, everything is excellent. There is only a small detail a bit ugly, the shadows are many mountain peaks, but well, esdel 2008!
The soundtrack I liked it because it fits perfectly with the atmosphere every time I hear music I get wanting to play jajaj.
ABSTRACT: This game is a 100/100, although I liked, nothing am disappointed, now you can find for less than $ 20, you know, buy it.”, says Parenter.

Needs a lot of practice to get good at the game

“A rich story, often charming and flirtatious, combined with a one-dimensional combat system. Definitely a console port so using a gaming controller is ideal. Keyboard/mouse is possible, but it takes a lot of practice and frustration to get consistently good at it.

Most of your time will be spent chasing down light crystals which is just plain boring and repetitive, but if you don’t overdo it by trying to get all of them, the story flows pretty nicely. I did find the ending to be extremely disappointing and had me wondering why I went through all the effort, to begin with.” reviewed JonesR

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Prince of Persia Seems to be Had Rushed, at times

Despite looking rather pretty, it falls short and feels rushed in many respects. Yes, moving quickly through levels feels good, but the Prince’s movements are blocky and feel absolutely catered to the lowest possible difficulty. Additional gameplay mechanics added later in the game add a token amount of fun but end up being frustrating more often than not. There is no way to “fail” in combat or moving through the world, so there is a continual feeling of a safety net, and the only real perk to proficiency is preventing yourself a vast amount of annoyance.

Furthermore, the story bears exceptionally minimal relevance to the character that is the Prince of Persia, except for a handful of lines scattered throughout the game. I do not suggest it for anyone who appreciates the history of the franchise. “, JereMyN contributes the real thoughts.


Usually, the games are meant to defeat the enemies and are kind of destructive. Prince of Persia is more of rising up the Empire, instead of defeating the one. You have enemies in the game, undoubtedly. However, to defeat them is not your target. Your main goal is, to create and breathe in your own Empire. Thus the game is certainly different and meant for you, in case you are looking to try out some out of the box yet adventurous. Do catch us to know latest updates in features of the game.

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