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Ragdoll Games: My 5 Top Picks of 2021

Best Ragdoll Games

Let me tell you a story.

Last year, COVID-19 forced many of us to stay at home.

During that time, everything was messed up for me. I used to watch YouTube all the time.

That’s when I discovered a Game based on Ragdoll Physics – HUMAN FALL FLAT.

Right away I fell in love with it.

Human: Fall Flat Gif - ID: 208283 - Gif Abyss

Look at this, how come anyone stops himself from falling in love with this game.

I didn’t and that’s why I started playing more & more Ragdoll Games.

If you too wanna try your hands on these games then I would recommend you to start with these 5 games.

But wait.

Before I share my favorite Ragdoll Games, let’s understand a little about Ragdoll Physics.

What is Ragdoll Physics in Video Games?

I won’t say anything fancy here. Instead, see this –

I love the ragdoll physics. : halo

It’s a still from Halo 2. Once the anime character dies, the body falls into a premade animation.

Let’s say you’re playing a shooter game without ragdoll physics. In this case, I’m explaining this with an older gamer – ARMA 2.

You shoot a guy down; he collapses into the hill and it seems as if he’s on an invisible floor.

Do you know why this happens?

Because his animation only supports flat surfaces.

Now, think of a game with ragdoll physics. I’m taking up GTA Vice City as an example. Here, once an NPC dies, it dies like a ragdoll. As if there’s no bone in the body.

Their body can collide with whatever surface and look realistically dead on the hill.

Do you understand what I’m trying to say? If you’re still confused about Ragdoll physics, let me know in the comments, I’ll clear all your doubts.

Now, before I go ahead, let me warn you. These Ragdoll games are addictive & fun to play.

So, keep this in mind when playing any of these Ragdoll games.

My Top #5 Ragdoll Games

Human Fall Flat

Ragdoll Games #1: Human: Fall Flat
Ragdoll Games #1: Human: Fall Flat

This one’s obvious. Right from the start, I’ve been bragging…

Human Fall Flat is this, it’s the reason why I started playing Ragdoll Games, and

Bitmoji Image

But is this game worth your time? I would say – Definitely.

Human Fall Flat is one of the games that celebrate physics in all aspects.

In simple words, Human Fall Flat is an unusual & open-ended physics-based puzzle and exploration game.

The game begins with the story of Bob. He’s a wonky human whose goal is to determine the exits of any strange level he finds himself in.

Human Fall Flat goes one step further by allowing you to endlessly customize your character & use wits to bring characters back to life.

Buy Human Fall Flat – STEAM

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Ragdoll Games #2: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
Ragdoll Games #2: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator or TABS for short is a ragdoll physics battle simulation where two sides are pitted against each other.

The team that kills all its opponents is declared the winner.

For one thing, TABS exhibits wacky physics-based tactics and that’s awesome.

The game will force you to think about what’ll happen next when mammals face a legion of soldiers. And that’s something exquisite.


✅four campaigns

✅a variety of maps,

✅different price limits,

players can acquire weapons to use in battles.



Ragdoll Games #3: Gang Beasts
Ragdoll Games #3: Gang Beasts

If you’re looking for a silly multiplayer beat ’em up party game, your search is over with GANG BEASTS.

Gang Beasts features an intense melee fight that’s set in dangerous environments. Hence, making it an interesting Ragdoll option for gamers.

The game kicks off in BEEF CITY.

It’s a city where you’re allowed to punch or kick your opponents until they’re knocked out.

Further, Gang Beast features 8 multiplayer stages and it’s available to play on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Buy Gang Beasts – STEAM

Trials Rising

Ragdoll Games #4: Trials® Rising
Ragdoll Games #4: Trials® Rising

There are too many ragdoll games on the web but this also leads to difficulty in finding a good game.

Thanks to UBISOFT as they made it easier for you by launching a good ragdoll physics game – Trials Rising.

Trials Rising is a multiplayer physics-based racing game that gives you the power to become a rider yourself & control a motorcycle while navigating through obstacles.

Aside from the driving part, it offers a lot of things like –

✅You can customize the bike & your outfit (RIDER).

✅New Tracks in exotic places from all over the world.

✅Create custom obstacles to make the way harder for yourself.

With awesome visual looks, it’s the game for you to play right away.

Buy Trials Rising – STEAM

Stick Fight

Ragdoll Games #5: Stick Fight
Ragdoll Games #5: Stick Fight

Last but not least is Stick Fight. It’s a fast-paced ragdoll fighting game where you play as the iconic colored stick man & fights off against other stickmen using a combination of weapons.

Just like every other game, here too, you’re tasked with winning the game. But the process isn’t easy, especially, the way you expect it to be.

Still, there’s one thing I can guarantee & that is its fun gameplay. And you can be part of it. Just purchase the game at $4.99 from Steam.

Buy Stick Fight – STEAM

Bottom Line

The 5 games listed in this post are my favorite picks. When you look over the web, you’ll find dozens of Ragdoll Games.

If you like the concept of Ragdoll Games, you should check out games like

✅Red Dead Redemption

✅Max Payne 3

✅GTA Auto V

✅Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

All these action-packed games come with 2D powered ragdoll movements. Not only this, the games listed above uses modern ragdoll physics which isn’t limited to the death sequences.

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