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Creating Shareable ConnectPal Pages That Earn

The marketing world revolves around shares and clicks, but creating content worth sharing is not just for brands or large companies.

ConnectPal users are able to monetize their content and earn money from their hard work.  Set your own price for subscribers and cash in when they view your content. The more people who see your content, the more money you make. That is why, in part, it is important to develop content that is shareable.

While there is no guarantee that others will pass along your information, there are some things you can do to increase the likelihood your ConnectPal page will be shared with other online users.

Here are some tips on increasing the chance the content on your ConnectPal page will be seen by online readers.

  1. Know your social media. Each platform is different and the audience has different expectations. This is why it is important to know what makes each platform unique and original. Here are some brief guidelines:
  • Twitter – short and snappy. Best for sharing news or trending topics.
  • Instagram – Visually driven content. Find the most photogenic element of your content.
  • Facebook – Emotionally driven content. Post items that others may want to share with their friends.
  • Pinterest – Informative visual content. How to’s or practical advice is ideal.
  1. Use a schedule. Rather than sharing your new ConnectPal content to all your social media accounts at once, stagger them. This can help improve your outreach, particularly if you have researched the best posting times on each platform.
  2. Provide options. If you want your content passed along to make it as easy as possible for users by including clearly identifiable share buttons. You should also consider share-worthy quotes or links.
  3. It may be a simple idea but if you want others to share your ConnectPal page, ask them to pass along your content. Clear call to actions can be effective.
  4. Be visual. While the magic may be in your text, don’t overlook the power of images to support your premises and points. Readers are more likely to remember the photo rather than the content, according to psychologist Jerome Bruner of New York University.
  5. Get emotional. A strong headline that elicits an emotional response is more likely to connect with a reader and prompt them to share. ConnectPal allows the user to post responses and comments to your content so that you can see what works and what does not.
  6. Develop creative content. There are a variety of mediums that can be used to share information with your audience. ConnectPal’s platform allows users to post any format from videos, infographics and even audio files, such as interviews. Don’t be afraid to get creative and use more than one type of method to reach your followers.
  7. Track trending issues. Social media is about connection and conversation. Find out what others are talking about online and see if you can add some value to the discussion.
  8. Check out what others are doing on ConnectPal. Are you, for example, a fitness trainer? See other fitness trainers with ConnectPal pages? Take a look at their ConnectPal page and see what they are doing and see if some of their strategies can apply well to your page.

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While there is no tried and true way of getting your audience to share your ConnectPal page, using some of these tips you can increase your chances of developing shareable content.

It takes just minutes to develop your ConnectPal profile and you can post as much or as little content as you like, so you can start sharing and earning right away.  Users who are able to increase their audience size will also increase their subscriptions, and bottom line. Whether you are a blogger, celebrity, fitness expert or anyone in-between, you can develop content worth sharing.



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