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iPoll Survey review: Is It Really A scam?

Everyone wants to earn money through easy means and mobile apps are the easiest way to earn money online. There are lots of apps which have made especially for earning money and iPoll is one of them. Although all the apps claim to be secure today we will go to discuss is iPoll rally a scam or it is legal to earn through this app.

iPoll Survey review: Is It Really A scam?

There are many things about iPoll you must be aware of them but initially, we have to come across some questions.

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How You Earn Money With iPoll App?

iPoll is like other market research money-making apps and you have to go for a survey to win rewards. Basically, surveys consume 5 to 35 minutes of yours to be completed. The most favorable thing about iPoll is that you can assume your reward as cash instantly because it gives you the proper knowledge of the value of a particular survey.

Another thing which differentiates it from others is that it tells you about the time duration before giving a survey. If you have sufficient time then you can go for it. For redeeming rewards there must be at least $25 in your account. You can cash your rewards with PayPal or Amazon gift coupons. It is really simple process to earn with iPoll.

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Sign Up Procedure

Its sign up procedure is also quick and simple. For making an account you have to generate a password and verify your email. It is all your choice that you want to sign up with Facebook, Google or any other account.

After completing the sign-up process you have to give some basic information about you. They acquire information for determining your survey as they allotted tasks according to your demographics. Moreover, you will get $.50 cents after finishing the profile process.

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Privacy and Security

Your privacy should be your topmost priority while giving online information about you. iPoll requires some private information about you like name, profession, contact number, date of birth etc. Also, iPoll asks you about sensitive data for the eligibility of surveys. This sensitive information contains a medical condition, sexual orientation, customs etc. You must aware that iPoll ask for your acceptance for diverting all your information to the U.S.

One more thing you must know that iPoll has the license to open your information to the third party. All your private information like age, income, property, education can be leaked. Although there are no cases in which personal information granted to the third party there is no guarantee and they can do so.

Final Verdict: Is iPoll A scam?

Although there are some negative reviews about iPoll like privacy policy and delay in redeeming awards, I don’t totally against this app. We didn’t find any solid reason which proves that iPoll is not legal or it is a scam.

Another good thing about iPoll that it is approved by the Better Business Bureau which determines the whether the business is trustworthy or not. BBB has given iPoll b+ which is a good review.

You should go for it or not?

According to me after a deep analysis iPoll is easy to use and it is totally fun to earn via this app. We can’t consider it the best market research app but it is worth to try. You can earn while going to the grocery or watching a movie so you can go for it.

Well…You have come across all the aspects of iPoll and now the decision is yours that it is a scam or a legal one. Still, any query regarding iPoll then comments below and if you want to give your views on this app then share with us. For more updates stay connected.

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