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5 Best Alternatives Of Google Play Store

Smartphones are the handiest tool for everyone. There are lots of apps in our devices to assist us in several ways. Some apps are paid and some for free and usually we use Google play store for downloading Android apps. Many times for premium apps we have to pay but there are lots more options to download apps for free. The apps which are paid on Google play store, you can get them free with these alternatives of Google play store. Here I will describe the top 5 Alternatives of Google play store for your ease.

5 Best Alternative Of Google Play Store

Best Alternative Of Google Play Store


Amazon is the best alternative of Google play store to download a vast variety of Android apps and games. You can easily install the APK file of Amazon on your Android device. Amazon app store offers you amazing deals. The foremost feature of the Amazon app store is that it offers a unique user interface as all the apps are divided into different categories. You can download apps from education, entertainment, Lifestyle, health and fitness, music etc.

One of my favorite app store and I love its distribution way of apps into various categories.

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Another popular alternative for Google play store is Uptodown. For downloading the latest apps from Uptodown you don’t need of a google account. This perfect play store gives you full access to all the android apps. Through this app, you come to know the payment model of a particular app and you can avoid those which are giving you a little feature that not have worth your money.

Uptodown also permits you to cancel out the older variant of any app or game. Another favorable feature of this alternative of Google play store is it shows the impartial screenshots of an app for giving you the perfect description of a particular app. Other play stores don’t give you such options.

Best Google play apps store alternatives

3. Blackmart

Let’s discuss another perfect substitute for google play store, Blackmart. Blackmart allows you to download all the paid and free apps without any google account. Blackmart is the must-have app in everyone’s device. Its user interface is quick and simple and everyone can download any paid app for free without any hassle. You can notice all the top-rating apps on the top of Blackmart app. Like others, blackmart gives you categories of Android apps like paid apps, free apps.

4. Mobogenie Market

Mobogenie the best choice for downloading apps as it comes with a handiest and quick user-interface. The topmost feature of mobogenie is that it that you can download not only paid apps but also get e-books, music, and movies for free. With this amazing substitute of google play store, you can download youtube videos without any external software. Mobogenie contains file manager and also a cleaner to clear all the garbage of your device.

With Mobogenie you can also restore and backup all your app data. A really amazing experience you get via Mobogenie so be ready to dive into the magical exploring era of Mobogenie.

Best Android apps alternatives stores

5. APKMirror

Last but not least have a look on APKMirror great rival of google play store. Guys, if you want to download all the latest variants of your favourite apps then APKMirror is the perfect option for you. APKMirror doesn’t have any official app and you have to navigate to their website to get this app. You will get totally virus-free apps and also free on APKMirror.

This app offers you a quite different user interface and you can search in its search bar for any specific app or you can download from the latest uploads. When you search for a particular app it presents all the list of all the versions of an app.

Finally, folks, you came across the best 5 substitutes on Google play store via them you can download any app for free. All the alternatives of Google contain different features to choose the best one according to your convenience. Still, any query about above-mentioned apps then comments below and if you wanna know about any specific app then asks us. For more updates stay connected.




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