Couchtuner Alternatives & 100% Working Proxy Websites

Before the COVID-19 pandemic happened, Couchtuner was considered as one of top platforms to stream live content directly from the platforms such as:


✅Cartoon Network

✅Warner Bros

✅DC Comics.

However, now if you try to open the website, you get different errors depending on your country.

What would you do now?

Look for its proxy websites, or some couchtuner alternatives.

Great, then let me make this easy for you by listing available & working 💯 couchtuner proxy sites & its alternatives. Let’s get started:

Couchtuner Alternatives


Yesmovies is the 1st couchtuner alternatives in this list. Yesmovies is websites that needs no introduction as it’s quite a famous one amongst binge watchers.

When you open yesmovies website or its proxy, you’ll see tv shows & movies posted on the homepage comes in an organized manner.

Further down the line, the content is categorized in the following popular categories:

Genre: Action, Horror, Comedy, Thriller & vice versa.

Country Name: USA, UK, India, Korean, Chinese, & vice versa.

IMDB Ratings: 9.0+, 8.0+, 7.0+ & vice versa.

Despite the increase in the popularity of Yesmovies, many users pose doubts concerning the safety of Yesmovies. If you’ve the similar doubts then do check out my take on this complicated query: Is Yesmovies safe to use?


Fmovies is the 2nd couchtuner alternatives mentioned in this list. Out of all the couchtuner alternative websites mentioned in this list, Fmovies was the one website where it all started.

It was the 1st third-party illegal streaming site where I binge-watched complete game of thrones episodes on-the-go.

Now, talking about the website itself, it’s available in two homepage  interface: Old & New.

The old version of Fmovies comes with a classic homepage where you can see recent additions, popular tv shows & movies and trending videos at one page.

Now, the newer comes with a search engine like feature capability where a user can find movies & tv series just by typing its name in the search box.

However, there’s something wrong about this new homepage user interface.

Couchtuner Alternatives & 100% Working Proxy Websites 1


Imagine that you want to watch latest movies but don’t know which one. What would you do? There’s nothing else on the homepage to guide you.

Except clicking on the “Visit the Old Homepage” button right below the search bar.


Solarmovies is the 3rd couchtuner alternatives in this list. This website lets you watch tv shows & movies in ultra HD quality and that too without any logins & payments.


So, how come Solarmovies is able to offer movies & tv shows right after the official release?

Well, this website users torrent trackers to automatically post latest online streaming content.

And if you’re worried that you can use Solarmovies only to limited US shows then let me make this easy for you.

Solarmovies goes completely another level by providing animated shows, films & asian dramas.

Now, let’s talk about the website interface & how you can watch online videos.

When you go to, you’ll see the interface like this:

Couchtuner Alternatives & 100% Working Proxy Websites 2

You can type in the name of movie or tv series in the search box & hit the search button to see all the results.

Or else you can click on these 5 Genres: Genre, Country, Movies, TV-Series, Top IMDb & Cinema to find online video streaming content based on your interest.

If you still find this new way to be a bit confusing then click on “Access All Movies And TV Shows. Click here” to see everything at one one place.

In this mode, you get suggestions based on Cinema, Featured, Top Viewed Today & Top Imdb.

With all these features at hand, it would be pretty disappointing if Solarmovies is blocked in your region. And if you want to get over this here’s list of Solarmovie alternatives that works alike the original solarmovie website.

And just like many users, if you’ve got legit doubts concerning the safety & legality of solamovie then clear all your doubts from this previous post.


Tunemovie is the 4th Couchtuner Alternatives in this list. It’s one of most popular websites for movie buffs.

Even though there are countless websites available on the web that lets you watch movies & TV shows of your choice. However, most of them are either blocked in your region or completely shut down.

And the only way for you to access them is using a premium VPN service or its proxy websites.

Among the many similar websites, this one is the only website that’s not blocked in any region.

That’s great. But there’s a catch.

You need to sign up before you start using Tunemovie. In case, you don’t know, here’s how you can create your Tunemovie account in 6 steps mentioned in the previous post.

Now, that you’ve created a tunemove account, you can use the login details to save movies & tv series in the watchlist. And request form where you can ask the website owner to upload certain movies or shows.

Ever since the start of Tunemovies, I’ve considered Tunemovie as an alternative to Fmovies & Putlocker. Let’s find out why.


Uwatchfree is the 5th & final couchtuner alternatives in this list. There was a time when I wasn’t able to find a good place to stream some good old anime shows. Then came uWatchfree to fill that void & once again start binge-watching.

Couchtuner Proxy Websites (100% Working)

Despite all Couchtuner alternatives mentioned at the top, what if you don’t trust either of them and can only go with the official couchtuner website.

Well, then the only choice you would have is accessing couchtuner proxy websites. And these are some of the working proxies:

Unblock Online Online Online Online Online Online Online Online Online Online Online Online Online
Proxy of Online

Are These Couchtuner Proxy Safe to Use?

Many users have repeatedly asked questions on reddit concerning the safety of Couchtuner Proxy websites.

Well, let me assure you that there’s nothing fishy about these website. However, even after my assurance, you still want to stay on the safer side, I would recommend you open these websites only after connecting to a premium VPN service.

This way you would avoid any kind of user privacy & security flaws.


Couchtuner alternatives aren’t just limited to the 5 websites mentioned in this post.

In fact, you can use these additional websites to watch tv shows, movies, anime, Kdrama of your choice.

That’s all for now.

If you’ve got some better options to include in this post then do let me know about them in the comments section given below.


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