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Solarmovie ID Official Website | Is Solarmovie Safe or Legal to Watch Movie Free Online?

“Popular yet illegal –

One of the best streaming website yet unsafe to use

Piracy Content – Still Running”  

Even If Solarmovie is illegal – why is it so popular? and being so popular, why website hasn’t been taken down already?

Of course, there are lot of queries around solarmovies such as “Is solarmovies shut down? If not, what is actual official solarmovies website? is it or How to make sure that the website is malicious free?, Solarmovie reviews – is it safe to use or not? Is it legal or so on”

Why they are having so many version of their website such as or

Let’s uncover all these queries one by one…


A huge collection of movies, TV shows online streaming in ultra HD quality without any registration, without any payment.

Call it solarmovie or solarmovies, both are the same and use as a torrent website to watch pirated stuff online. Let’s go in detail starting from “what is solarmovie?” To almost all faq about solarmovies.

What is SolarMovie?

SolarMovie is a torrent website that provides links to the latest and most popular movies on the internet to its users at one place. Unlike many other streaming websites, SolarMovie is not limited only to movies, however. They also have links to the most popular TV series of all time on their website. SolarMovie is amongst the most widely used streaming websites among those who wish to watch the latest movies without having to pay any kind of subscription fee.

Today, solarmovies and uwatchfree type of streaming websites are so much popular among netflix or amazon prime viewers. Not only webseries, TV channels , episodes, movies and whatever you need to watch – everything is available on these streaming websites.

But mind you, these websites don’t have premium games and here torrentday play his role. Torrentday works on invite-only codes and gives you premium stuff for free.

Do you want to know the impact of these streaming websites? Check out “Game of thrones Piracy from Season 1 to Season 8” and you will be shocked to see the stats.

Seeing this impacts, lot of things happening to stop all these type of website. Do you want to know why? Why Solarmovie, uwatchfree or any other 3rd party illegal website is in threat?

Is Solarmovie.ID official Website?

Yes, is one of the official website but you will need to unlock so that you can watch out this content easily.

Stay Tuned with us and we will soon let you know that how could you watch movie online on solarmovies for free.

Did Solarmovies Shut Down?

However, Solarmovies is a pirated website and lot of big entertainment companies are working on kicking torrent websites, Solarmovies face lot of copyright infringement and the result of it, solarmovies keep changing their official websites with the options “old versions” or “new versions”.

Now let’s talk about Solarmovies Official Websites:

Solarmovies Official Sites

Whether you search for solarmovie, solarmoviez, solarmoviefreez, solarmovie to, solarmovie sc, solarmovie ru, solarmovie sc  and their new urls, how to download videos on solarmovie, reddit disussion, relation with torrents, is solarmovie working or not? – Here are the right platform that will works for you:

Old Solarmovie:

Generally, torrent website shutdown after criminal copyright infringement. Police search and track the operators of these type of website and then actually it goes down.

Till then, you can fun watching movies, webseries on Solarmovies website.

If any of link doesn’t work for you, please let us know on whatsapp and we will get back to you shortly or to be precise, with in 24 hours.

Disclaimer: Solarmovie is not a legal website and streaming movies all over the internet absolutely for free without permission of movie makers.

When I am spending a lot of time for solving my math homework or you try to write your poem or a story as a task to complete we both would love to enjoy and see the best origin of streaming movies.

Watching movies is fun for everyone. Most of the people don’t know how and where to download the latest movies. SolarMovie gives you the option to solve all questions related to movies.

Incase you are not happy with solarmovie website and wants to try something else, wants to try top alternative of solarmovies then Tunemovie is a perfect alternative for fmovies and putlocker too.

Is SolarMovie.Sc Safe?

Yes, Solarmovie is safe to use because they don’t give harm to their user base. You, as a user, can watch movies/ tv shows/ episodes absolutely for free with no ads.

But yes, if you want to avoid any kind of prosecution for watching, downloading or distributing illegal content, then you must go for paid services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and so on.

However, if we consider malware and viruses wise safety, then we didn’t find any such issues too so As of now, yes, we could say that solarmovie is safe to use.

Is Solar Movie Legal?

No, The content on the website comes from many sources and the website like solarmovie doesn’t host any video on its servers. By hosting the videos, it would commit a crime. However, the website is simply linking to these videos and not hosting them. Hence, it is not doing an illegal task in technical terms.

Content creators work very hard to create any content and spend time and money on the same. It is, therefore, logical then that they would want to earn back what they have invested and to get a good return on investment.

Websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. pay a licensing fee to these creators and thus, they get permission from the content creators to display their content on their website.

Websites like SolarMovie, Repelis, Coke & Popcorn, etc. do not take any such permission from the content creators. Hence, they cannot host these videos on their website.

Do you still wants to go for Solarmovie? If yes, keep scrolling….

Solar Movie

One look at the home page, at, shows that the website has links to latest movies like Crazy Rich Asians, Alpha, Mile 22, AXL, American Animals, The Spy Who Dumped me, Hotel Artemis, The Meg, Show Dogs, Blindspotting, Christopher Robin, The Darkest Minds, Bad Samaritan, First Reformed, Heartlock, Support the Girls, etc. The website also hosts links to latest TV series like Jack Ryan, The Innocents, Esme and Roy, Mr. Mercedes, Bodyguard, Sideswiped, Ink Master, etc.

Sites For watch Free Movies Online

Once you click on the title, the website takes you to a new page where the video will appear in the middle of the screen. Click on the play button (may take a few times before the ads disappear) and the movie will start buffering and playing depending on your internet connection speed.

SolarMovie App

As, we said earlier SolarMovie is an illegal website, solarmovie is not available on Google Play Store or iTunes. There is no app available for download. It is only available at

There are no apps available for the website.

Google Play Store and iTunes do not allow apps that cheat content creators and infringe on the intellectual property of others. This is why you will not find any app for SolarMovie or a similar streaming website on Google Play Store or iTunes.

There are many apps that take similar names and try to gain from the popularity of Solar Movie. However, these are not real apps that stream content. At best, they will give you a guide or rate the shows like IMDB does.

There are many users who search for the app on Google and go to websites that are hosting fake links or are advertisements.

There is no official SolarMovie app available to download.

Features of SolarMovie

Features of SolarMovie
Features of SolarMovie

Solarmovie hosts different kinds of content and provides you with many options to sort through them.

At the top of the website, you will see the following options to sort and find out the movie you are looking for:

  • All Movies – Here, you can simply look at movies. TV-series won’t be shown and you can select any movie you want to watch.
  • TV-Series – Here, you can watch the TV series. Movies won’t be shown here. This helps many users who are looking for websites where they can watch TV series one episode after another without having to worry about finding links to each episode.
  • Movie Genre – Movie Genre has a drop-down menu that shows you all genres including Action, Musical, Mythological, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Sci-Fi, Sitcom, Sport, Thriller, War, Kungfu, Horror, History, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Costume, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy and TV Show. Depending on the type of content you want to watch, you can click on the genre.

Do you want to watch bing bang movie or any special movie in India? Go for solarmovie and you will not get disappointed 😉

  • TV Genre – Similar to Movie Genre, TV Genre also lists down many genres in the drop-down menu. The options are similar to Movie Genre. Depending on what kind of TV show you want to watch, you can click on the required option.
  • Country – You can also sort the movies and TV shows by country. The options include Asia, Korea, Japan, India, International, United Kingdom, Thailand, Hongkong, France. Depending on the language and region of the movies you want to watch, you can select the appropriate option.
  • Top IMDB Movie – Another option on the website at the top is to sort movies according to their IMDB rating. The website will list all the movies by their IMDB scores and you can select the top-rated movies and watch them.
  • Top IMDB TV – This option is similar to Top IMDB Movie. Instead of movies, it will list top-rated TV Shows for you. The rating is from IMDB.

If you are a lover of American drama series then you should check out Vampire Diaries Season 9 here.

These are the options available at the top of the website. They help you find out the content that you are looking for.

Many similar options are also available at the bottom of the website.

Similar to Netflix, the website shows you many related videos when you watch any video. The website also shows you how many times the video has been viewed previously. It also gives you other details about the movie including the name, genre, length, actors, directors, etc.

Solution Of All Roblox Error Codes

Visit Solarmovie with VPN

Solarmovie website is high in trend as they are providing free of cost visual content to users, that is the reason the users may get copyright infringement warning anytime. To make yourself safe from such issues, you can visit the Solarmovie website using VPN.

You can access any of the available free VPNs like ExpressVPN, Nord, and IP vanish. So, it is always better to safeguard before any issue arises. VPN means a virtual private network, using which you can access Solarmovie safely as your identity will not be disclosed by the VPN provider. So, you can use the Solarmovie website with a VPN which is quite safe to use. Taking advantage of a VPN will allow you to watch movies in peace.

There is no direct issue legally to use this website, but as they are providing all the movies, web series, TV shows, and much more content free of cost. The owner of that content may arise any issue anytime.

So, it is always better to safeguard before any issue arises. VPN means a virtual private network, using which you can access Solarmovie safely as your identity will not be disclosed by the VPN provider. So, you can use the Solarmovie website with a VPN which is quite safe to use.

Why is SolarMovie So Popular?

In recent times, more and more people are getting access to the internet for the first time. With services like Jio in India, a billion plus country is getting used to broadband connectivity. With this increase in internet connection speed, consumers have started to consume a lot more data than usual. Because of this, people have moved on from watching small videos in 240p to demanding high definition videos. They are also not very patient and want to watch TV shows and Movies on demand. Solarmovie is the best option for them.

To serve this need, there are many new websites that have cropped up. These websites include from Netflix, Amazon Prime, HotStar (websites that have a subscription-based model) to websites like SolarMovie, showbox vs popcorn times, Repelis, Coke & Popcorn, etc. (websites that show content for free but are full of advertisements). All these websites are very popular among the masses.

Top Coke and Popcorn Alternative Streaming List 2020 You Must Not Miss…

Netflix and similar websites have spread across the world and have led to the closure of many large brick and mortar chains like Blockbuster. They have huge operating costs as they license the content from the creators. This is why they must charge subscription fees from their users to earn their revenue.

However, not all users want to pay such high subscription fees like 10-13 dollars per month to a website to watch a limited collection of movies and TV shows depending on creator license. These users do not want to wait for the latest content and do not want to pay for the content. They can tolerate a high number of intrusive ads and don’t mind poor video quality.

Websites like SolarMovie cater to this demand. They bring the latest movies and TV shows to these people at no cost to them. Their primary goal is to bring the content as soon as possible even if the quality is poor. As a very large number of people are looking for this, websites like SolarMovie are very popular among them.

How can I download Solarmovie videos?

There are many different websites available on the internet which provide you a facility to download movies video from the Solarmovie website. You need to search and select any one of them. I personally use 9X buddy for this, using this you can download videos very easily.

First, you need to search for the movie you want to download on Solarmovie. Once you have found, you need to copy the URL of it. After that, you have logged in to the 9X buddy website and paste the movie URL which you want to download. Click on the proceed button to start the download.

Once you have proceeded with the download of the movie, it will prompt you to select the size of the movie. By selecting it means the quality of the video. HD quality will be higher in size. After selecting the size, you need to select the storage space in which you want to save in your computer system. Once you have started the video download, it will be downloaded in a few seconds.

You can only download movies, however, you can stream sports match live only. It can’t be downloaded.

Is KickassTorrents connected to Solarmovie?

As you know, usage of torrents is being banned by the governments in most of the countries. So, I don’t recommend to use it. These torrents were used to download the movies. However, it is now being done with other different methods. So, you can opt for other alternatives to it or you can follow the steps mentioned above to download the movie from the Solarmovie website.

Can I get a virus from SolarMovie?

As long as your system is secured with a good anti-virus, your computer is safe from all the attacks from viruses and malware while you are accessing such websites. Moreover, you need to be cautious and avoid any kind of downloading from such websites.I am suggesting you this, as you may unknowingly download some virus or malware along with other downloadable stuff.

It may result in damaging your computer system. The website which is providing you free content to watch like movies and other videos may inject virus which can harm your computer system. However, the trend is very high for the usage of such websites. The higher trend is one factor that may make you ignorant for such instances but you need to cautious.


SolarMovie is an excellent website for those who want to watch the latest Movies and TV Shows at one place without having to pay any kind of subscription fees. If you don’t mind the intrusive advertisements and the poor video quality, SolarMovie brings to you content for which you will have to spend a lot of them if you wish to find it on the internet by yourself. Although there are too many ads on the website and that ruins the experience a bit, it is understood that the website owners want to keep the website running and profitable. So, if you want to watch the latest movies, head on to SolarMovie.

How did you find our review on SolarMovie? Did you find the movie you were looking for on SolarMovie? How was your experience? Was the quality up to the mark? Tell us in the comments section below:

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