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Game of Thrones Piracy from Season 1 to Season 8

Game of thrones season 8 episode 2

Millions of people are crazy behind Game of Thrones, an American television series developed by David Benioff and D.B. Seeing the huge popularity of Game of Thrones series lots of illegal download sites have occurred.

Via these sites, users can enjoy the show without any subscription. But do you know how dangerous is it to download that stuff from torrent sites?

Game of Thrones Piracy Stats

What MUSO said about Piracy?

As per analytics firm MUSO, Game of Thrones season 8 premiere was pirated almost 55 million times in the first 24 hours and you know what, India was number 1 with 10% of all pirated views, chinese at number 2 with 5% followed by US with almost 4 million pirated views.

This is an huge number. Not only, game of thrones facing issue with the piracy of season 8 or game of thrones s08e02 torrent but almost all big anime series, netflix or amazon prime series are facing such issue.

And if the fans will not pay for the web series, episodes or movies? Who will? This is an big question in front of entertainment industry and that makes every creative thinker sad!

What’s your opinion?

TorrentFreak Statement

Not all Game of Thrones lovers are sufficient to pay a subscription to enjoy the HBO drama. You will amaze to know that this show is the most torrented show in the world according to download monitoring site TorrentFreak.

Method of watching Game of Thrones outside of the US

Do You Know Why kissanime mobile not working?

Last year when no latest episodes have released the developers of the HBO series encountered 17 percent infected pirated content.

As the game of thrones season 8 has come back to the screens, users were attempting to visit back torrent sites to download the show.

But can they escape themselves from malware and online theft?

Cybercrime company Kaspersky has revealed that this show is the most targeted show for cybercriminals to infect users data. Kaspersky’s report informs that the Game of Thrones season 8 could be the riskiest one to download from torrents.  The initial and the last episode of this famous TV series is considered the most dangerous.

Shows Like Game of Thrones

The initial season of Games of Thrones named “Winter is coming” was the hot potato for cyber attackers. And you know what, these type of series and episodes give hackers a large space to play on and if they got control on content of few percent people only, they got their way to live and you will be ruined.

The most famous type of attack was a trojan that was a piece of software installed on a PC and then permits the person managing it to take control of that gadget. Thus a wide array of cybercrime activities can be done and the user of the PC can’t notice them.

Although last year there was a decline in TV show related malware, we highly recommend you not to download Games of Thrones seasons or any other seasons from torrent websites.

If you want to protect your system from being infected with dangerous malware then go for legit ways. Few bucks are not more valuable than your online safety, rest on you.

Game Of Thrones Alternatives

Let’s look at bigger report now…

Piracy Statistics 2020

As per,

Key piracy statistics

  • 126.7 billion viewings worth of US-produced TV episodes are pirated every year.
  • There were over 17 million stream-rippers in 2018.
  • 70,000 jobs a year are lost in the United States due to music piracy.
  • TV shows remain the most-popular content among pirates; there were 106.9 billion visits to pirate websites in 2017.
  • Illegal downloading of copyrighted materials takes up 24% of the global bandwidth.
  • Annual global revenue losses from digital piracy are between $40 and $97.1 billion in the movie industry.

Is Piracy Illegal in USA?

Absolutely, Piracy is illegal and if someone caught watching movie without paying any dime, distributing pirated movie, and using it without any right, he may face $1,50,000 per file penalty or 5 year imprisonment.

If I am using torrent software or websites, Will I go for a jail?

No, using torrent websites or softwares is not an issue but downloading a licensed or premium content from torrent websites without license comes into a piracy and if you caught downloading movie, you may face severe legal issue as mentioned above.

Is Solarmovies Safe & Legal?

Sites like solarmovies, 123movies offers alot and if we look at pay per capita income, everything stands out and seems all fine but then what makes a user not to pay for their favorite webseries and episodes?

Your feedback matters alot!

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