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Do You Know Why kissanime mobile not working? (Solved)

kissanime mobile not working

Kissanime is the very first anime where million of people started enjoying tv shows, movies, etc but nowadays, kissanime mobile is not working.

Not just Kissanime Mobile, if you open the Kissanime website, it keeps returning the following error:

This Site can’t be Reached

Why is this happening to us? Well, let’s find out:

Is Kissanime dead?

29th September 2020 Update:

Recently, to be precise, on 15th August 2020, Kissanime and Kissmanga have chosen to permanently shut down and will remain closed forever.

For the fans, it was a sad moment but it’s good for the anime industry and the fans because if the industry got paid, they will be in a better position to experiment within the anime industry.

Now, if any site claims about kissanime official version then there might be malware on those websites so stop looking at kissanime and kissmanga!

But piracy is still there, check out other anime websites here.

Was Kissanime Illegal?

Kissanime was meant to use licensed content for free and that’s too without permission of movie creators, publishers, and licensed websites. If you are using kissanime, that’s not wrong but if you are downloading, streaming, or distributing movies from kissanime, that’s illegal.

Over a period of 10, 20, or 30 years, Kissanime or various anime streaming websites changed the anime industry completely.

Crunchyroll, 9anime, gogoanime, funinime, and a lot of various websites with millions of viewers say a lot about the success of anime series.

Currently, Netflix and amazon prime working a lot creating amazing anime series.

Here is the list of the latest web series to be launched soon.

Now, you need another anime piracy website in case you still want to watch anime series for free.

KissAnime VS GogoAnime

Kissanime Proxy Websites

Now months after the forced shut down of the Kissanime website, there are multiple proxy sites that have gone live. These proxy sites are almost identical to the official kissanime website. The only difference is in the URL.

1. KissAnime Official
2. KimCartoon Official
3. KissAsian Official
4. KissManga Official
5. KissComic Official
6. KissAnime Reddit Official
7. KISS Anime TO Official

Kissanime App for iPhone

With the kissanime proxy sites available on the Internet, many users are wondering whether is it possible for iPhone users to run the Kissanime app on their smartphone?

To an extent, Yes. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll have a super smooth experience like you used to have before the official website was shut down.

Best Alternative to kissanime or Sites like kissanime

kissanime alternative

Here’s a list of the best Alternative to kissanime.



Probably the best alternative to Kissanime, this website has the most user-friendly interface and the design is beyond anyone’s imagination.

His website produces the fastest result of your search when using its search option using easily available filters. Also, there is very negligible lagging and buffering of the videos which make the video more attractive and interesting. It has an autoplay feature too.

Anime Lab


It is a legitimate Alternative to kissanime website that shows Animes. The best feature of this website is that when you move your cursor to a photo of particular series

It will expand and give you an overview of that series along with its ratings, number of episodes, and whether it is subbed or dubbed. The only drawback of this website is that it is only available in New Zealand and Australia.


anime freak

This is one of the alternatives to Kissnanime. The viewer can watch anime without any subscription or sign up. The interface is similar to that of other websites. The noticeable difference is the use of colors which makes it more attractive to visit.



Another GoodAnime is an Alternative to kissanime. The best feature of this website is that it plays videos with the least consumption of internet data.

The viewer might have to compromise a little with the quality but the video won’t buffer and keep your interest intact in the video. It is also available as a mobile app so that you can watch it on smartphones also.

Related image

Mssterani. me is also sites like kissanime. The only thing that requires watching videos on this website is the updated flash player. Otherwise, you won’t be able to play any videos.

The interface is just as same as any other website. You can play without any subscription or signing-in. Also, this website keeps the viewer informed about the timing of the next series or episode to be uploaded.


This Kissanime alternative allows the user to download the videos also. The episodes on this website are subbed as well as dubbed. This feature allows the user of any country to watch the video without any problem.

The only problem that makes browsing clumsy on this website is advertisements. The ads are everywhere on the website. One has to be careful while clicking to avoid any waste of time and data.


Image result for anilinkz

Anilinkz is other Sites like kissanime to watch Anime. It has a wide collection of anime just like Kissanime. It plays video in high definition quality.

The episodes are subbed and dubbed which makes it watchable to anyone. This website gets updated very often so you can the latest episodes at the earliest.


Image result for crunchyroll

This website is believed to be the reason for the launch of Kissanime. This is a legit Site like kissanime which offers shows of other languages too.

This website offers 15,000 hours of officially licensed content. It has over 25000 episodes of anime. The episodes are not free to watch. It has different payment plans.  Still, this website has got over a million subscribers.



Claimed to be made by anime creators themselves, it has almost all the possible anime. You can watch all the videos without signing in. To watch high-definition videos, you have to sign up. Also, its app is available for iOS and Android for smartphone users.

Anime Series is Addictive to Watch

You might see them on your friend’s laptop for once or on any internet platform. When you watch these series for once, you become addicted to them. You become restless and curious to know what is going to happen in the next episode or season.

If you want to see the complete series at once, you have to visit the same friend’s place over and over again till he stops you from entering his house. If you are a loner, then have to purchase DVDs of the entire show which may burn a hole in your pocket.

All in all, it really doesn’t matter if Kissanime is shut down. The viewer can still watch their favorite anime according to their likes of interface used on the website.

Why Kissanime was not working?

If we talk There are multiple reasons kissanime doesn’t work on your chrome, firefox, or default browser-primarily

  • Kissanime doesn’t allow unofficial apps to get our content because the server of kissanime is overloaded.
  • Kissanime doesn’t allow browsers that block ads by default.
  • If you have a VPN on your browser, Kissanime will not work for you.

Nowadays, everyone is a big fan of anime be it kids or adults. Though they watch anime movies and shows on TV, nowadays people find it more convenient to watch on mobiles.

There are so many applications available for anime shows.

Like, Kiss Anime is one of the most famous applications for anime shows. But recently it has been showing some technical problems and it is not working.

Why Kissanime Mobile Not Working?

There are various reasons kissanime mobile not working: –


Kissanime doesn’t have an SSL certificate.

Content Problem

The content which they provide is not actually the They don’t have authority over that. Hence, what they do consider as illegal.

Server Problem

One of the other reasons why kissanime mobile not working is the server problem. Some Times the server gets overloaded due to a sudden rise in the number of viewers which is totally unexpected. Hence mobiles do not work on such a load server.

Some Other Problems

If there is some work on maintenance going on unexpectedly, then it doesn’t work on mobile. On mobile when we try to use chrome, it might block the server of Kissanime because they don’t use SSL for a secure network.

Sometimes when we try to open the website, they view that “you are not authorized to view this website”. It usually happens when we try to open on mobile and kissanime mobile not working.

While opening the site, they give a hard Captcha which makes it hard to access the site.

What Are the Things We Can Do if Kissanime Mobile Not Working?

  • We can use alternative websites to access it if kissanime mobile not working.
  • We can disable data saver in the chrome browser and use kissanime.
  • If kissanime mobile not working, we need to check our personal network because if now the internet server is down then it will not work.
  • We need to on the VPN because in some countries they have banned this site.
  • Disabling the data extension of chrome which is one of the best ideas. Then directly the information will be pass to google and use Kissanime.

Is Kissanime Illegal?

Kiss anime is a third-party website that provides almost all anime shows. Usually, sites of such kind are grey and dark since they don’t hold the content which they are providing. And showing anything as a third party on which you don’t have the authority is illegal.

Being a third party and showing anything that you don’t have the authority upon is illegal.

But because they have all the content which is rare to find, people usually do not report it. If anything is illegal this was done by the authorized person of this website and not by the visitors. So we are not doing anything wrong. So stop worrying and enjoy it

Moreover, since kissanime mobile not working which makes it easier for them to escape.

Is Kissanime safe For use?

It has been said that Kissanime is not a safe site to use. There is a virus on this website that affects our devices like PCs and cell phones.

According to several visitor’s reviews, there is no sign of infection is found and Kissanime is declared safe to use. There is no sign of malware working on Kissanime’s official site. 

But, there are some visitors (maybe spammer and hackers) who follow this website and create a duplicate of this official website.

Real Kissanime doesn’t have any kind of viruses and safe for our use.

Why kissanime is a successful website or more popular?

Kissanime is known as the king of all anime website where more than billions of users enjoy free streaming of English dubbed anime in HD whereas on the other websites of the same type, you need to pay for watching a single episode of any series but on the other hand you can watch free streaming on Kiss amine.

The website Kissanime is available for both Windows as well as for your mobile device, that’s why this website is also known as a mobile-friendly website.

How to Download Anime from Kiss Anime?

There is a lot of confusion among the users like you about how we use this website to watch our anime series. So we are here to tell you about how you can use Kissanime. There are few steps which you have to follow

  • First of all, Search the series or cartoons through your search bar in your browser.
  • Click on the title of your anime for redirected to a page where the list of episodes shows.
  • Click on the episode you want to watch
  • A player for streaming is shown but you don’t want to go there
  • Scroll down your cursor and stop where you see the ‘Mobile/Download’ option with the saving link as pixel dimension.
  • Right-click on the pixel dimension and select the location where you want to save the file.

After following these steps you download the episodes fluently.

Famous Categories

There are some categories for which Kissamine is famous

  • Romance
  • Fighting
  • Adventure
  • Vampire
  • Horror
  • And more
  • Comedy
  • War Based
  • Thriller
  • Supernatural
  • Magic


On kiss anime, we can watch a variety of anime shows. They have different genres, languages, high video quality, and subtitles. The interface is easy to search for and helps people to find their favorite shows.

Of course, there may be different sites that provide anime shows. But due to its advanced features, Kissanime is among the top-ranked and most chosen sites. Can even save videos to our list to watch according to our time.

Download and installation of the application are easy for both computer and mobile. But sometimes kissanime mobile not working. People around the world facing problems related to the kissanime mobile not working.

And even if we search their website on chrome they will decline it. It is important to use VPN and Incognito mode in case we wish to use it. But overall the features and interface are handy, advanced, and user-friendly for the audience.

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