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Best Method of watching Game of Thrones outside of the US

watching Game of Thrones outside of the US

Game of Thrones is a television series on HBO based on an American fantasy drama. There are a total of 73 episodes in the series and first episode telecast on 17th April 2011 and finished on 19th May 2019. This is the most popular series with having a huge national and international fan following.

The television series completed 8 seasons and has won several prestigious awards and accolades related to film and cinema-like several Emmy Awards, Screen Actor Guild Award and a Peabody award. As per the rating Game of Thrones received IMDb rating 9.3 out of 10, 89% rotten tomatoes, and 9 out of 10 as per rating of

The television series started on HBO and it cannot be watched legally outside of the US due to non-restricted access of HBO outside U.S. and U.S. territories.

Methods to Watch Game of Thrones 

Method 1: Download torrent files of Game of Thrones

One of the best ways of watching Game of Thrones is Torrenting, the TV series as most television and movie enthusiasts preferred this method over the years. But this move is very risky due to several security threats like malware and several clone torrents available online. As per TorrentFreak, one of the most pirated television series online is The Game of thrones.

So, first, you have to search a legit torrent site due to several clone sites resembling legit torrent sites available in the online world.

Secondly, you can use a Virtual Private Network(VPN) tunnel to download the torrent files as it keeps your information protected.

VPN tunnel will keep you safe and secure in the following ways:

  1. Encrypted Data: A VPN tunnel provides an encrypted connection between your device and the Internet. This will provide your connection added privacy and security. Your encrypted data cannot be intercepted and monitored by anyone.
  2. Hide your IP address: Your data is safe in the VPN tunnel as it hides your IP address. Your real location cannot be seen and the only thing that can be seen is your VPN server location. This will prevent you from other seeders and leechers in the P2P swarm.
  3. Access blocked data: VPN tunnel can help you to access websites that are blocked your area due to government restrictions. You may also find some blocked torrent sites with the help of a virtual private network tunnel.

Method 2: Look for free content sites

There are many sites on the Internet from where you can stream Game of thrones and your favorite content for free.  But these free content sites are quite risky to browse because these sites contain several pop-up ads and other tricks for the marketing campaigns. I personally dislike this option and not suggest you as these sites may harm your system with phishing attacks and malware.

Some of these sites are

  • 123Movies
  • CouchTuner
  • Putlocker

Some of these sites help you to stream your favorite television shows and movies absolutely free. But my suggestion to you is to first install good antivirus software on your computer along with a VPN tunnel to hide your IP address and your details tracking. You can also use an ad-blocker to save yourself from unnecessarily clicking on ads.

Method 3: Subscribe HBO along with VPN

The best way to watch Game of Thrones season 8 outside the US is to subscribe  HBO and its various channels like HBO Now, HBO Go, or HBO’s television partners. This is the legitimate way to watch your favorite television series with a relaxed mind.

Now the problem is HBO can be streamed only in the U.S. and its territories. If you are living outside the U.S. then you cannot subscribe to HBO and its channels. The solution to this problem use a VPN service and use some fake address of the U.S. to show that you are from the U.S. VPN service will not show your real IP address and you can subscribe to HBO and enjoy your favorite shows on HBO.

Method 4: Subscribe Amazon Prime:

You can watch all seasons of Game of Thrones on Amazon Prime. But watching your favorite television show series is not free with Prime members. You are required to pay some additional costs for watching the series on Amazon Prime.

Method 5: Watch Sky Atlantic for the UK

If you are living in the UK then you can see your favorite television series on Sky Atlantic. The Sky Atlantic channel is broadcasting all seasons along with Season 8 for their UK viewers.

Points you should know about Game of Thrones Seasons 8

As you know the mindset of producers of Game of Thrones, High definition quality of the series, is their USP. You must need a high-quality internet connection to stream the series. This episode was launched on 14th April 2019. And it was the highest viewed episode of its time.

Though the target audience is very precise and educated and the one who can easily access the web world. The web series has a really good budget than the TV serials. You will be saddened by hearing that it is the last episode of the series and there will be no season after that. The excitement and wait have come to an end which we always hold while watching the last seasons of this series.

Now is the high time to switch to the world of the internet when all the other series as well will be available as web series only. The trend of TV serials and soap operas is on the descending trend.

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Now it’s time, to sum up, this article here, but I would like to clear your doubt in terms legality of these methods mentioned above. I understand your concern and I would recommend you to get content from some trustworthy sources. Like Prime videos or directly from HBO. If you are from the UK then Sky Atlantic is the best option for you.

I can reason this recommendation, as HBO is a safe option while eliminating any kind of virus and malware threat to your computer system. But you will be safe from any kind of legal copyright infringement. However, you need to access it through the VPN.

Whereas if you opt to watch through Prime videos than you must have a subscription for it in your country. As prime subscription is country-specific. But they offer you the high-definition quality of the videos.

Sky Atlantic is another best option but only for residents of the UK.  You can also try to access the free websites, but it may or may not result in a virus or malware. Watching Game of Thrones at the cost of security threat to your computer system is not recommended in anyways. Security shouldn’t be comprised even in excitement for watching this amazing series.

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