Best Tv Shows Like Game of Thrones to Watch

I know most of you might have watched the last season of Game of Thrones. Now, as the show concluded with a bittersweet ending, most GOT fans are looking for the alternative of this show.

However, most of you are facing several problems in finding a show that is quite similar to the Game of Thrones. Well, don’t worry as I introduce you a list of top 6 best tv shows that you can Bing watch at any time and anywhere. I know that you are curious to know about them. So, let’s proceed:

best tv shows
best tv show

The Tudors

I will start with a show that that is a perfect historical show for a TV Series. The Tudors depicts the bloody and dramatic reign of King Henry VIII (played by Jonathon Rhys Meyers. In this best Tv show, you will get to know about his political enemies and how he married several times with the hope of getting a male heir. The story unfolds with Young Henry, who is hunky and lustful.

Besides, if you don’t have to do anything with the history and only want to watch a show that can keep you on the edge of your seat than The Tudors is a show you should not ignore.

The White Queen

Love historical dramas? Then how can you miss The White Queen? Well, this show is all about court conspiracy, murder, romance, and seduction. This is one of the best TV show that will take you the war-torn 15th century England where the story unfolds the life of three relentless women who by using any means necessary, wants to sit on the English Throne. Although this series has only ten episodes with its grappling and mindboggling storylines, it will keep you on edge.

So, along with the Tudors, it is one of the best historical drama that you should never miss watching on your device.


Vikings tell you a story of a farmer and warrior who explores different parts of the world and place several raids everywhere. Although it was launched as a mini-series, after the fantastic response from the audience and critics, the Canadian show makers expanded the series.

Till now, five seasons of this show has already been released and the next season is in the making. Besides, Vikings have somehow similar action and battle scenes of Game of Thrones. So, if you are a big fan of the Game of throne, then I will always recommend you watch this show.

Wild Cards

Wild Card is a science fiction superhero series that you can binge watch anytime and anywhere using your Hulu subscription. Moreover, the books of this Tv Series is edited by none other than the author of “A Song of Ice and Fire” George R.R Martin. So, I can ever think of not writing about this best TV show. Besides, HULU is planning to use brain power of more than 40 writers to create two stories.

As per the storyline, both of these books will interconnect each other in an alternate history of post-World War 2 United States where some people have come with the contract of an alien virus. In case you are wondering, well it rewrites human DNA and leaves only 10% alive.

If a human is lucky that he can gain superhuman powers. A human who has superhuman strength is called an Ace, whereas a person with fewer abilities are known as Deuces and some unlucky humans with some deformities are called Jokers.

The Americans

Along with its actions scenes, Game of Thrones was famous for its suspense. You can never know when what will happen at the very next moment. So, if you are missing the same thrill than The American is a show that you should never think of missing. The Show starts with the life of Two Characters- Elizabeth and Philip.

Both of them are living in The US as its citizen, along with their children. The story is not that simple. In reality, both of them are a KGB agent (or you can say spy) sent by Russia. So, in the series, they spy on American citizens and do whatever necessary (includes killing) to extract information from them.


Cursed is an upcoming tv show that is based on the mythological life of King Arthur mythology by Frank and Thomas Wheeler. Although this show is not released yet once it releases than you can see with the Subscription of Netflix. You get to see the entire life of King Arthur through the eyes of Nimue.

Moreover, the main protagonist of the tv show is Katherine Langford, who starred in a Netflix Original show “13 Reasons Why”. Throughout the series, she will accompany King Arthur on his complete mission of finding Merlin and fighting against the terrorising force of his father, King Uther.


To sum up, I would say that if you loved watching Game of Thrones and having a hard time replacing it with any other show. Then, these are the shows that you should binge watch anytime and anywhere. So, don’t forget to watch them and if you have watched these shows before, then do let us know, how you liked them via the comments section.