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Lucifer Season 5 Release Date, Cast and Everything You Need To Know

Lucifer’s Fourth season is already premiered on Netflix. The fourth season gets a tremendous response as this time it was only 10 episodes long. The Lucifer fans like you and I was expecting a bigger season. Are you also one of them? Who searched for Lucifer season 5 on Netflix. If yes, then you are at right place as today I will give big information regarding series and its future. As you are already sure about its Future but still there is a lot more information that you will get to know here.

As you all know that Lucifer is recently saved by Netflix and became a massive hit. All this happened as Fox cancelled the series after the telecast of its third season last year. The Netflix never originally streamed the show but after a big fan, campaign to save the show and great rating achieved by Lucifer on Netflix International region. This all worked together and convinced Netflix to revive the show. At the beginning of this year, Netflix started adding some episodes of Lucifer. The Fourth season premiered exclusively on Netflix but still, all season of Lucifer are not available on Netflix.

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Will Lucifer Season 5 will Come?

There is no official statement by Netflix regarding Lucifer Season 5 as on 13/05/2019. Netflix’s deal with Lucifer was just for Season 4. Moreover, the move for the next Season is yet to make. No need to worry? As this is a regular practice for every Netflix original after its broadcast on their video streaming platform. A panel decides by observing on various factors whether the series deserves next season or not.  As per sources, I am expecting an official announcement by Netflix on this Towards the end of May or June 2019.

What You Can Expect from Lucifer Season 5?

If you take a moment by reminding the last episode of Lucifer Season 4. The last episode shows us Lucifer return in hell in order to keep it intact. As it was spilling into Los Angeles creating a threat to mankind. You also witnessed the love between Chole and Lucifer as Lucifer said: “his first love was never Eve”. Till now you have seen Chole struggling to reveal the demonic side of Lucifer.

This justifies the introduction of Eve and at last, Lucifer says Goodbye to chole while going back to hell. Season 4 shows that all demons are gone back as their king steps forward to intact their home now. Who knows is it permanent or temporary?

What happens to Eve?

The season 4 bid farewell to Eve as well. But it seems that there is much more to explore about Eve. In the entire season Eve always tried to amend the errors that are coming her way. In the end, she left everyone to discover herself. There is still a possibility that Eve may return back in the upcoming season to add up the spice.

Is Lucifer gone back to hell? (Really)

This time Lucifer will not be able to make a deal to return on earth. He has to bring a replacement first who can rule the hell to prevent it from spilling with the earth. As per My opinion, Lucifer can ask one of his siblings to rule in his absence or Adam’s first can make a comeback. As she is the only one who can control or train the Lucifer.

What can be the Caste of Lucifer season 5?

The lead Actor Tom Ellis revealed his intentions about season 5 in an interview by saying: “I feel that we haven’t finished our story yet, without giving any spoilers away. With any show, you could ultimately finish but you’re either left with a big cliffhanger and people are still expecting more, Giving you the opportunity to tell your story until the end. I think that we will come back with Season 5. Just wait for Netflix decision.

Anne Brandt or you can say Mazikeen she also claimed that season 4 leaves you with a big cliffhanger. Adding to that she says How can we not do a season 5?

The key writer lldy Modrovich already asked fans on Twitter “who’s ready for season 5?”


After making a bang-on by Netflix with the fourth season. All factors are giving a positive sign that season 5 will come for sure. So, just wait for the official announcement. By looking over the current scenario and recent activities it gives a signal that the screenplay has already been in process.

Which is the best thing for any Lucifer fan like you and me till then make yourself prepared to witness the all new circumstances in the life of Lucifer? If you liked the information provided by me useful then share it with your friends and family. Still having any doubt or finding any difficulty with any information then mention it in the comment box below. Our team will try their best to answer your query in upcoming blogs.      

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