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Game for Peace: The new Alternative of PUBG China

pubg china

Hey, Gamer’s in China, Good News, Tencent recently released the alternative of Pubg China with a new name, Game for Piece. But, do you know, the advent of this all-new game is only possible due to the new policies made by the Chinese govt. As per them, this kind of games can lead to unethical behaviour by an individual. Due to this Tencent have to pull out PUBG Mobile which is very popular in China. To retain this huge gamer’s database Tencent has come up with this new game.

After the launch of the new game, it became a top grossing game in China’s Apple App store. No need to become sad just because you are not in China. It doesn’t mean that you can not experience the brand new game. Today we will provide you with all information regarding Game For Piece including download procedure as well. Let’s move forward to understand what this game is all about?

pubg china
pubg china

What is Game For Peace?

Game For Peace is a counter-terrorism military competition experience game by Tencent. The game came into existence after new policies laid by Chinese govt and to meet them. Tencent has to stop one of its very popular game PUBG Mobile from entire China. No one wants to lose their database In order to retain its Huge database of gamers. Tencent came up with a new game called Game for Peace which is very much similar to PUBG China. This time with a new theme that is Anti-Terrorism and added with elements of patriotism.

The Chinese gamer’s go gaga over the new game as it becomes a top grossing game in the Apple China App Store.  This time Tencent is very careful as Game for Peace is available to users of age 16 and above only. Another reason for this is Tencent has recently pledged to take care of society growing concerns which can be affected by video games. This is the first step in making its technology good and can be seen in future games as well.

Notable Features of Game For Peace

Let’s explore the highlights and features offered by Game For Peace are as follows:

  • Real Maps- The game offers new real maps with several terrain and climatic changes. Total hundred players have to compete on the same field with a battle strategy and shooting ability to become champion.
  • Realistic Experience- Use of High-Quality graphics and sound effects empowers the game to give a more realistic Experience.
  • Unreal Engine 4 – Use of this Powerfull technology makes game quick, responsive. All these factors together enhance the experience of a player.
  • New Arms & Ammunitions – The all-new arms and ammunition refreshes you and provides a more realistic experience in the game.
  • New Vehicles- Brand new cars with rich driving experience gives a dream come true kind of experience.
  • Seven Modes to Play- Different game modes provide you with a variety to play. This mode contains a concentrated battle area, Faster game rhythm, short durations, smooth battle experience.
  • New Gameplay- The game comes with brand new gameplay that means new rules, new features, maps etc. These all are enough to make our bottoms up.

How to Download Alternative of Pubg China?

The game is launched in China on Apple App store only. But today we will provide you download procedure for android and apple devices. Which you can use from any corner of the world.

For Android

You can easily download the alternative of Pubg China on your Android device easily. By following steps given below:

  • Firstly, Download the app from If tap tap is giving an error. Then install the beta version from the given link.
  • Set the language of the app from settings as default language is not English.
  • Search for Game For Peace or Pubg China in the menu.
  • Download the game you must remember that file size is 1.9GB.
  • After downloading Install it.
  • Create a QQ account by using the given link.
  • If you get an error then download WeChat and get a login id on WeChat.
  • Open the game.
  • Tap on QQ/WeChat Login icon. In the case of QQ, you download QQ App on your mobile.
  • Open the game and login.
  • All set to play the game.   

For iOS devices

To download the alternative of Pubg China for iOS devices. Kindly follow the steps given below:

  • Download the alternative of Pubg China from the given link.
  • After download installation process will start automatically.
  • As installation game icon will appear in the menu.
  • Tap on it follow the instructions.
  • You are all set to enjoy the game on your iPhone.


Now, its all solved. you can easily enjoy the alternative of Pubg China on your Android and iPhone from any corner of the world. The game is entirely fresh with maintaining its old essence. You must at least give it a try. I hope you liked the information shared here as it empowers you to enjoy the game on your Android and iPhone.

Still, have a doubt with the content or facing an issue with download then mention it below in comment box. Our team will try their best to answer your queries in our upcoming blogs.

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