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Ultimate Ways to Track Your OnTrac Consignment


The hype has been seen in the demands from e-commerce retailers and Vendors like OnTrac are finding solutions to provide a cheaper, faster and effective Logistics service. If you’re too thinking about Why a Boom is seen in Courier services? 

Well…. It became possible as the online shopping concept is a big hit. Right now almost every person is buying something from an online platform. Also, online vendors are working with innovative ideas that simply attracts people from every age group.

Today I will tell you how to track a Consignment sent using On Trac network. But before let’s understand how On Track is making a difference in order two make logistic future much more happening.



Initiative Taken by OnTrac

Recently, OnTrac, the Parcel logistics company collaborated with Last Mile Logistics and Boxbot to test a new kind of automated delivery system. As per OnTrack President Rob Humphrey, they are working with box bot from last few months to adapt technology developed by Boxbot.

After making it more friendly the On Trac will replace its fleet of vans and other delivery vehicles with Boxbot vehicle. This will make delivery much faster than today also, Boxbot will manage all deliveries of OnTrack.  

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How OnTrac Vehicle Works? 

Actually, Boxbot is a startup venture by veteran Tesla and Uber Engineers. They developed an Intelligent Vehicle that is capable of delivering the courier without any help of a human.

As per Boxbot, the mechanism seems interesting as the vehicle will reach the address using a satellite map. On arrival of package, the customer will receive a text alert following by unique code that will be used to claim your package from the vehicle. 

OnTrac Tracking Process

To track a shipment on the courier network just follow the steps given below:

  • Type website address in your browser.
  • On the left side of the homepage, a Package tool is given.
  • Just fill your 12 digits unique code and enter.
  • Here comes your status with real-time information of Package.

You can follow the same process on different web portals that are:


I think these are plenty options you can easily track your consignment without any problem.

What are the Advantages Of OnTrac Tracking?

Let’s check what advantages On Trac provides on its tracking as compared with other parcel logistic vendors like USPS, FedEx etc. Tracking is the most important factor while using a courier service as providing exact information of your package is much needed. 

Yes, its natural whenever you send something to your loved ones. Always you want to check where your parcel has reached and when it will be seen by the receiver etc. Providing this will increase your business goodwill also taking care of human emotions.

The advantages of using OnTrac courier are as follows:

Real-Time Packaging System

Ontrac introduced real-time packaging system that makes it possible to get detailed tracking. As in traditional tracking system, the status gets update only 2 times one at time of dispatch and second after delivery. Here you will get detailed information about your package while being in transit or out for delivery you can track it all.  

Easy to Read Status

Remember last time when you were trying to track a consignment what you find as a status? Actually, I have seen several courier tracking where you get status like DI, TR, AI, OD, etc. I found this situation very irritative as you need to find out the meaning of code in order to understand what they are saying. No need to worry, as courier service provides a simple descriptive status that is easy to understand and read.

Progress Indicator

You can directly have an idea about your courier that how much time it will take to reach the destination. It is a graphical representation of your parcel that facilitates to check the movement of your package. Hence, Progress Indicator is a quick way to check the movement of your courier as it reaches the final destination.

Greater Visibility

OnTrac provides greater visibility by adding more scans in the logistic process. This makes it easy to locate the courier with almost real-time details. Also, providing you every single update that increases the confidence in brand and system.

Customer Support

On top of all this, It provides 24×7 customer support service that you can access directly by making a call on 8003345000. Apart from this, you can ask support by filling the contact us form available on the website.   


That’s all for today, I hope you like the information shared here and will refer it to your friends and family members. As I shared all the advantages with tracking method of a courier on Ontrac network. Still having any question mention it in the comment box below. Our team will try their best to provide a solution for our upcoming blogs.

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