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World Cricket Championship 2 Guide for Beginners

While football fans have many different games to play, cricket players are not so lucky. There are only a few good games available for Cricket fans. World Cricket Championship 2 is one such game that you will love to play. Our World Cricket Championship 2 guide will help you play this game better.

World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2) is a brand new simulation arcade game. Nextwave Multimedia has developed and released this beautiful cricket game. WCC2 offers the players many different modes and challenges. And best of all, this is free to download and play on iOS devices (through iTunes) as well as on Android devices (through Google Play).

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A thing to note here is that the download size of the file is heavy at 626 MB (last update). However, this is because of the advanced level graphics of the game and the excellent gameplay.

Hence, we would suggest having enough space cleared in your phone before downloading. It would also be wise to download via wifi to avoid data charges.

World Cricket Championship 2 Guide:

1) World Cricket Championship 2 guide for Batting

In the game of cricket, your batting matters a lot. If you cannot bat well, even a small score seems huge. This guide will help you improve your batting skills in World Cricket Championship 2.

The first step is to start practising swiping movements on the screen. Swiping controls the direction of the shot. The direction is equally important as the kind of shot (lofted or ground) you are playing.

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The game uses two types of shot combinations. It is important to use the right kind of shot to maximize your score. When you know the pros and cons of both shot kinds, you will have an edge over the other players who try to hit all the balls out of the park. Here are the two types of shots available in WCC2.

  • Lofted Shots

This is the shot you need to hit when you want to hit a six. This shot is commonly also called as the power shot as the batsman hits the shot with all his power. When you properly time the ball, you should be hitting a six.

However, it is not as easy to hit a six on every ball. If you miss the timing even slightly, you will either miss the ball or get caught. In most cases, missing the ball will either get you bowled or out LBW.

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The game’s inbuilt tutorial offers no help in perfecting your timing. You will have to improve your timing by yourself.

This shot is very useful if you are trying to score quickly. However, this is not the safest option. Playing lofted shots is especially tricky against spin bowlers and hence, you need to be more cautious. Keep practising.

  • Ground Drive Shots

Many cricket games are unrealistic in one aspect. Most balls in the real game are not hit for a six. The lofted shot is rare in the real game. Players mainly play shots on the ground where the batsman tries to hit the ball in the gap and score runs quickly.

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In WCC2 too, you will try to score maximum runs through the gaps just as in the real game. The maximum runs you can score is a “4”. Because this is a safer choice, beginners should try to use this shot as much as possible. Although you won’t score runs as quickly, your batsmen will stay longer on the crease. This will, in long run, improve your score.

For newer players, ground drive shots should be the default till they have perfected their timing.

Once you have understood the shots well, it is important to also understand the map at the top left.

It shows you the fielding positions on the ground. Always be mindful of fielder positions and try to hit the ball in the gaps.

2) World Cricket Championship 2 tips for Batting Order and Lineup

In WCC2, you are the player as well as the manager. You can decide which players will play the game. You can also decide who gets to bat or bowl first. Although this seems trivial, it is important to send your best players in any game in the right order.

If your openers don’t perform well, your middle will be under intense pressure.

You should also try to keep some skilled players near the end of the lineup so that you can finish the game well.

3) World Cricket Championship 2 tips for Fielding

In the modern era of cricket, fielding is just as important as batting and bowling. In fact, many players don’t make it to the best teams because they are not at their physical peak.

Even in WCC2, you need to have your fielding at the best. Many players score lots of runs but are not able to defend the score. This is because they leak runs when bowling. If they were to improve their fielding a bit and bowl according to the field, they could defend better.

By default, WCC2 has three kinds of fielding formations available:

  • Aggressive fielding formation When you are trying to get the players out. This is especially useful against the openers and the tail. Useful during the beginning stages.
  • Defensive fielding formation – When you are trying to defend against well-set players. Good against the middle order.

It is advisable to try and set custom fields once you get the hang of it.

3) World Cricket Championship 2 Tips for Deadly Bowling

In cricket, your bowling can devastate the opponent just as much as your batting can. When you bowl accurately and in good spots, the opponent cannot score as well.World cricket championship 2 guide image 5

While selecting your team, it is important to choose the right kind of bowlers. If the pitch supports fast bowling, having spinners won’t give you much help.

In general, fast bowlers tend to do well in the game for beginners. However, you have to be very careful. The ball must be bowled at the stumps or at yorker length. Even a small mistake and the opponent will hit you for a six.

Although fast bowlers are a safe choice, good spin bowlers can be really deadly. For beginners, mastering spin bowling is difficult. However, once you get the hang of it, you will get the most wickets through your spinners.World cricket championship 2 guide image 4

A good tip with spinners is to let the ball go away from the batsman. This means that if the batsman is right-handed, the ball should fall down and spin to the bowler’s left side (leg spin). A spin meter appears on the screen while bowling with a spinner. You can adjust the direction and amount of spin on each ball.


With these World Cricket Championship 2 tips, you can learn the game and start to dominate your opponents. Did these tips help you? Is this World Cricket Championship 2 guide effective? What do you want us to add? Tell us in the comments section below:

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