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All You Need To Know About Dream League Soccer

The game which is world famous and which is liked by most of the population, worldwide, is the game of soccer. FIFA games are watched by people all around the world and they are quite excited about the game. Dream League Soccer is the simulation of the real Soccer game. The simulation is so realistic that you can make your own team of your favourite licensed player.

Dream League Soccer Allows you to Make your own Team

Dream League Soccer allows you to make your own soccer team. You can choose the players who are playing the FIFA for real. Their moves, their style is simulated in the game so well that you will enjoy leading your own team. The graphics of the game is drafted very realistically too.

Online and Offline (LAN) Multiplayer

The Dream League Soccer can be played with different players. You can play with Offline Multiplayer option if your mate is right beside you. Or at least in the same room. Playing with friends is fun un-compared. You don’t have to worry even if your mate is available physically. You can choose the online multiplayer option to play the game. So that you and your friend can enjoy the game remotely too.

Dream League Soccer has a Multiplayer Chat option in it

This is the very unique feature of the game. The Dream League Soccer has an amazing option of the Multiplayer chat. You can chat with your online player and discuss the game, moves or simply motivate by saying him “Bravo bradaa!”

Dream League Soccer seems so real with its Intelligent AI and Commentary system

The game is so nicely simulated that not only graphics seem real, but the live commentary will definitely make you go “Whoaa” about Dream League Soccer. The game developers have left no stone unturned in the game. They have been continuously upgrading the game features from time to time.

The Dream League Soccer gives you the Privilege to build and customize your stadium

The Dream League Soccer allows you to build and customize your stadium, according to your will. You can adjust your lawn and its humidity even. As the real stadium is tested and made good enough to play, so can you do the same.

If you want to play the hacked version of the football game then try this game and enjoy all the function freely.

Instant Replays are played and Recording of Match Events is also done

The Dream League Soccer is so realistic that you even get to watch the replays and the records of the events. You will miss absolutely nothing.

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Dream League Soccer Guide

1. Make Use of the Button B More Than the Button A When Defending the opponent
You are allowed to use three buttons A, B and C in the gameplay. Button A is used by a player to perform a slide tackle. Button B performs pressure on the ball and button C can change the player whom you are controlling. So instead of side tackling, put the pressure on the ball.

2. Choose a Camera Type and angle of your choice to enjoy a Better site of the Field
The game has several different functions to perform and amaze you. You can choose the Camera type and the Camera angle for getting the better view of the field.

To change the camera type and angle settings, you got to perform the following steps:

Click on “My Profile” that is present on the top-right corner of your screen
Click “Game Settings”.
Then click on “Camera Type”.
Choose “in-game camera” option and check for yourself, which view suits and appeals you the most.
Stay switched in “Training mode”

3. When it comes to scoring a goal, ignore button A
The moment your player has the ball and is approaching the goal, do not use the button A. That is don’t care about side tackling other players. All you need to do is pressurize the ball and control the player to you are handling.

4. Know How to Heal Your Players
In case, your player gets injured, you can cure him.

Know “how?”, in the following steps:

1. Go to – Team Management option and click on a player card.
2. You will see a battery icon at the bottom-right corner of your screen.
3. Click on the battery icon and your player will reach 100 percent health.
4. The coins that you will need to donate to cure the player depends on your player’s health meter

5. You can try out any formation of your choice
You are allowed to use any kind of formations, such as 4-2-2 or 4-3-3. There is no loss occurred in your game if you try out with different permutations and combinations for forming the formations. It will benefit in changing the tactics of attacking, defending and moderating the game.

6. Training Mode Also Lets you Practice Penalty Shootouts, Saves and Free Kicks
This is again the amazing feature of Dream League Soccer game. The training mode of the game will allow you to Practice the Penalty Shootout. Free kicks and the Saves are also allowed. It will take time to reveal and explore the features hidden in the game, at first go.

7. Upgrade Your Stadium to Earn Bonus Coins in Home Matches
You can earn the bonus points and enjoy all the facilities of the home ground and home matches by playing on the one. It is easy to choose your own stadium. By playing on your stadium, you actually get bonus points in the game. Also, you can avail other benefits of playing on the home ground.

Dream League Soccer Tricks

Do not run straight instead, Step Over

While running straight while you have the ball, press any key 4 times or continuously repeated.

Flip-Flop the Ball

Flip-flop the ball by touching the ball using outside foot, and then pulled the ball back to the front. Simply keep pressing the button repeatedly.

Rainbow Move

While lifting the ball, pass it on to an opponent. Do this by making the player run and  press any touchscreen

Make a Tricky Hocus Pocus Move

Cross your legs to make this tricky movement. The moment you have the ball in front of your opponent, tap the analogue to the left and then press any of the buttons for 2 times continuously.

Roullete the Ball

As the name goes, Roullete the ball. That simply means, whirl the body while you have the ball. The moment you have the ball in front the of the opponent, point analogue to the left and then press any button for 3 times continuously.

Dribble the Ball

Dribble the ball because it is cool. Bring the ball using the foot to give a trick the opponents. To do dribbling, just point the analogous to any direction while you press the B button

Dream League Soccer Tips


Be confident while playing the simulation too

Be confident, no matter whether it the real game or reel game. Confidence will give you an opportunity to choose the better option and strategy each time. You arise back when after being defeated.

Make your skills Better at the game by playing it more

Make a better choice of players. Choose the skilful players for your team. Take time to reveal and explore the game.

Learn the game and its tricks from various other resources

Few of the youtube channels provide the tips and tricks, that is best to imbibe. The players who are already the pro at playing the game, help you improve your skills. Learn from them.

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We have also made an Infographic to make you better understanding for Dream League Soccer:


The Dream League Soccer is the best game Soccer simulation. If you are a football lover, this game is for you, grab it. You will surely be addictive towards the game. The Dream League Soccer is updating its features and graphics continuously. And we keep you updated about the game. Check us for latest updates and upgrades.

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