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Snapchat vs Instagram: which is best for you (Comparison)

Social media platforms have become an essential part of our lives and we all love to share our photos, videos, and activities on these platforms. Indeed we can also find better business opportunities on these platforms. Nowadays people run Facebook ads, post content on Instagram and Snapchat to expose their product. Snapchat and Instagram have grabbed the huge popularity across the globe but it is pretty tough to decide which one is good for your business. If you also confused with which you should get started then you have landed at the exact place. I am here with Snapchat vs Instagram which will give you a strong understanding of both platforms.

After reading the post you will be able to decide whether you should go for Instagram or for Snapchat. Please observe the article till the end to get the appropriate answer for your query. So let’s start Instagram vs Snapchat to know which one can give you better output.

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Snapchat vs Instagram: which is best
Snapchat vs Instagram (Comparison)

Snapchat vs Instagram

Although it is tough to say which is best for you but if you are looking for cheap ads, public profiles, free analytics then Instagram is good for you. On the other hand, if you are targeting teens and adults then Snapchat can give you a better outcome. But there are lots more to know so have a look below to know in depth:

 Snapchat vs Instagram: Audience

When things come in term of the audience then Instagram wins the battle. Instagram has 500 Million active users on its platform whereas Snapchat acquires only 188 Million active users. Snapchat is far behind Instagram but one more thing which can be helpful for you. Age of the audience, the 45% users of Snapchat in between 18-24 and if you want to target this age group then Snapchat can be a better option for you. On the other hand, Instagram hosts the users who are in between 18-29 and if you want to target an older demographic then Instagram is the best for you.

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Snapchat vs Instagram: Available filters

Let’s discuss filters offered by both social messaging apps. Here Snapchat wins the race as it contains a wide array of filters and you can apply animation filters also to make your pictures funnier. You can also apply to augment reality effects in your pics with Snapchat filters. Instagram is behind in this field.

 Snapchat vs Instagram: Stories

Now come to the story features of both photo sharing apps. If you daily add your services and products in your story then Instagram can be beneficial for you. There are higher chances of opening the story when compared with Snapchat. Did you ever notice that when you view anyone’s story then you automatically redirect to other’s stories? Whereas in Snapchat you are asked whether you want to view a particular or not.  Here Instagram is a visible winner.

Instagram vs Snapchat: Adverts

When we observe both apps with the perspective of advertisements we find Instagram more worthful. The advertisements on Instagram are far cheaper than Snapchat. The average CPC is around $0.70 to $1.00 on Instagram and also lots of free analytics tools available. Whereas adverts on Snapchat are relatively costly and don’t offer you any free analytic tool.

Instagram vs Snapchat: Discoverability

If you want more exposure for your business then my recommendation is for Instagram. Instagram offers a Public Profile Option and it may be more useful for discoverability. Able users will check out your stuff whether they are following you or not. On Snapchat only those people are able to view your content who have added you.

Final verdict

Well, folks, I thought you got a fair idea via the article and now you can easily decide which one may be beneficial for your business. If you are going to target the teens and adults then Snapchat will be good for you. Instagram is better for those who want to aim the older demographics. When we analyze the above stuff then Instagram is the winner of the race but you should also check on the basis of your business requirements.

It is really fun to reach more and more people via social media apps but for business purpose, you must create engaging content that resounds and create a deep relationship with your potential users.

Hope you found the post informative and if you got the right answer via the article then do share with your close ones. In case any question regarding the post then let me know below in the comment section.

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