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Is Mitron App Actually a Repackaged App From Pakistan Called TicTic?

Mitron App

You might be amazed to hear the news that the Mitron app is actually a repackaged app from Pakistan called TicTic app. You are in the right place for this answer. This is not a Pakistani application, it is launched by an IITan based in Roorkee named as Shivank Aggarwal.

He himself has not developed the code for this app, rather he purchased the pre-developed codes available for sale on the Code Canyon website. The code was actually developed by a Pakistan based company named QBoxus and their first app was TicTic.

After developing their application, they listed their complete code package for a short video making app on the Code Canyon website. The code is not only purchased by Aggarwal for developing the Mitron app. As per the Code Canyon website, it has been sold for more than 275 times. It is available for $34 which is equivalent to Rs. 2570 approximately.

When was the app launched by the developer

The Mitron app came into existence in the month of April 2020 when the trend of Boycott Chinese application was higher. Aggrawal, make hay while the sun shines and launched this application in no just by integrating a pre-defined set of codes. As the Mitron app is made in India product so, to beat Chinese app Tiktok, there was a new trend to uninstall Tiktok and installed this application.

Even in an interview with News 18, the developer of tictic app Sheikh from Pakistan told that there is no issue to him with Aggarwal using the code for his developed application, as he has already paid for it. There is no copyright infringement issue with it. Shivank Aggarwal has already paid to Sheikh the value for buying code which he has listed on the Code Canyon website.

The claim by Aggarwal that he has himself developed it from scratch in an interview was not correct. He has actually integrated the code and launched the Mitron app. However, if you try to check the website of the developer of the Mitron app through Google playstore information then it will direct you to some blank webpage.

Is the usage of the Mitron app, a threat to user data?

As per the news, there is one more glitch in the application that it does not have any privacy policy. So the user data privacy is in threat already. I have not personally installed this application yet. However, there is a large number of users who have signed up for it. And shared personal information and allowed application permission to access data that it asks while you click on the install button.

But the claimed developer Aggarwal has not disclosed yet, how he is going to use customer data. So, I would not recommend using it. However, as per the reviews of the app in Google play store, it has so many bugs that result in the ill working of it.

Despite, all of these glitches the users have given it a 5-star rating intentionally to boost its ranking in play store knowing that it is an Indian app. However, users are devastated by the rumor that it was actually bought from Pakistani developers.


As I have made it clear above that its app was not actually sold by a Pakistani developer rather Agarwal bought the coding for it from the Code Canyon website from a Pakistani developer. However, it is actually integrated by the IIT Roorkee Shivank Agarwal as per news.

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