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Upgrade Heroes in Clash of Clans With Effortless Way

Clash of Clans

Playing the clash of clans is like food for my soul. And upgrade heroes in the clash of clans is really awful. Yes! it is really painful to upgrade, however, there is always again at the end. As it is very important to upgrade the heroes in Clash of Clans if you want to enjoy this game to the fullest.

The upgraded heroes perform very well while you play the game. They even act faster than normal. If you are waiting for the right time and delaying this upgrade then I would suggest that it will be more painful. So the right time to do it is right now only.

While upgrading you may face downtime, however, you can recover it with the right strategies. That too without losing anything much. I will share the tricks which I personally use to upgrade my clash of clan. With this amazing technique, you will be able to enjoy the while upgrading the heroes in the background. It will help you with the upgrade of the battle machines and royals.

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Tips to consider while Upgrade Heroes in Clash of Clans

Make sure the level of all heroes should be closer

  • I always suggest that level of all the heroes should be close so that you won’t have to face any issue while upgrading your heroes in Clash of Clans.
  • Always keep one of the heroes active and involved while others upgrading. This will help you in completing your daily attack task, even if you are not intended to participate in the war actively.
  • There is one more benefit of this technique that your attacking and defending heroes when they are of the same level that will help you in winning the war. The gap between both of them may affect adversely. So, I would suggest you try making a balance in both of them.
    • Let me explain to you this with an example if your Archer Queen is raking in level 30 or more however your Barbarian King is ranking somewhere between 10-12 then even after an update you won’t be able to enjoy your game at the fullest.
    • And if your barbarian king is on level 21 and your archer queen is on level 19 then you need to upgrade barbarian king first to next level. By doing this, he will be more powerful and power transmission will help archer queen to upgrade to the next level easily.
    • Moreover, as per the significance of level 5, your heroes will be bucked up with either Archer Queens Royal Cloak or Barbarians Kings Iron Fist which will result in major damage while attacking the enemy.

Techniques to upgrade Heroes of Clash of Clans

Here I will share the techniques which I use to upgrade the clash of clans while war or non-war: –

Is it necessary to participate in war while upgrading your heroes?

If you don’t want to miss any single clan war and your heroes will be upgraded while playing but the process will be super slow. You need a book to easily upgrade the heroes. Due to this reason, you can expect an upgrade once in 2 weeks.

However, it more depends on your clan, if your clan allows you to enter in war while upgrading any of your present heroes than you can upgrade while playing. But the upgrade will be a very slow process in this case.

To upgrade your barbarian king, you must have farm enough Dark Elixir, and to upgrade archer queen, you will need to use your book. These two will help you to attack with all the mighty power on the enemy to win.

The most important thing which you need to understand is that the archer queen is the most crucial part which helps you in war with strong attacking power. However, the Barbarian king is not that necessary. His absence will not affect your attack in the war.

Skipping the War

Now let me share another secret for upgrading heroes without spending much of your time. I would suggest you to avoid playing war in Clash of clan game. That doesn’t mean you need to skip it altogether. I am just suggesting skipping the war however, you can spend time in the game doing some random stuff while you are upgrading your heroes.

If you do so for a week than utilizing that time you will be able to upgrade a minimum of 3 heroes. Let’s start the upgrade from Dark Elixir, Barbarian king, and Grand Warden at the beginning of 7 days skipping the war. Yes! upgrade for these 3 solely will take a minimum of 7 days to upgrade.

You must be thinking that we haven’t mentioned upgrading the archer queen. We will do it once all the 3 mentioned above are complete. And we will definitely use books to upgrade it which will show some faster results for upgrading it. Now you are ready to rock the game of Clash of Clans with all the might power of at least 3 level upgrade. And skipped playing the game for at least a week is worthwhile.

Upgrade your battle machine

After upgrading the heroes, I would suggest you to upgrade your battlefield as well. That will not only boost your gameplay rather you will also feel like playing in new base with new heroes with full energy and enthusiasm. You might be thinking that it will take more time. No!! Battle machine upgrade is far easy than heroes upgrade.

Once you upgrade both at the same time you will be boosted to level 5 and till level 10 you can play relatively easy. As there are much lesser damaged till than. This upgrade will take a maximum of 2 days. And while you grade it, if you skip the war then you can stack up against your daily rewards which you can enjoy later while playing the game.

How to farm your Dark Elixir

Last but not the least, you need to always make sure about using your Dark Elixir inventory while upgrading, rather I would suggest you save and stock up it. You need to consider 2 main factors while spending it in war, that is as follows: –

  • You should always look for the strategy which doesn’t involve much spending of Dark Elixir inventory while attacking in the Clash of Clans war.
  • Another important thing which you need to consider is selecting the war base, that should not be consuming much of your Dark elixir inventory.

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I have shared my secret strategy with you regarding upgrade heroes in Clash of Clans. I would love to hear your experience after using the same strategy being followed while upgrading. However, I am positive that you will complete your most challenging task of upgrade with almost ease.

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