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All You Need To Know About Telegram

Two men pose with smartphones in front of a screen showing the Telegram logo in this picture illustration taken in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina November 18, 2015. The mobile messaging service Telegram, created by the exiled founder of Russia's most popular social network site, has emerged as an important new promotional and recruitment platform for Islamic State. The service, set up two years ago, has caught on in many corners of the globe as an ultra-secure way to quickly upload and share videos, texts and voice messages. It counts 60 million active users around the world. Picture taken November 18. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic - RTS7W3T

Hello Dear! here on this page, I will write down one of the amazing topics everything about Telegram Messenger. Do you know why it is used or why it is banned in Russia? if you need to know then this is the accurate page that you arrived. It is a massaging application for every user. You can use it on every device like iOS, Windows, and Android. It has some cool features that it comes very popular but also its security system is very poor that why it used ISIS. One day one of my friends comes to me and then I see his mobile and see Telegram Icon, then instantly I tell him that what is it. He tells me that it is like WhatsApp. then I download this application but I don’t like this application because of some features. But ok lots of people use this messenger.

Below I write some important note that you should know.

What Is Telegram?

Do you know that what is Telegram? here on this page, I simply tell you. It is the messaging application. And it works over the Internet like facebook messenger or WhatsApp. It means you can send the message for the free of cost using mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

Was The Telegram App Made In India?

If you hear that the telegram application made in India then this is not true. It is not developed in India. It is launched in 2013. It is an amazing application to connect with your friends and family.

Which Country is Telegram App from?

Two brothers, Pavel Durov and Nikolai develop Telegram messenger application. The designers of the Russian VK, it is Russia’s best social network. This is the non-profit company located in Germany, Berlin.

How does it differ from other Messaging Applications?

It is the main trading point of the security. Telegram claims that all its activeness like chats, media, and group are encrypted and cannot be seen or interfered by any other individual rather than the users at both ends.

Best Alternative of Whatsapp 

On Which Devices you can use Telegram?

You can use this application on every device. It can be used on the tablets, smartphones, desktop, and laptop. the Telegram messenger application is avail for iOS, Windows NT, Linux, MacOS, and Android.

Who can Use Telegram?

Every kind of people can use this application. But Telegram has achieved the reputation as terrorists’ messaging application. It was used by the ISIS, who approved it to its members and supporters because of its safety features. Telegram acknowledged by the blocking civil channels managed by the ISIS to extend propaganda.

Why was it Banned in Russia?

In the recent time, Russian Court controlled that the Telegram messenger should be illegal because of service declined to hand over the user data. And Russian governments claim that the Telegram was to action terrorism.

What are the Best Channels on Telegram?

In 2018, the rise of telegram channels has become so popular in the bunch of lists. These channels serve you better than TV broadcasting news. It shares channel links to publicly for more expanding and allows to add with along with. Some of the best channels you should go for such as Telegram Ebook, Telegram Science, Telegram Motivation, Telegram Art & Photography, Telegram Fitness and lots more are available on at online. Below I have listed out top 5 best channels on the telegram.

  1. Only Bullion King View:

It is known to be one of the fastest growing channels on telegram with more than 14000 members. Popularity among the youth is growing inn an immense rate.

2. Free ebooks:

It is also a very popular channel on telegram and you will get various ebooks from it. Various stock market journals are also available to read in this channel to get a day to day information.

3. E4 Entertainment:

It is an entertainment channel and there are various types of entertaining substances available on this channel. If you want to get entertained than this is the perfect channel for your enjoyment.

4. Bulls Eye:

It is also a very impressive channel that you get on Telegram and through it, you can get various investment ideas. These investment ideas will help you to locate various investment sectors and will brief you about the best investment plans.

5. Ingliztiliuzz:

This channel is perfect for those who want to learn English. Because in this channel you will get various English tips and other material to make your English language better.

How do I Search Group in Telegram?

You can get what you seek for very easily in the telegram. If you are a smartphone user then it will be more suitable to reach your goal by using fingertips. Although you will get many unlimited groups at telegram which consists of more than 100 k members. Use any keywords based upon your requirement and according to your purposes in searching box panel. There you will receive different grounds of groups and communities which run massively.

Difference Between Telegram and WhatsApp?

Access from multiple devices:

Whatsapp can be used from the web interface and can only be operated by using Google Chrome web browser and with it, the phone should be connected to data all the time when you are surfing.

But on the other hand, telegram has its own platform which is able to run on various devices such as IOS, Android, and windows.

File Sharing:

Audio video files can only be transferred through WhatsApp. You will not be able to share other files. Only the files on your gallery can be shared through whats app.

Telegram will offer 1 GB free data transfer from one device to another. And any document can be shared through it. A file can be shared from any location from your phones such as phone memory or SDcard.


Whatsapp supports 100 members in a group but on the other hand, telegram supports 200 members in a group. So the capacity of grouping members on telegram is much more than WhatsApp.

Is Telegram Messenger Secure?

Yes, its secure with no such doubt as because is more reliable than other social apps. Telegram is developed with the end to end encryption which assures its users. The groups chats or community chats or the individual all are more secure and both takes place under encryption. The platform of the telegram is said to be standard and maintains the privacy under its system.


Above every point are very important for you. this is an amazing application but I think the developers of this application just notice its security. Otherwise, this is a great and enjoyment application for every user. If you have any question about this application or this article then you send we the question in our comment box, we will answer you shortly.





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