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Learn to Win in Patience Game Just in 7 Steps

Hey Guys! How are you? I think everyone is good. and How is your health dear? I always pray to god that Everyone stays with good health. If you are feeling bore with your daily work then everyone wants to relax. So if you love to lay solitaire then it can prove to be the good way to spend your time and it is also entertaining game so everyone loves this game.  Actually One day my one friend ask me that how to win patience. Then I tell him that just wait 1 or 2 days and you can check website then you can get every question answer about patience. It is an amazing game that helps you to have the unlimited hours of the entertainment and the fun. Solitaire would not long before you’ll feel yourself addicted. It takes just some moment to find out that how to play this amazing game and after that you could start to have lots of fun dear.

How To Play Patience?

It is the game of the million hurriedly buried windows PC. Its acceptance is possibly due to its amazingly mesmerizing nature, even though patience takes the real perseverance to the win.

This Game is played using the tableau of 7 columns. Running from the left to the right, the 1st column holds the 1 card, the 2nd column holds 2 cards, the 3rd column holds 3 cards, etc. in every column has the top card. and it should face up & the rest face down. now deal by situating one card, face up on the table in the lead of you, to this card’s right the 6 more cards down. Now you can repeat this row by row and be dealing one less card every time.

Patience Game Tricks:

Below I give you patience game tips,

  1. Learn This Games Rules:

It is valuable to learn the rules of this game. It takes just some minutes & it could save you the lots of time eventually.

2. Move Aces and Deuces:

Any time you see the deuces or aces in the cards that are given from the stockpile or the deck, you should everytime move them to a foundation. They cant offer you any help and they’ll be going to your life more troublesome if you hold them around.

3. Hold The Right Order:

when you playing this game then you can start to move the cards from the deck and once every move are done then you should move to the cards that are dealt from a stockpile.

4. The cards in the foundation can’t move:

When you place the card in foundation placed in the top of the left corner then it can’t move.

5. Goal Of The Game:

Do not forget the goal of this game. Here is the mission to achieve every card in the foundation. That’s the moment when you are a winner.

6. Win As Many Points:

When you want to become the best player in this game then you need to know the best cards of this game.

7. Play The Game When You Get The Real Benefits:

You should start to move the king and make the new deck only when you get the actual benefit of this move.


Patience playing cards games are amazing. Actually, I am also addicted to this game. If you catch this game tricks then you can easily bite your friends. So if you love this article then please share this with your friends and family. Thank You for giving your valuable time to read this article. If you have any questions then give us the question our experts will answer you soon.

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