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Call of Duty: Black ops 3 Latest Features And Reviews

Black ops 3 is super smooth game to play. You can multitask in the game very smoothly. The maps and weapons used in the game are amazing. The scenario is fantastic and the graphics are very designed. The game is of momentum and is chained like. Very simple, yet fun to play. You need to make continuous movements to be able to move on in the game. To excel the game, all you need to do is learn some new movements or have to get perfect on the already known movements.

Black Ops 3 features


The call of duty Black ops 3 games has managed the campaign so well, by allowing 4 multiplayer at a time. The shooting range of the players is limited, though.


The momentum is the heart of the game. The multiplayer option imparts a great intermingling of the momentum and the movements therein the dame.

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Zombies are the new and cool feature of the game. Making the game entertaining and interesting enough to play. The Zombies are features one.

Black Ops 3 Reviews

Black Ops 3 game is a fantastic one

“How would I describe it in a single word? Fantastic! If this is the kind of work a three-year development cycle can give an AAA game, then I don’t want to see Black Ops 4 until 2018, and counting down the days to its release.” – Gaming Trends

Black Ops 3 offers great multiplayer and an ambitious campaign

“The biggest, if not best, Call of Duty game yet. Black Ops 3 offers great multiplayer (with perfect balance in maps and weapons) and an ambitious campaign -sometimes confusing- with coop mode for 4 players. Zombies, Free Run mode, Nightmare mode and Dead Ops Arcade complete this experience, which seems too familiar for veteran players.” says Hobby Consoles

Black Ops 3 offers the most complete and mature campaign

“Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 offers the most complete and mature campaign we’ve seen to date, delivers a seamless multiplayer, and brings back the funny Zombies Mode, which this year comes with a lot of secrets and mysteries to uncover,” says Merstation.

This game is terrible across the board if you like wasting money on a game you’ll hate playing

“This game is terrible across the board if you like wasting money on a game you’ll hate playing after 2 hours this is definitely the game for you campaign sucks multiplayer is even worse than the campaign. The only thing even remotely redeemable about this game is zombies and I can’t just on my ps4 and play that all day. Not worth 60 bucks hell had I known what I know now about this game I wouldn’t be willing to pay 20 bucks for this game”, datsdagi95 gives the review

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Mechanism is Great

“Pros: Graphics is awesome. BGM is good. Shooting feels firm. Also overall cool design.
Cons: Stupid plot. Luminous and sound pollution in the later game. It feels like brainwash, so annoying. It is absolutely unnecessary. Cyber “zombie” and ww2 zombie in the campaign. (wtf) The protagonist is an idiot.

Game mechanism is great. But the campaign is **** up. Why don’t they simply make it many independent anti-terrorist operations? We know you have **** story. And that is not needed. Just mission will be better than you junk storyline” Reviewed by realdelusion.

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With the mixed reviews, Black Ops 3 is moderately successful game. The game is surely not ruling the internet but can be ruling your mind. The game is fully based on momentum and the speed. Try out for yourself about the game. Feel free to mention your reviews of the game. Share your thoughts over the game with us.

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