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Watch Dogs 2 Guide: Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Watch Dog 2 is the happening game ever, with the smooth interface. And as the name goes, you can watch dogs doing amazing and some stunning things. The game is of more fun when you try to explore it by playing. The features of the games include chilling and shopping along the bay side. Thus you can virtually relax in the game and be virtually excited as well.

Watch Dogs 2 Trips and Tricks

Stay Aware of Guards and Their Zs

As in the real world, so as in reel world. Dogs got to be stealth mode and aware from those guards. Check the guards’ Z. Lesser the Z, more are the chances of guard waking up. Shoot the guard with the gun, and increase the Zs.

Be in Stealth Mode, do not Hustle Unnecessarily

If you are hidden, opponents won’t really find you out. They will spot you only when you are running around.

Stay Equipped and Stay Smart

The Watch Dog 2 provides you with a range of equipment like aerial drone and scanner. Stay smarter with the equipment while playing. Use the drones to check and track the area. If you feel like, the guard is spying on you, quickly deactivate the drones.

Know all the Necessary Hacks and Locks of the Game

As you keep playing more, you will explore more of the game. There is no explanation provided beforehand. However, you will get to know several hacks and the way to unlock numerous locks, as you explore the game more. A tip is, you have to be alert and use a few your senses to know the game. You will be at the peak with a few practice rounds. The prime motive of the game is to entertain you.

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Make Use of Fuse to Distract the Guards

There are fuses available in the game. Make use of those fuses, to distract the guard or your enemy. Fuses produce the spark. The guards and other enemies get distracted easily.

When you are at the final stage, do whatever possible to be alive

There a hell lot many chances that you will die at the stage when the mission is nearer. At the moment, do whatever possible, just to be alive. Else, you will have to start it off again from the start.

Be Careful of following the prompts while chasing the cars

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While cars are chasing you, you will find that there various prompts guiding you on what measures to take. However, be careful of the position of the car. Do not follow the prompts blindly.

Hack the enemy, instead of counter-attacking

If you find the enemy, coming your way with the shotgun. Hack him by tapping the left button. He won’t be able to attack you with the power. Avoid counter-attacking, wherever you can simply attack.

Pausing the Watch Dog 2 takes long. Use maps to Pause for a while

It is not too easy to pause the game. However, you can hover to the maps to pause for a while.

Make a money by selling at pawn shops

You will find many pawn shops along the bay. Sell the looted stuff over there and take the money. You will know it is the pawn store, by seeing the diamond-shaped mark on the map.

Be upgraded with the equipment

Download all the necessary extensions and in-app equipment. You will feel energized while playing. Being full of stuff will give you some power to play.

Watch Dogs 2 is a fun game, enjoy while you are playing

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Do some extra activities like talking with companions while playing. Or shopping while playing. Shopping in the game is the great fun. Pet all the Dogs. And be ready to kill the dog. Because ultimately, while playing you are going to lose the dogs.

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Watch Dogs 2 is the fun and entertaining game. You will enjoy a lot while playing. The game is getting continuously updated. Stay updated on latest features and add-ons by reading us.


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