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Dead Island Guide: Tips And Tricks For Beginner

Strategy based games are hugely popular now a days. You would have played a variety of games but did you ever played an island based game. Dead Island survivor was in the testing process from a very long period but now it is ready to challenge you. In this game, you will play the role of a hero who will rescue the survivors from dangerous zombies.

You will see more dangerous zombies after crossing a level. With each level, zombies would become more powerful. Zombies will be full of strength that even they can destroy anything which will come in their way. After a certain level, you will get various game items like cards, metals, companions, buffs, grenades and much more. You will get all these items in a luggage. But it is very essential that you must know the right way of utilizing them so I am here for guiding you to save the survivors from zombie’s attack.

Tips and Strategy Guide for Newbies of Dead Island Survivor

If you are a beginner then you must be aware of the tactics to be followed while entering in the era of zombies. Take a look below and observe them carefully to successfully liberate the survivors.

Check the Ingress of Zombies and Make Strategy

Before starting the battle with zombies first of you should check the gateway from where zombies come. Also, the path from which they move to the fence. For awaring this you have to investigate the red footprints. It may be possible that zombies don’t come from the same direction and they can enter in multiple directions. Briefly, I am trying to say that you have to observe the routes and situate the trap in the correct location. You can situate a trap with a long press and dragging.

 Locate the obstacles to Block the Entry of Zombies

One of the best trap in your hand for blocking the access of zombies is a barricade and by situating it you can stop them to enter via a tile.

For example, opponents are entering from two paths so you have to place the barricade on those routes so that they will change their route and for this, you have to follow some simple tricks:

  • You have to choose the exact brick to locate the barricades.
  • If you would be successful to situate the obstacles on the correct tile then numerous groups of zombies have to change their route and they would be compelled to come from the single route.
  • Doesn’t matter how much traps and you have, by applying this strategy you will be able to defeat the opponent.

In case you are not capable to purchase barricades then you can situate traps to as a hurdle. Simply tap the place traps icon and by dragging and dropping situate it on right tile.

Enable the Special Powers of a Hero

In dead island survivors, every hero comes with some special moves and you have to activate that powers by double tapping on a zombie. This action will generate a shield.

Take the Help of a Partner

In the last moments when you are facing the final gesture of zombies then it will be very fruitful to take the help of an associate. Always remember your partner will be there for a certain period of time and after it will be invisible. You have to pay diamonds for asking it again but you should not do so and call the associate at the correct time.

You will get a partner symbol, tap on it and by dragging and tapping you will get the help of a partner.

You can also modify the companion earlier to the fight. For can get the overview of the fight by tapping on the ready button and it will show the number of opponents, Suggested power, heroes, camp’s power and lots more. You will find the character symbol under the loadout segment and from here you can reverse the companion.

Use the Gear Symbol for Enabling the Traps

There are some traps to which you have to activate because they are not activated automatically. For enabling them you have to tap gear icon and you should do so when the zombies are close to you. Also, explosion tanks are here for you have to just go to near them and tap the gear icon to face the great damage.

Keep Away from being Killed by Zombies

As you know the game depends on survivors and you have to make them safe. In this, you can take manual actions to move the survivor in the fight and by tapping on the screen. You have to be attentive and see carefully the HP of survivors. If you observe that the HP is getting low then you have to move the secure place and after restoring you can fight again.

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Boost the Trap to Face the Massive Damage

For improving the actions of your traps in the fight you have to boost them. You have to give metals for this purpose. It is so simple just go to the camp then choose the trap and after it tap the upgrade symbol and finally whips the boost button. You have to wait a while because it will take some time and you can also accelerate the process with diamonds.

 Difference Between Upgrading and Boosting of Traps

You can easily boost your traps by spending metals and for upgrading the traps you need the cards and cash. You can get the trap cards from the luggage. After ensuring that you have proper cards you have to go the screen and then tap the collection button and finally choose the trap you want to upgrade. The main difference between boosting and upgrading is:

  • You boost up traps in specific situations
  • You have to upgrade the traps at every level

So keep safe your cards for boosting your traps and because you will need them in dangerous Islands.

Carefully observer the Weakness and Powers of the opponent

All character comes with different powers. Also, the zombies have some strong and weak points so you have to observe them carefully. For example, there is a zombie named Exploder and when it is weak it can face a great damage so when you see that it is weak then stay away from it.

Avoid Playing Too Much

After every triumph, you will get a luggage and for opening it you have to wait for a certain amount of time. There is a limit for storing luggage and you can store 4 suitcases at a time. You are unable to get the suitcase in case all the slots full. You should play at that time when there are free slots.

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Well…by following these tricks you can easily lead in the Dead Island survivors game but for it, first of all, you have to install this game. Still, any question regarding this then comment below and also share your experience if you have ever played this game.



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