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Sniper Elite 4 Amazing Features | Sniper Elite 4 Reviews

Sniper Elite 4 is for all those who are looking for experiencing the thrill in a virtual manner. You, as a player, need to study all the minute details in the game. The geographical condition and even the other parameters like predicting when the opponents will attack and when they will not; should also be tracked by the player.

Sniper Elite 4 Features

Campaign Level is Higher than Sniper Elite 3

The size of maps and the scenarios covered up are larger than the Sniper Elite 3. The game has improved and enlarged by all the aspects than its previous version. The Maps are not only extended horizontally, but vertical limits are pushed too.

A Variety of New Weapons and Similar Stuff are Added

Player’s power is in the weapon he has. The weapons and their functionality are improvised and the power of the player is increased tremendously. Not to mention, the enemy team has become equally powerful.

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High Advanced Machinery is Seen in the Game

The Sniper Elite 4 is featured to scan the X-rays and even making use of radioactive rays to track the situations and enemy’ s move. You can shoot and explode accordingly with the neat plan.

If are playing sniper elite 4 but you don’t know how to play then there are some tips for beginner and improve your skill by using these tips.

Multiplayer Mode that is Customized

The Sniper Elite 4 is highly customizable. It lets you choose your power, the scenario, your squad and much more.

Reviews of Sniper Elite 4

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  1. “Each campaign mission drops you into a large map somewhere in Italy during World War 2—think Battlefield size or a little bigger—and sets up some Nazi scheming to be foiled. The characters are pretty bland, and though I like the idea of teaming up with Italian partisans and the Mafia, I wasn’t gripped by the plot details in the skippable cutscenes. But all of that recedes when it’s mission time. “
  2. “There’s no voice in your ear giving you orders or telling you to stay frosty: You’re on your own against bunches of AI soldiers who guard multiple primary and secondary objectives (blow this up, find this intel, kill this guy, and so on). At your disposal are a pair of binoculars to tag enemies with, a sniper rifle, an SMG and pistol, medkits, mines, and as many satchel charges as you need. So it’s a lot like Sniper Elite 3—the sniping itself feels almost unchanged—but it’s also a lot better than Sniper Elite 3. The maps are bigger, with more routes to the objectives (which you can handle in any order you like) and the AI isn’t nearly as buggy and incompetent. “
  3. “There are a couple minor annoyances. Sniper Elite 4 tends to autosave in the middle of fights, after being spotted and going on the run, rather than during safe moments. Thankfully it’s possible to manually save whenever you want, a necessary discipline. The weapon progression isn’t great either. So far I’ve had no incentive to try guns other than my starting Springfield, which has better stats than any of the other rifles I could unlock thanks to upgrades I’ve earned by using it. And several guns already require DLC to unlock.”
  4. “My biggest criticism of the campaign is that the pace is flat and my approach never varied much. Each level is as big as the last, and except for a couple moving convoys to deal with, most of the objectives play out the same: sneak or shoot your way in and grab the documents or plant the bomb. Occasionally you run into rebels in the middle of a battle and get to wholeheartedly pitch in if you want, which is the kind of unique event I wished for more of. Any little break from being the only thing in everyone’s sights was welcome.”

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The Sniper Elite 4 is the game of thrill, intelligence and equally fun. If you are fond of games and want to experience the virtual fighting and combatting scenario, Sniper Elite 4 is for you to explore. If you have any query related to sniper elite 4 then comment in our comment box.


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