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How to Fix & Resolve “Unfortunately Subway Surfers has Stopped” Error on Android

Did you ever play any running game? If yes, then you would probably know about the Subway Surfers, ultimate endless running game. Since it was introduced it has continuously grabbing new heights. Everyone loves to play this game. You get the vivid gameplay and the location of different destinations which makes the game more addictive. Apart from all these attires suddenly an error appears and a pop up occurs on your device screen telling Subway Surfers has stopped and then everything spoiled. Don’t worry it is not the error of the game, it is the fault of Android or iOS and it can be solved. If you have faced such issue then here you will find the solution to fix it. Keep reading and find the best way to fix this issue.

How to solve Subway Surfer issues and Error on Android
How to resolve “Unfortunately Subway Surfers has Stopped” Error on Android

How to Resolve “unfortunately Subway Surfers has stopped?”

Here I will describe the three methods to fix this issue so observe carefully and pick the best one according to your understanding.

Method 1 via Application Manager

  • Initially move to the settings of your device and then tap on apps or application manager.
  • Here you will find All tab and you have to tap on it.
  • After opening All tab you will notice all the running apps and just get down until you find Subway Surfers app.
  • Now tap on it and you will find the Clear cache option, click on it and then Clear data.
  • Like this, your problem will fix.

Method 2 through the Play store

  • Navigate to the app drawer of your device and tap on Google play store.
  • After navigating play store click on My apps.
  • Get the Subway surfers and uninstall it from your smartphone.
  • After uninstalling you have to install it again.
  • Now this problem will not occur again.

Method 3 through phone reboot

I think above-mentioned methods will resolve your issue but if the problem doesn’t fix after applying these methods then you have to restart your smartphone. In fact after rebooting your device gets a new start and it fixes these types of problems. So to reboot your device follow these steps:

  • Just hold the power key and long press it then the restart option will occur and tap on it.
  • After restarting the device open the Subway Surfers and now it will perform well.

Ways to fix Subway Surfers download errors 2021

Guys, it is really frustrating whenever you want to download an app but can’t do so. There may be numerous reasons for it like slow internet, less memory etc. Here are methods to resolve such issues.

Method1: Check your internet connection first

If you are unable to download Subway surfers then initially you must check your internet connection. You can open up your mailbox or can use any other app to check whether your internet is working or not. If you find any problem with the internet connection then follow the next step.

Turn on Airplane mode and then off To turn on Airplane mode move to settings> Wireless and Network> Airplane mode

Firstly you have to turn on Airplane mode and wait a while then turn it off again. Now try to download again.

Turn Wi-Fi off: For it go to the Settings> Wireless and networks and then Off the Wi-Fi and turn on mobile data. Now try to download and if not downloading then turn Mobile data off and Wi-Fi off.

Method2: Simply reboot your device

There may be a problem in downloading on pc or phone if your smartphone is slow and you can make it faster by rebooting it. You have to power off to your device to start it again.

  • To reboot your device you have to hold and press the power button and after you see a menu will appear on your device screen.
  • Now select “Power Off” option and it is strictly advised not to tap on “Restart” option.
  • Wait for few seconds till the smartphone completely powered off.
  • Now you have to wait for 10-15 seconds to press again the power button to reboot the device.
  • Now you can download the Subway Surfers apk file.

Method3: Clear the cache

Difficulty in downloading subway surfer hack and cheats may occur if there is no proper space in your smartphone. You can free up space by clearing the cache of different apps. You have to follow these steps to clear the cache:

  • Navigate to the settings of your device.
  • Now you will observe the option “Application Manager” click on it. Now you can randomly choose the applications from here to clear the cache.
  • You just tap on the particular application to which cache you want to clear.
  • After choosing tap on “Clear Cache”.
  • Now you have sufficient space to download the Subway surfers apk on your device.

Wrap up

Like this, Subway Surfers has stopped issue will be fixed and I think everyone can perform all these steps. You can’t underestimate the popularity of this game because of such type of issue and if you are facing this then apply these tricks to fix. Still, any query then feels free to ask us and post your query in the comment section. One more thing also shares with us which method you will apply to fix this issue.

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