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PUBG REPORT: Don’t Miss these Recent Updates!

Being a big Fan of PUBG, I always wondered how amazing it would be if we can watch and replay our battles in PUBG?

Not only this..

But what if we get to know while playing pubg whether the gameplay is being recorded? Or What if we can see the opponent I am killing, or the warrior killing is a popular streamer or not. Or How many times you and I have been killed and with which weapon?

I must say if we really get to know about all this stuff, then our Gaming experience will be doubled. Isn’t it?

Well, the great news is that now we can gain information about all these materials through the newly introduced medium PUBG REPORT.

So, to dive deep in the PUBG Reports, be with us till the end.

Before moving ahead, if you are unaware of how to download PUBG Mobile Lite in India, we have mentioned a step-by-step guide to download it easily.


PUBG community developers recently developed a PUBG report app and website that will display the entire battle of yours with the opponent just by one click.

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With this, you can gather information about your previous battles and weapons. Moreover, PUBG Report is a nifty way to gather details about what is going in the opponent’s thought or what strategy your opponent will use to gain an advantage in the game. By just entering your Battleground nickname, you can have access to all the information.

The website is so amazing; as soon as you enter the name- you will get detail about each entry. And from there, you can click on any entry to watch the kill; a proper timestamped Twitch archive will appear, after clicking on it, you will get all the information. Moreover, regular updates are being done, and features like Mixer streams and Console data are on its way.

Overall, PUBG Report is a straightforward place to gather information about:

  • When you have been killed.
  • With which weapon you have been killed.
  • Which warrior killed you.
  • Rank at the time of death.
  • Streamer reaction on killing you.
  • Opponent reactions when they are killed.
  • Even you can replay all your battles.

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PUBG Report App:

As similar to the website, the PUBG report app is also available. You can simply download the app developed by plafhop from the playstore.

Right now, this app is only of 799 KB and 100+ Installs with 4-5 reviews so we can’t tell you more about this app.

Attention: Guys with the twitch account could help us getting details about PubG report app. If you are one of them who could help us in reviewing this app, contact us here.

Likewise as per the developer & information available on play store, the website, the app performs all the functions and helps you get all the details regarding the opponent and your weapons.

The only difference between the website and app is that you can access the app from your home screen. The IOS app is yet not developed, so to avail of a similar experience, you can add a website to your home screen.

It is an amazing app that will increase your experience and help you make correct decisions in your next game.

How PUBG Report Works and Way to access it?

The process is amazing, very simple. You have to

  • enter your in-game name in the USERNAME area into the PUBG Report app or website.
  • It will display all the entries and will show whether you have killed or have been killed.
  • By there, you can click on any of the entrances to watch the kill after moving through some Twitch ads.

PUBG Report basically utilizes the in-game data to link kills with the Twitch streams. All your PUBG matches are connected with the streamers on the Twitch and using these you can explore your kills. This is possible due to the PUBG API. The app is impressive enough, and PUBG Corp officially promotes it.

As of now, Jens tried the PUBG Report and find it really worthful. It is a nice way to recall all your fun and courageous kills.

“Amazing! I used the site before I knew there was an app. I would suggest everybody to download it. Its very cool to see these clips when you are a pubg player. Good job devs! Congratulations 👏”

PUBG Report: How many days of data you can access?

The real shortcoming of the PUBG Report is that you can only access the data for up to 14 days. It is one of the most specific constraints of the PUBG API. You can only access information regarding weapons and rank, a maximum of 14 days data.

Still, the initiative is quite impressive, and we further hope the record will be increased once it is fully developed.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q.1. I am unable to see my stream; how can I link my stream?

Ans. Firstly, you should confirm that your Twitch account is configured to save VODs or not. For this, double click on your Twitch account. If you are still not able to watch your stream, then you can consult through Discord. You have to mention your PUBG account name and Twitch simply.

Q.2. My videos do not correctly drop to the timestamp; why is it so?

Ans. This is because you are using the Safari browser on your iPhone. It would be best to use any other browser because it doesn’t work well with Mobile Safari. In short, try another Browser.

Q.3. What to do, I am not able to find my Username?

Ans. If you have recently changed your PUBG nickname, then try to search with your last name, as the software takes time to for updation or you can search after a few minutes.

Q.4. Why, for my account, there are no results?

Ans. Recently, collected streams are firstly linked to the accounts outside of the PUBG report. It consumes some time to update on the PUBG Report; you can search it after few minutes.

Q.5. How can we report player in PUBG?

Ans. To report any player, you have to gather all the information regarding these:

  • When did you find the player doing any illegal activity or any deception.
  • The nickname of the Player.
  • What illegal is done by them?
  • Evidence of Mishappening( In this case, you can share the screenshot or video)

Then you have to send these details to the PUBG officially.

PubG Support

Either you want support for PS4, steam, or Xbox, you can report issue by creating a ticket here:

If you visit the link, you will ask in-detail such as your language in which you play the game, bug issue, issue with the server location etc.

Even, you can share your feedback/suggestion on this official website.

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Concluding Words:

PUBG Report is one of the best mediums to find the information about your rank and weapons you used in the game. You can even know the strategies of the opponent by watching the kill. We have mentioned all the details of how you can access it and how it works, and many more.

Still, if you have any questions regarding PUBG Report, feel free to connect with us.

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