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Register For Twitch Studio & Become the Next Ninja

Twitch Studio

The biggest rival of YouTube streaming Platform, Twitch has finally released Twitch Studio for the streamers. In case, you don’t know, Since, its launch in 2011, Twitch is giving tough competition to its competitor— YouTube Gaming.

Within the next 4 years, Twitch had more than 1.5 Million Broadcasters & 100 Million Views/Month. As far as the United States is concerned, Twitch is leading the US online streaming & gaming market with 2.2 Million monthly Broadcasters & 15 freaking million daily active users.

Now, coming back to the streaming, all these streamers use various third-party software to live stream a game. Now, Twitch has come up with their own streaming platform. So, let’s find out more about it: –

Twitch Studio

Twitch Studio

Finally, Twitch has released Twitch Studio for the new streamers to ease out the process to get more followers. Earlier, most users had to use Twitch Mobile app, Twitch sings or third party software like OBS to stream videos & games for their streamers.

Now, with the launch of Twitch Studio, the biggest streaming platform wants to help the new streamer get the audience they want. Although, Twitch Studio is launched in beta stage right now, but still you can use it as a guided tool to stream your videos & games.

At the time of the launch, Twitch mentioned in a blog post that, “Today we’ve opened up beta testing for Twitch Studio: an all-in-one streaming app for new streamers that cut down on the guesswork to set up a quality stream and makes it easier to engage with your community.”

Twitch Studio First Look

As I already told you above, Twitch Studio is in beta stage right now but it didn’t feel like it. In fact, I couldn’t even believe myself when it made my webcam look good. Besides, with the addition of customized templates, streamers can run faster & smoother streaming.

Moreover, with the Twitch Studio, you get a built-in activity feed that can help you keep an eye out if someone follows you on Twitch.

Why Should You Use Twitch Studio?

Well, most of you might have had this question in your mind. However, before providing you an answer, I will like to ask you a question— Are you a new streamer?

Well, if yes, then Twitch always recommends you to use their new Studio instead of using third-party software like OBS for online streaming purpose.

Now, you might be thinking, why a new streamer? Well, the new Studio does not have any advanced options like Streamlabs & Xsplit. So, this makes it easier for a new streamer to stream their content online & attract more followers to their Twitch Channel.

Besides, the developers have designed the new Studio in a way that it hides the multistep that a broadcasting platform needs.

How to Register Twitch Studio?

Wanna use the beta version of Twitch Studio? Well, then you can sign up for the Twitch Studio from here. Log in with Your Twitch account to complete the signup process. However, if you’re new to Twitch then you can always create a new twitch account.

Is it possible to make a Living With Twitch?

Yeah, Sure! In fact, there are several streamers like Ninja, Shroud, Chocotaco & more are earning high bucks. All these streamers depict as a role model for new streamers. Now, when it comes down to earning, these streamers earn money on twitch by recurring paid subscriptions, micro-donations, regular donation, sponsorships, advertisements, and affiliate sales for earning.

If you think that getting to the level of financial success than you’re absolutely wrong. Reaching that level of financial success on Twitch requires a lot of dedication though, with most of the more-popular Twitch Partners and Affiliates streaming five to seven days a week to maintain their audience.

Frequently asked Questions | Twitch Studio


A- To provide feedback, report a bug, or submit a feature request, tap Report Bug in the top right corner of the app. From here, you can easily report a bug with details and context about it. Also if you want to chat more directly with some members of the dev team, feel free to join the Discord server of Twitch.

Q- Who is Twitch Studio for?
A- Twitch Studio’s current set of features were selected to specifically meet the needs of new streamers: If you just started streaming or in anyway interested in streaming for the first time that Twitch Studio is the best for you.

Q- I already use another streaming solution, should I switch to Twitch Studio?
A- Twitch Studio helps new streamers with the setup and customization of their stream. If you are an existing streamer, you are likely satisfied with your current stream and equipment setup so there’s no need to switch. You are still welcome to try the Twitch Studio beta and provide feedback that can help the developers of Twitch shape the future of the app.

Final Words

Before concluding the post, let me ask you a question— Do you desire to become the next Ninja, Shroud then this new Studio is the best tool for you to broadcast your skills online. So, start using Twitch Studio to start streaming your favorite games like fortnite, Pubg, Apex Legends on Twitch TV & gain more followers.

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