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Heartland season 11 coming soon on Netflix (Release Date)

Heartland series is rocking on Netflix and indeed it is among one of the most popular series exist over the Netflix. If you are waiting for Heartland Season 11 on Netflix then you have headed at the right place. We are here with the latest update of the expected release date of this most awaited series on Netflix on the basis of past data.

As per the previous series of Heartland Netflix is slow at availing fresh seasons of this popular family saga. You can assume this with the fact that Season 10 has recently arrived on Netflix. Season 10 is running in Canada for several months. Fans of Heartland series familiar this fact that Netflix hosts two series at a time so they are expecting that Heartland season 11 will entertain them soon.

Heartland season 11 coming soon on Netflix
Release Schedule of Heartland previous seasons on Netflix

Release Schedule of Heartland previous seasons on Netflix

Netflix is going to vanish the initial three seasons of Heartland from it. We think there would be certain reasons behind the removal of these series but we can’t say exactly why Netflix is doing so. We have collected the past release dates of Heartland seasons on Netflix so take a look below:

  • Season 8 had arrived at Netflix on 31st March 2017.
  • Season 9 had rolled the Netflix screen on 13 June 2017.
  • On August 3, 2018 season 10 was released on Netflix.

People are crazy behind the Heartland because this series is based on two sisters and their grandfather who runs a farm. Fans get a real-life lesson from the series and that’s the reason behind its immense fan-following. Season 11 and 12 have arrived on CBC Canada several months ago and on Netflix still, we are waiting for Season 11.

When you can expect Heartland season 11 on Netflix?

If you love to heal the abused horses then you would be a fan of Heartland series. As you know the 1oth season of this popular Canadian family saga is available on the Netflix but everyone is curious behind the upcoming season. There are lots of predictions about the potent release date of Heartland season 11 on Netflix but as per the rumors you can expect it between June and September 2019. We are suggesting this date for US viewers and for UK fans it may arrive soon. Typically every year one season arrive on the Netflix and in 2018 seasons 10 reached so definitely season 11 will come soon.

Unlike other shows, there is no fixed pattern about the release date of the Heartland series. For example season 10 arrived on Netflix in August 2018. Almost after 22 months of the premiere over CBC Canada. Season 9 was reached in June 2017 and it happened after 20 months later after the season premiered on CBC.

Season 11 has aired on the CBC in September 2017 so we can predict that it will reach on Netflix after 20 or 22 months in June to September 2019.

Well, folks, thus you can expect Heartland season 11on Netflix between June and September 2019. Actual date still is under wraps and we will update it as we will receive any news about it. So to be updated with the latest entertainment and tech news stay connected with us.


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