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What’s new on Netflix: Best shows on Netflix righ now (2020)

Best shows on Netflix righ now

What are the most popular and best series on Netflix? What should you watch on Netflix in 2020? What is the best series on Netflix?

Not everyone affords to engage themselves for two or three hours continuously. I know you are probably thinking what I am talking about. No more curiosity, I am discussing the shows broadcast on Netflix. As you know Netflix hosts unlimited classic, latest and documentary movies for your endless amusement but for those who don’t like to occupy their valuable hour in a movie, Shows are the best option. If you looking for best shows on Netflix in April and May to consume your boring hours then you have landed at the right page.

Below we have made a list of shows to watch right now so have a look below to stay updated with the most popular titles on Netflix.

Best Shows On Netflix In Aprill -May 2020

1.Alias Grace

If you love to watch mysterious dramas then this one is for you. This series is based on a novel which starts with a thrill. It is the story of a Woman who was found guilty of murder. There is so much suspense to reveal so watch it and enhance your excitement.

2.Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is a crime story of a British family. The story took place after the world war when Tomy Shelby get back his home and try to create a crime family. He and his family give the challenge to other criminals and the British government. The show is amazingly shot and aware you about the mindset of complicated and spoiled people.

3.Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Everyone falls in love at least once in their lifetime but not everyone is so lucky to hold up their relationships. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the story of a lawyer who resides in New-York. He rushes to California to find out his first love. Rachel Bloom is appearing in the character of a lawyer and I think who love to watch romantic shows, this one is ideal for them.


Gone are those days when we talk only about Superheros as currently Woman rocks so get set ready to watch Supergirl on Netflix. This action-packed series revolves around Kara Danvers who is looking to power up her efficiencies. If you have bored with social and horror dramas then I categorized it one of the best show on Netflix to watch.

5. Love, death, and robots

Hmm…here is something special for adult viewers, Love, death, and robots is an adult animated series where you will come through the lots of violence, sex and much more. So just leave out your comfort zone and ready to jump over the new era of entertainment with Netflix.


Friends is one of the best series to catch on Netflix. It was introduced in 1994 and still, it holds the title of the best series on Netflix. Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Joey, and Chandler are the characters of the show and you will learn too many things with their lives as they hold each other in both thick and thin times.


Doesn’t matter you love wrestling or not Glow is the perfect show for all who want to watch the hurdles which occur in women’s life. Glow is the Netflix original show and coming with its 2nd season and it seems quite better than the previous one. The show is based on Wrestling but offers you something extra that will compel you to engage.


For those who love Superheroes and want to witness an action-packed series via Netflix, Daredevil is a great choice. The show comes unique stunt choreography pieces which you didn’t enjoy ever on the TV shows. So folks be ready to watch the superhero drama.

9.Mad Man

Although many shows are going to air on Netflix Mad Man deserves to discuss in the list of best shows on Netflix. This drama is based on a reputed ad agency set in the 1960s. The ad agency is rocking but as time passes the competition get higher and higher and the agency does everything to overcome the rivals.

10.The Returned

Do you believe in ghosts? If yes, then The Returned is coming to take your thrill on the next level with its paranormal scenes. This supernatural French series happens in a small hilly town where dead ones are trying to come back into life again. Revived people try to live like normal being and I think it is one of the most unique ones among all.

Other popular series to watch on Netflix in 2020

11. The Oa

12. Bodyguard

13. The Umbrella Academy

14. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

15.Sex Education


17.Santa Clarita Diet

18.The Punisher

19.Black Mirror


21.Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

23. American Crime Story

24.The Crown

25.Parks and recreation

Well, guys, these are the best shows on Netflix to witness. I have you have shortlisted your favorite ones and if I missed any then you can share with us. All the shows carry a different story and style to offer you unlimited moments of entertainment. And we hope that the post will assist you to figure out the best ones.

Still, any question striking in your mind then let us know below in the comment box.


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