Ubereats Driving: Everything About Uber Food Delivering

Uber is known for its transportation services and in fact, It is the brand name in terms of rideshare services. But in 2014 Uber has started a food delivery service like Postmates to enlarge their business. Initially, it was called Uber-fresh but now it is known as Ubereats. When you order your food from local restaurants then Ubereats drivers deliver your meal at the right time. It seems a really good job for drivers as they have just to pick up food from the restaurant and deliver it to the customer. If you want to drive for Ubereats then you are in an exact place and I will the tell you each and everything about Uber food delivery.

Ubereats Driving: Everything About Uber Food Delivering

What is Ubereats?

Ubereats a food delivery service which allows its customers to choose the menu of any local restaurant and they picked up their order and deliver to the customer’s house. It’s the most favorable feature for drivers is that they can work according to the desired schedule. If you are not in a mood of work then just log out the app and log in whenever you want to give your services.

Duties of Ubereats drivers

  • The main work of drivers is to pick up the food and deliver to the indicated destination.
  • You don’t need to handle the payments.
  • Eligibility for car delivery the age of driver should be 19 years.
  • In absence of a car you can deliver food on bikes and scooters and for two-wheelers, driver’s age must be 18 years.
  • There are two options for you whether you want to deliver food only a or join uber rides also.

How to drive for ubereats?

If you want to give your services as a driver for Ubereats then go to the official Website of Ubereats and apply there. In case you are already driving for uber then you can choose into getting eats requests. Before a few times ago only uber drivers can apply for Ubereats driving but now anyone can apply for it.

Ubereats driver’s Abilities

Before applying for Ubereats make sure you must have all these abilities.

  • Your age must be 19 years and in case you are in Canada then you should be of 21 Years old.
  • You must acquire a driving license and also the proof of your vehicle registration.
  • Also, you have the 1-year experience of driving.
  • You should pick up to 30 pounds for driving for Ubereats.
  • Some big cities also have the bicycle and scooter dispatch.

How Much Uber drivers Can Earn?

After vehicle expenditures, an Uber driver can earn around $8 to $12 per hour. There may be changes in payment hour to the hour and day to day and if you want to earn more then rush to dinner and lunch meals. On the other hand, Uber ridesharing gives more amount than ubereats.

How do Ubereats drivers get payment in return of their services?

Ubereats drivers don’t need to handle the payment because customers make payments with the Uber app. There are three facts to consider the driver pay and these are Pick up fee, drop up fee and mileage fee. and if you deliver more drop off then the driver gets paid for it.

Ubereats Drivers also get Boost earnings

Ubereats also fixed boost zones during a fixed time of a day and if you deliver food in boost zone then you can multiply your earning. Actually, these offers are applied in high demand areas and it is like an incentive for drivers.

In-App tipping feature

Ubereats also contains in-app tipping facility. Customers can select to give you a tip after reaching their order or after rating you. This feature is really nice for drivers.

How to pick up an Ubereats order?

There is a GPS instruction in the Ubereats app and after getting the order you need to move the location of the restaurant with the help of GPS. After reaching the restaurant you the driver have to click the button that indicates Pick up the order. After it you will notice the order number and customer name on your device screen. Just convey the information to the restaurant and wait until the order is ready. After picking up hit the check symbol to determine that you have picked up.

 How to deliver an Ubereats order?

There will a Start Trip symbol visible on your screen after confirming that you have picked. You have to hit that button for GPS navigation. After reaching in the premises of customer’s destination the app will tell you whether you have to wait in the car or reach the customer directly. Once you handed over the order to the customer click on the Confirm delivery button.

What Occur if an order is canceled?

In case you have picked the order and the customer abandons it then you will get the full payment and uber advised you to inclined food according to your wish. If there are other reasons behind cancelation then you will not get paid.

To whom you contact at the time of issues while on an Ubereats order?

If the driver faces any problem then there are different buttons in the app for help.

  • If the driver has the complexity picking up the order then he can correspondence with the restaurant.
  • If there is a problem in completing the order then the driver can contact Uber Support.
  • If the driver has difficulty in delivery then he can contact the customer.
  • In case you are unable to navigate the customer then take help of Uber support.

Is driving for Ubereats is a fair job?

Yes if you want to be a driver then driving for ubereats a nice job as you Ubereats need easy vehicle requirement than Uber. You can schedule your working hours according to your comfort and earn a big amount. If you are in search of a pliable job then Ubereats driving is a good option for you.

Advantages of driving for Ubereats

  • It is a hassle-free job because you don’t need to deal with passengers just pick the food and deliver.
  • Not more vehicle requirement or qualification needed for driving for Ubereats.
  • You can make work plans according to your convenience.

Disadvantages of driving for ubereats

  • Payments can be small and payments can go down up to $10/hour if there is less rush in your area.
  • Lots more issues can occur like a traffic jam, more waiting time in restaurants, the problem in reaching the customer.

If there is Ubereats in your city and you wanna join it then you can go for it. Not a bad job at all.

Wrap Up

Ubereats is a growing food delivery service and if you wanna drive for it then I have described each and everything about the profession of a driver for ubereats. You got to know about the bonus of Ubereats drivers, duties, Ubereats requirements, payments, etc and definitely b this guide satisfied all your queries regarding Ubereats driving. If you are a driver then Ubereats is the best option for a job as it is a more comfortable driving job.

Still, any query regarding Ubereats driving then comments below and If you have ever delivered food for Ubereats then share your experience with us. For more updates stay connected.