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Is Kodi legal or safe to use? Everything you need to know!

Is Kodi Legal?

Whenever things come in online streaming then the initial name which strikes in our mind is Kodi. Kodi is one of the best open source software which we utilize to stream online content on various devices. But every user is struggling with one question that is Kodi legal to use. If you are looking for the right answer about the legality of Kodi then we are here to convey you the most appropriate answer to your query.

But before moving further you must have the proper awareness of Kodi so let’s start our discussion and explore various aspects to conclude whether you should go for Kodi or not.

Is Kodi safe to use?
Is Kodi Legal?

Kodi: A Brief Intro

Kodi is the creation of Xbox Media Center and it facilitates you to manage, import and views your desired content. One of the best thing about the Kodi is that it supports almost all major OS like Windows, MacOS, iOS, Roku, Xbox, Fire TV, Linux, etc. If you want to use Kodi Add-ons to watch online movies and other stuff then it is highly recommended to go for a Kodi VPN. There are two types of Kodi add-ons: Free and paid ones. Indeed third-party add-ons are free but I think they are not secure when things come in terms of legality.

Third Party Kodi add-ons

Before jumping on our exact point it is quite crucial to know about the third party add-ons as you will get a better idea after understanding them. As I have mentioned above two types of Kodi Addons available and third party ones are totally free to use. Actually, these add-ons are created by the independent developers and you can watch free movies, TV series, Live channels and much more with these. But the most notable thing is that these add-ons offer you content from the torrents and other free sources.

Copyrighted content is also included and you can assume yourself if you watch the copyrighted stuff for free then is it legal or not?

Is Kodi legal?

Now come to the point and decide Kodi is legal or not. If you use Third-party Kodi Add-ons that avail you free movies, TV shows, Live channels including copyrighted content for free then it is quite illegal. These add-ons directly scrape the content from torrents and avail you, it is not legal. However, if you go for official Kodi add-ons and pay a subscription fee then you can consider it is a legal way to use Kodi.

When Kodi is quite legal?

You know very well to access the copyrighted content without spending your hard-earned bucks is always illegal. And that’s the reason behind the closing of Showbox app. If you install the official Kodi-addons then it is quite legal and you are not liable to any illegal offense. You can install the official add-ons from Kodi respiratory. Nevertheless, Kodi has partnered with some big names in video streaming such as Netflix, HBO, Hulu to stop piracy. So folks just go for Official Add-ons to escape from any illegal activity and to use Kodi in a safe manner.

How to figure out the Official Kodi Add-ons?

If you are confused to recognize the best add-ons for Kodi then there are multiple websites which are offering an exact list of its add-ons. so check them and get the best ones for you. Here are few ones so have a sight below:

  • Plex
  • PBS Kids
  • Fox Sports Go
  • NBC Live Extra
  • iPlayer WWW
  • Nasa

How to remain safe on Kodi?

Whenever you search for instruction to install and use Kodi then you would probably come through one thing, go for a VPN. As you know VPN stands for virtual private network means you are putting on an extra layer of online security. When you switch to a VPN then your IP address and online activity can’t be tracked and you stay anonymous.

The best choice is to go for the official add-ons but still, you must also use a VPN service to protect your sensitive data. After switching for VPN all your online activities are encrypted and no one can find out your actual IP as VPN has tunneled it.

Things to consider before choosing a VPN for Kodi

If you want to access that data that is not available in your region or want to bypass your online identity then VPN is the best choice for you. Also to remain safe while streaming via Kodi VPN also protect your security. Best before choosing the right VPN for you  must consider these things:

  • To select a VPN for Kodi it must have flawless connection speed and infinite bandwidth.
  • Another thing must keep in mind that the server network must available in various countries to access geoblocked stuff.
  • First, go for a free trial.
  •  Strong support for 24/7 customer care is also required.
  • DNS Leak protection for advanced security.

Is Kodi legal and safe to use? Final verdict

Well, Kodi is safe to use if you choose the official add-ons and for them, you have to spend your real money. But whenever you navigate to any particular website then it tracks your IP that can harm your online security. Not for Kodi but for your online anonymity you must choose a VPN. After picking the right VPN you can stream movies, TV Shows, Live channels without taking tension about your online privacy.

I think now you got the answer for your query and if you have still any confusion then we are here to answer you. Post your query in the comment box and we will back to you as soon as possible.


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