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Best stremio addons of 2018-19

Watching online movies and shows is the foremost way of amusement. Everyone likes to stream videos and movies without paying their hard-earned bucks. But there may be certain legal issues to do so. There are lots of streaming apps but they are not safe. If you want to watch free movies and TV shows in a secure manner then Stremio is the best media player platform for you. Apart from movies, you can enjoy live channels and live sports with this software. We can say it a perfect alternative to Kodi. It comes with some official addons which stream content straight from the torrent websites. You don’t need to worry about safety as it is quite secure. If you are looking for the best Stremio addons then here I will narrate the best Stremio addons of 2018-2019.

How to download Stremio 4.4.25 on android

Best stremio addons of 2018-19
Best stremio addons of 2018-19

Is it legal to stream via stremio?

Stremio is quite legal but we stream content from the torrent sites so there are chances of the availability of copyrighted content. There are chances of legal violation and also harmful for your online privacy. Therefore, you can protect your online identity by using a Stremio VPN. As a result, you can stream safely and no one can trace your IP address.

Best Stremio Addons

There are plenty of addons but here I picked the best which offers you a secure streaming experience. These Stremio addons permit you all the licensed content from the official sources and you can use them without any risk factor. Take a look below to be familiar with them:

NetFlix: Best Streaming Platform

We all know that Netflix is an outstanding streaming platform and stremio contains an official addon for it. You can stream shows and Movies for free without any buffering issues. You just need to login to Netflix via this add-on and you can enjoy top-class stuff with it. Only one drawback of this add-on is that it displays all your searched movies whether it is available in your region or not. It may be frustrating sometimes.

VODO: Popular Stremio Add-on

VODO provide you the tiny selection of Indie movies for free. If you love to watch Independent movies then it is the best add-on for you. In fact, independent movies mean the movies which are produced and distributed by the independent companies that function outside the film studio system. You can’t access blockbuster ones but if you love these types of movies then great for you.

Youtube: World’s biggest streaming platform

Everyone is familiar with Youtube even small child used to watch Youtube videos. If you find it on Stremio platform then you don’t need to be surprised. Not only for movies and videos Youtube is popular for its tutorial videos. There are updates within minutes and you can access a variety of content via this add-on. But you can’t watch live streaming content via it. It is really nice to watch Youtube stuff when you have switched for Stremio.

Twitch: Best for gaming enthusiastic

If you love to watch live sports channels then this add-on is for you. Twict Stremio add-on the best choice for you to enjoy live IPTV channels for streaming live events. One of the best features of this Stremio addon is that you can watch both on-demand and live content via this. There is no need for any login formality and you can watch through Stremio itself.

Dtube: Decentralized video streaming platform

Dtube is just like the Youtube which offers you a huge variety of videos and a reward for those who can make original content. You get the reward in the form of cryptocurrency as it is linked with STEEM blockchain. The Dtube-addon allow its users to watch, comment, share and upload videos quickly.

Wrap up

Stremio is quite easy to install and offers you plenty of features. With just single click you can access world biggest video libraries and with above-mentioned add-ons, you can watch your favorite stuff. Hope you find the post informative and if you liked it then do share with your family and friends. In case any doubt regarding these add-ons then comments below and if you have any add-on which you want to sggest then share your experience with us. For more updates stay connected.

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