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Apex Legends tips and tricks : guide to become a Champion

Battle Royale is the most popular category of online games and people are crazy behind these games. The latest entry in the list of Surviving games is Apex Legends where you have to work in a team. Like PUBG, Fortnite, and Free fire here you will also be dropped on an unknown island. Where you have to find out weapons and gears to protect yourself. If you are headed here then definitely you have installed Apex Legends and looking for some cool tricks to be the champion of this fighting game.

We are here to help you and I will suggest the top tricks to defeat your rivals in the Apex Legends. All the tricks are self-discovered so have a look below to become the master of the legendary role-playing game.

Apex Legneds guide to won the game
Apex Legneds guide

Apex Legends tips and tricks: Be the master

1. Choose your character wisely

Apex Legends comes with Eight characters to choose from and it is quite crucial to go for the best one as per your interest and ability. Every character comes with unique skills and strategy but all play in the same manner. Indeed they stir in the same way and also choose the gear in an identical manner. Before choosing a legend I highly recommend you to put them in a spin to discover which efficiencies are right for you. If you wish to navigate to guns blaze then Bangalore or Wraith will be right for you. If you want to become the curative then Lifeline is good for you. Bloodhound and Gibraltar are the best options for attentive battle royale players.

2. Always keep in mind that you are perfect runners

In case you did,t bother about the Security ring and the gate has closed then always keep in mind that you have the great ability to run fast. When Pathfinder teaches you in the tutorial then you always forget this thing. After storing your weapons you have to run as fast as you can to get out of the barrier. Also, you can run faster if attackers are behind you and there is no way to protect yourself.

3.Cooperate your team to get the best output

If you have installed the Apex Legends then you would probably aware of the fact that there is no solo mod in the game. You have to play in a team of three players. Your motive is to survive in the game and for it, you have to cooperate your teammates appropriately.  All the members of a team should communicate with each other and inform everything like nearby enemies, availability of gears and weapons. Another most important thing is that if you or your teammate die in the game then there would be a banner on the ground. And if you get successful to grab the banner within time or your team buddies avails yours then you or someone can revive in the game by taking the banner to a repetition point stipulated by the tiny green circles.

4.Stickup with the jumpmaster

Like PUBG and Fortnite the game starts with a drop. There are three players in your team and among three one is jumpmaster who decide the location and the angle of your landing. Many times you find it really inconvenient to jump over the area suggested by the Jumpmaster but never try to split from your team. There are two reasons behind this as your opponents that are in a team will kill you easily and also you can’t revive yourself. You have to work in a team to get success in this unique battle royale title.

5.Utilize the Ping System

One of the best things about this unique surviving game is its Ping system and with this, you don’t need to make a verbal interaction with your teammates. In case you notice your opponent then you can indicate them with the ping system to give them direction about the location. Also, it is very helpful in that case when you find the weapons but don’t willing to pick them. Your Avatar will vocally inform your teammates and if they find it useful then you can go for it. In fact, if you want to stay long in the Apex Legends then I will suggest you use the Ping System every often.

6.Recognize the weapons with an alternative fire mode

There are plenty of gears and weapons in the game and it is advisable to check your weapon’s interface attentively. If you observe a tiny symbol near your weapon then you will get an alternative shot for that particular weapon. You just require to press the corresponding button to modify the uses of weapons you have picked.

7. Always remember your efficiencies

Each character in the Apex Legends contains three specific abilities: Passive, Tactical, and ultimates. Passive is for function automatically, Tactic one’s functions after a short charge and ultimates are every time there for you. So you have to utilize your abilities to survive for a long time in the game.

8. Kill the game champion

Your survival time and skills are responsible for earning rewards and points in the game. But there is another way also to get extra points in the game. At the initial stage of the game, one player is appointed as the Champion and if you get success to vanish that character early then you will grab additional experience points. You will amaze to know that by killing him you will avail 500 XP points.

That’s it!! These are few tips and tricks to be the champion in the Apex Legends and we hope you understood them correctly. If you really found them helpful then don’t hesitate to share with your friends.

In case you have any other trick to be the master of Apex Legends then please share with us. Still, any question regarding the Apex Legends guide then let us know below in the comment section.



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