Netflix best movies and series app : Everything you need to know

If you want to stream online TV shows and movies then what will you do? There are numerous video streaming services some are illegal and some legal. Illegal services are for those who don’t want to pay for watching movies. But for those who want to enjoy online movies with fairway, Netflix is the best option. Netflix is the well-known name in video streaming and you have to pay a monthly subscription to enjoy your favourite stuff. Here we will discuss each and everything you need to know about this app.

More than 130 Million people across the globe are currently using Netflix. It provides you with genuine shows and it is the topmost factor behind its popularity. Besides, you get to watch Netflix Original shows and movies on it.

What is Netflix and its functionality?

It is a paid video streaming services through which you can enjoy the latest and original Hollywood and Bollywood shows and movies. You have to pay a monthly subscription. Once, you pay the amount, you can start streaming and download your favourite Tv shows and movies in SD and HD quality. Netflix fixes a timer of its downloads and if this timer has expired then you can’t access that time shows. However, you can download the same video again using the internet.

Another restriction is on how many devices you can enjoy its shows and movies. There are various plans and they are changes from time to time.

How much Netflix costs?

The initial cost of a Netflix subscription in India is Rs. 500 and limits up to Rs. 800. It is all your choice what you want to see. Its basic plan of 500 permits you to watch on one screen and standard definition. If you want to get some classic experience like HD quality and one more screen then you have to jump over Rs. 650. Its Premium plan costs Rs. 800 which offers you 4k HDR videos and at the same time you can enjoy shows on 4 devices.

For US users Netflix charges $8 for the basic plan, $11 for the standard plan and you have to pay $14 for Premium one.

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Netflix best movies and series app: Everything you need to know

How do you get Netflix?

Through numerous ways, you can signup Netflix. Simply navigate its website and hit the Join Free For A month button and follow the guideline. You can signup with this method on other platforms.

Netflix doesn’t allow some countries to signup via iOS and in that condition, you have to visit its site via Safari or other browsers. Besides, you can use a VPN service to sign up for a Netflix Account.

How to use Netflix?

You can download it via its website in any Google Chrome and you can also install the app for various platforms like Android, Android TV, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, windows phone, Xbox, Amazon fire TV etc.

How to login Your Netflix Account?

At an initial stage, you have to give your email ID and password. If you don’t remember your email ID then you can click on forgot email or password option. By following simple steps you can easily login with Netflix. You can follow the same procedure on its App.

How to get a Free subscription?

Netflix provides a free trial for one month to the users who are fresh. You can’t get it free again by changing your email address as it is amalgamated with your payment mode. But you can use it free by changing your credit card.

Airtel and Vodafone are providing a free subscription to postpaid customers. Through Vodafone, an amount of 500 is credited in your Netflix account. And it provides you basic subscription.

If you buy Play station plus subscription Via Sony then it will give you three months of free trial offer.

Can you get a Free subscription without a Credit card?

Yes, you signup in absence of credit card because it also supports international debit cards. Besides, there are other payment methods that you can use to sign up for a Netflix Account.

Top Netflix movies

Really excited to tell you that Netflix has a collection of Top 100 movies. It includes all the best movies from across the globe. Besides, Netflix provides some of its original content that you can never find anywhere else. In addition to this, you can watch the regional content of your countries. So, Yeah! You must give a try to Netflix for watching your favourite TV shows and Movies.

Wrap Up

Being a Netflix user I would like to say that Netflix is a perfect video streaming service and you can enjoy the amazing collection of movies and TV shows. Also, a legal way to watch online movies and videos. Still, any query then comments below and also share your valuable experiences with us. Stay connected for the latest updates.

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