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Dying Light 2 release, trailer, news, everything else

Techland has announced that the sequel of Dying Light will reach to you in 2019 but still, there is no exact date available. Zombie game lovers are eagerly waiting for the predecessor of the open world zombie game and want to know about its upcoming features, plot, story and much more. During E3 2018, Techland has revealed that they are developing Dying Light 2 and all were expecting that it will release in 2019 for PC, Xbox, PS4. If you are also a fan of Dying Light and eagerly searching for its release date, rumours, trailers, etc then here we have collected the information for you.

On the basis of different sources, we tried to offer you the best possible info about the Dying Light 2 so let’s check out the post and discover which you want to know.

Dying Light 2 release, trailer, news, everything else
Dying Light 2 Release Date

Dying Light 2 Release Date

Chris Avellone who is the narrative designer of the game was announced in E3 2018 that the game is set to release in 2019. Apart from the released date, trailers and upcoming features of the game was revealed in the event. But Techland didn’t offer the exact date yet and maybe DL2 will roll your devices in 2020. How long we have to take patience for our beloved Zombie game? Everything is under folds but hopefully, we can say that the game will release soon.

Dying Light 2 Upcoming Features

Chief creative director of Techland has said that Dying Light 2 will be loaded with three main attributes which will make the game more addictive: parkour, day-light cycle and the Melee combat. Players have to pass through the Parkour puzzles to reach the safest destinations. Another news is that DL2 will contain a multiplayer mode instead of Battle Royale mode. Rest will be clear after the release of the game.

Hero of the Dying Light 2

The upcoming version of Dying Light will come with the same virus, same universe but this time you will come through the totally different protagonist. During E3 Techland has revealed DL2 trailers and we observed a mysterious hero in them. There are different views about the protagonist of DL2, some people are assuming that he looks like Troy Baker. we are still in doubt and we have to wait until the game will reach to us.

Dying Light 2 story

Although we have a blur idea of its release date and setup of the game there is less information available about the storyline and quests. But definitely, I can say that it is the battle between Zombies and humans for survival. As I have said above that the game will contain a day-night cycle so some missions will take place in the night and some in the day. Don’t know about you but I am dying to play the game to experience the faction-on-faction action.

Types of zombies in Dying Light 2

I think you are crazy to know which types of zombies you have to deal with. We got little information about the types of Zombies in the Day Light 2 and according to the rumors you will face new and more fierce monsters in the upcoming Day Light update. Human beings who are bitten by the zombies will develop into biters. And during daylight with the exposure of UV Rays, these biters will turn into Degenerates. Techland also revealed that apart from usual monsters, the quickest and most threatening Zombies are awaited for you.

Dying Light 2 Platforms

Techland has confirmed that the successor of the original Dying Light will be available on Xbox, PS4 and Windows PC. There are no plans to introduce the game on Nintendo Switch. The previous version of the DL2 was not compatible with the PS4 and Xbox one but now the developers are going to release it for these platforms. If you want to enjoy the game on your Windows PC then you can get it from Microsoft store, Steam, and GOG.

Dying Light 2 trailer

Techland has showcased the trailer of DL2 during E3 2018 and those trailers offered us fair information of the game. Parkour and melee combat was recognized with those trailers.

Bottom Lines

In the era where developers of the game don’t focus on the needs of the users, Techland looks to fulfill the wishes of their users and you will get it after playing the game. Indeed Day Light 2 will offer you the unbeatable combat experience in both single player and multiplayer modes. After observing the footage of the game we found that the amazing graphics and gameplay is ready to entertain you on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

But you have to take patience until the game will reach to you. Hope you gathered the exact info via the post so viral it with friends.

In case any query let us know below in the comment section. For more tech updates stay in touch with us.


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