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White Nationalist Problems is Not Responsible for Mass Killings Know why?

white nationalist problems

The dreadful killing in El Paso and Dayton that resulted in 31 casualties seen as a White nationalist problem again. Well.. these incidences gave an opportunity to President Donald Trump to speak last time he said when China warns India in order to maintain his reputation around the globe.

Once again he tried to start a movement for stopping extremism also known as white nationalist problems as it is causing violence. If you remember in last elections president Trump sparked a movement against Islamic extremist for spreading terrorism.

After election victory most probably he did what he promised not completely. Obviously, it is hard to ban some on the basis of their religion but still, he made the visa process complex. That refined the number of immigrants lessing up the number of other nationals. These things make a quick effect on the country as a youth was not able to get a job as these immigrants are taking jobs raising white nationalist to spark up.

white nationalist problems
white nationalist problems

An Unspeakable Act of evil

President Donald Trump made tweeted regarding the brutal attack “an unspeakable act of evil.” That could be understood as a moral responsibility to condemn the act. if it wasn’t from a person having few morals for their behavior or policy.

Of course, you cannot just keep blaming evil for the incident without finding or mentioning the root cause these hateful crimes. Anti-immigrant policies and the El Paso killer’s manifesto, which echoed the president’s language about an “invasion” of migrants across the southern U.S. border by claiming that “this attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas.”    

Is Mental illness is Causing Shooting attacks?

Just after shooting incident President Trump quoted his pet dialogue stating mental illness responsible for the incident can be said denying white nationalist problems. The actual statement says “This is also a mental illness problem … These are people that are very, very seriously mentally ill.” even games like rainbow six siege are responsible. 

The investigation has started and this time evidence is stating the same. Yup … the person who done this shooting has a past record of mental sickness. But who knows the person was in contact with some jihadi extremist as in last few years jihadi terrorist was involved in several attacks not only in the US but also in Asia, Africa. 

How Much Gun Culture is Responsible?

The united states gun culture is making society more vulnerable to these attacks. It all started in the late 19th century when a cowboy and American frontier image was introduced by cinema.

The very first American superstar Female, Annie Oakley. She was a trained sharpshooter who Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show that roamed the entire country with performer. After that gangster movies rocked the screen again with guns and bullets.

No, they didn’t stop here a sequence of movies based on moral boosting also adding white nationalist problems by making them angrier. Yup the directors are coming with the patriotic scenario and that impress youth to keep the gun.  

Slowly it made the gun an essential part of American society. The side effects of gun culture are now seen easily from these mass shooting incident. Where no one is safe because the person who plays a key role in committing the crime is a part of the general crowd.

Hardly anyone of them has a criminal record but it has been seen many times the person before committing any such crime was in touch with jihadi extremist. To safeguard the people of America and society it is much needed that a policy that ensures abolishing of guns. This will make the society clean and without guns, it is hard to create a brutal attack. Anyone can still fire with an illegal gun but still, prevention is better.

Final Words

That’s all for now, I hope you find the information shared here is useful and will refer this to your friends and family members. To make America great again it is important to eliminate such kind of evil crimes completely from society and there is no place for extremism as it will lead to white nationalists problems. Do you believe that gun culture is a cause behind these shooting attacks. Mention your opinion in the comment box below.

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