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Jio Gigafiber Wonderful Facts to Know

jio gigafiber

Jio Gigafiber is the talk of the town from the day of its announcement but several delays have been made by the management of the company. Even the beta testing program was a year-long but now as it is going to launch on 7 September. Also, check streamlab obs to fix your youtube streaming. 

From day one jio Gigafiber was highlighted for its speed but in the last few months, the speed has decreased as the network is shared on a large scale. Still, Jio gigafiber managed to maintain lead over Airtel and Hathway with a decent margin. 

jio gigafiber
jio gigafiber

Current Speed Provided

As per Netflix ISP speed index, jio gigafiber is sitting on the third position making it as one of the top three speed providers. The average speed on jio gigafiber network is of 3.5Mbps that is better than its last month’s speed but still, jio is behind than what speed it provides a few months prior.

Only service provider ahead of jio is 7 star digital and spectranet with a speed of 3.53Mbps and 3.52Mbpas respectively. These two service providers improving on a regular basis the speed has increased as compared to speed provided in previous months. 

V fiber falls behind jio  on the fourth position with a speed of 3.40Mbps that is better than its last month speed of 3.35Mbps Only. Talking about other brands like Hathway broadband improved their speed and gained 2.97Mbps previous average speed given by Hathway was 2.89Mbps.

Making Difference

The main thing to be noted is previously they inspired their customers to become wireless but now they are relying on the optical fiber network. Jio is also doing the same even the name signifies Jio gigafiber indicating fiber network while promising faster speed. 

Future Plans

Jio plans are to provide a speed of 1Gbps in near future which is great as currently, internet speed is a serious issue. Apart from internet jio will provide live streaming of TV channels, audio calls, games. Some futuristic facilities like first day first show of the movie will be provided from 2020. 

Talking about price the jio subscription will provide internet that too at a speed of 100Mbps and you can check that speed at You will get a set Top box that will facilitate you to watch Television Channels. Also, jio will allow content from popular video streaming platforms like NetFlix, amazon prime videos etc.

It has been said that you can play video games and a virtual reality set is also designed in reliance labs to allow virtual world aid. It is said that jio is planning to craft out a big market for internet of things and making Indian houses smart. Jio gigafiber is the first step in that direction so wait for more.

Welcome Offer

In welcome offer, anyone who buys jio gigafiber with one-year advance recharge will get a full HD or 4K Led tv. If you make calls in the US or Canada then with a recharge of 500 then you will get unlimited calling in these two regions only.


I hope you find the information shared here helpful and refer it to your friends and family members. Talking about myself I will buy jio gigafiber in a welcome offer as it is a great deal and the most important thing the company is planning to make it wider.

Getting a great speed which is tougher to get. Will you buy jio gigafiber mention your answers in the comment box below also still having any confusion mention that too as our team will try their best and provide an answer in our upcoming blogs.

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