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FIFA 20: Get Preview Access with Exclusive Invitation Code


The FIFA 20 is now available yeah exclusively in the United States and the United Kingdom only. If you haven’t received an invitation email so don’t ask your friends for the code. Thinking why? 

Because EA made a statement regarding invitation codes yup they are non- transferable.  You can not use another person’s FIFA 20 invitation code. How mean they are How they can do that?

The closed beta of invitation codes of FIFA 20 is sent to selected players only. Right now the invitation code is the only way to get access for closed beta version as no other way is available till date. Other person code will not work on your account that makes the code non-transferable. Right now the FIFA 20 closed beta can be played on PS4 and Xbox One Only. EA made it clear that the game will not be a feature on PC and Nintendo switch.



Guidelines for Using FIFA 20 Invitation Code

If you too got an invitation email then you must take care of things given below while using the invitation code:

  • Live or recorded streaming of the game is not allowed on any social media platform.
  • No Pics can be taken of FIFA 20 that explores game real graphics. 
  • Do not share your invitation code with anyone else.
  • The FIFA closed Beta will be available to play from 6 PM of August 9 to 12 AM of August 22. 
  • Only kickoff or Career mode is available on trial period.

When FIFA 20 will Release?

FIFA 20 will not release soon. Actually, the game is still in development stage  Yeah the game is not completed yet. Then you might be thinking what the point for the close beta? Even EA is sending invitation codes to play the game. The developers are trying their best to make better than the best. In that process, they want to their work to get tested the company EA sent invitation codes.

Only selected players are getting the codes it’s obvious they are reputed ones or having a good amount of experience. As per their feedback, the company will design the game advance stages right now the preliminary stage is ready. Let’s wait for the game experts review as it will help developers in understanding how to develop the game.

It’s simple our you can say hit bull’s eye by knowing the needs of your targeted community. Yeah….. Here it is the gaming community let’s hope for the best and be patient as a review is yet to come. 

Players testing the game will have an advantage? 

As FIFA 20 closed beta is basically a test mode and the playing rights are given are intended for testing purposes only. They have just an advantage of playing first or exploring the game first that too will get changed. Yup the final game will have several advancements and new additions based on a review of invited players.

The closed beta is not a complete game only primary stages are prepared and given for trial basis. Even the progress made during the beta version will not be carried forward to the original or full game. The same thing is applicable to modes available on the closed beta for trial purpose. So, get ready to feel Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo and their blazing shots in FIFA 20.

Final Words

That’s all for today I hope you find the information shared above is helpful and will share this with your friends and family members. Have you received a FIFA 20 invitation code via email? If not check your inbox or spam folder as you can afford to miss it. Also, share your answers in the comment box below. Any query made in the comment box will be shared with the team and they will try their best to provide a solution in upcoming blogs.   

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