Hidden Stats & Facts about Roblox

Do you know when roblox.com was registered? What was it’s name before? How many users are playing it on a monthly basis? Can you earn with Roblox game or not? How much it changed from the Day 1 to now?

I am pretty sure that you will feel amazing after knowing those roblox facts you didn’t know.

Roblox and It’s 30 Cracking Facts:

  1. Do you know Minecraft? It’s similar type of game! Here is a similarity and comparison between these 2 games: https://hitechgazette.com/minecraft-vs-roblox/
  2. Roblox.com domain was registered in 30th January 2004.
  3. Roblox was with us since 2006.
  4. It was originally called Dynablocks.
  5. As of July 29,2020 – Roblox reached to 150 million monthly active users!
  6. Right now, Roblox got played in more than 40 countries.
  7. Roblox is absolutely free to play.
  8. However, You can get robux by joining Roblox Premium Membership at certain amount such as 450 robux per month in $4.99.
  9. You can modify your avatar anytime by custom outfits and accessories.
  10. Roblox empowers the imagination of their community developers and give them features to create their own town, their own spaceship.
  11. If someone plays in your own spaceship, you got paid.
  12. As of 07th October 2020,  Roblox Corp. showed stats since 2008

Roblox Stats till 2020

13. If you check out the 4th column, already 241 Million Dollars paid to the community developers and till the end of 2020, it’s most likely to be crossed $250 Million. that’s huge! isn’t it?

14. Main developers of this game are the users of this game. Crazy enough!

15. Do you know Roblox is on their way to book $1 Billion in 2020 almost double of previous year 2019?

16. Today in USA, 50% of kids entertain themselves with the Roblox.

17. Roblox have it’s own language named as Lua.

18. David Baszucki created Roblox and co-founder, CEO of Roblox Corp.

19. Roblox Beta Version was launched by David baszucki and Erik Cassel under it’s original name dynablocks.

20. Apart from Roblox, Roblox Corp. has launched atleast 20 other games which have been played more than 1 billion times.

21. Total number of Roblox game created by community are 50 Million

22. In 2017 itself, Roblox launched 11 Million mini games.

23. Few of notable Roblox corp. games are Adopt Me!, Jailbreak, Meepcity, Murder mystery 2, natural disaster survival , work at pizza place and so on!

24. You can use Roblox Studio to create and distribute your own content easily and conveniently.

25. You can play this game on multiple platform. It doesn’t matter whether you are an android user or use MAC, you can still play this game. Roblox supports iOS, Android, Amazon fire operating system, Xbox, PC.

26. You can’t play this game on Nintendo Switch till date as long as you don’t use any emulator.

27. According to Sensor Tower, Roblox has accumulated close to 383 million downloads till Jun 25, 2020 across the App Store and Google Play.

28. Only 800+ employee are working in Roblox Corp.

29. Today, The estimated value of Roblox game is $4 Billion.

30. Annual Roblox revenue was $45.7 Million in 2017, then $335 million in 2018, $435 million in 2019 and expected to cover first 1Billion dollar in 2020.

Final Words:

Roblox is one of the most addictive battle royale game and doing great not only as a game but also as a company. Roblox was started as 2D Physics Simulator and had it’s own convention.

Today, Roblox users cum creators hoping that roblox will become bigger than minecraft. What’s your view on it?