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Pandora Music Premium Mod APK (Premium Features Unblocked For Free)

Hello friends, are you a music lover? and want to listen to your favorite songs, podcast and much more? If yes, then today we are going to discuss about one of the best music streaming apps i.e. Pandora where you can explore its amazing features and can listen to thousands of songs from different artists of your choice.

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Now, let’s get back to the topic. If you don’t know about Pandora app, keep scrolling…

Pandora App

Pandora is the best music streaming service in the USA. It is a subscription-based service. If you want to access its premium features without any payment then you are on the right platform. In this article, we are going to provide you the download link of Pandora Premium Mod APK which is absolutely free.

Let us have a look at the Pandora music streaming app.

  • It is an American music streaming service.
  • The company got founded in 2000 as Savage Beast Technologies.
  • At present, Sirius XM Holdings is its owner company. That acquired Pandora in February 2019.
  • Pandora has two market segments Spanish listeners and English listeners.
  • As of 2019, Pandora has 63.5 million active users and 6.2 million subscribers which shows the popularity of this app.

Premium Features Of Pandora

Pandora features

Let me explain some of the amazing features of this app which will make you crazy to use the Pandora app. To know everything about it read its features which are described below:

Ads-free: You can enjoy listening to your favorite songs without any ad break or advertisement.

Unlimited skips: There is always some limit in other apps too where you can skip some limited number of songs only. But with this apk, you are free to skip an uncountable number of songs.

Upvoting and Downvoting Facility: Pandora works according to customer feedback. You can upvote for a song or feature by giving your positive feedback to that song which you like. and the opposite is also possible means you can dislike a song if you don’t like the song and that will hide the type of content disliked by you to be shown on your screen in the future.

Unlimited downloads: If you are not always connected to the internet, then this is the best feature for you. Because you can download your favorite songs when you are connected to the internet and can listen to those songs later on when you are offline. This feature also helps you while traveling.

High-Quality Audio: Quality matters a lot while listening to music, Pandora offers 192kps sound quality. You can also change your audio settings after upgrading to premium quality.

User-friendly interface: This app offers a very simple interface or UI to the user so that you can explore its all options easily and can understand how it works. Now, you can take the benefits of all its features easily.

Six different music modes are available: Pandora offers six music modes to satisfy your listening styles. The modes are:

  1. My station
  2. Crowd Favorites
  3. Discovery
  4. Artists only
  5. Deep cuts
  6. Newly released

Can create your personalized stations: You can group the songs, you like the most and want to listen to these frequently, and give a name to that playlist that will be stored and saved in your Android device to use later.

Can share your playlists among friends: You can also share that personalized playlist with your family and friends

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Pandora Premium Features Unblocked For Free

Now you are aware of this great app. And would be looking to have an experience with this app personally. As you know, this is a freemium service that means you can access to its premium features only after paying some monthly amount. But how it sounds to you if I say you can access all of its features and services without paying a penny? Doesn’t it sound good?

Here is good news for you that you can take benefit of all its premium features without paying money. And that is only possible with the help of its mod apk which you can download from the link given here.

Download Pandora Music App MOD APK Latest Version

Before downloading, let us first know about its mod apk information like version, requirements and other things that are necessary to know before installing that in our Android device.

Pandora Premium Mod APK Features

The premium features of this apk are accessible on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices only.

 APK version 2009.1
APK Size 26.4 MB
Category Music and Entertainment
Price Free
Publisher Pandora
Mod Information Premium features unblocked
Operating System Android 4.4 and above


After downloading the apk from the download button mentioned above, Now you must know how to install that apk on your mobile device so that you can listen to your favorite songs using this app. For that, click on the button below that will take you to a step by step guide that will help you in the installation of Pandora mod apk.

How to Install Pandora Mod apk on Android mobile

Final Words

Music plays an important role in our day to day life and we can not live without it. Whenever we feel down, we can listen to our favorite songs and can refresh our mood. There are so many music streaming applications in the market. Pandora is also one of them. This is a great music app.

You can also try the Spotify Music application which is the best alternative of Pandora and offers all the features as offered by the Pandora app. If you are using any other app, then please share it with us.

Also, if you want to know about some other app, then also write to me in the comment section. I will write a separate article on that.

If you do have any questions on the Pandora app, then post your question in the comment section.

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