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All You need to Know about GetApk Market App | Hi #Tech Gazette #Reviews

Most people use the Google Play Store to download and install apps. However, there are various other third-party app distribution platforms which are available for Android users. The GetApk market is one such app store.

The GetApk Market app store is an open source, extremely lightweight app store for Android devices. It is a good app exploring market platform for Android users. It allows you to directly download .apk files of many apps which include paid apps as well as games.  Google Play Store does not allow you to directly download .apk files on your device however, there is no such problem with GetApk. Apps on GetApk are available completely free of cost. GetApk Market provides you with the source of the app you want to download and you have to go to their official website to get the free .apk files for the apps of your choice.

Key Features of the GetApk Market App Store

  • GetApk Market is very easy to use and simple to understand.
  • The user interface is extremely simple and minimal.
  • You can directly download the .apk files for apps, games, themes.
  • Many premium paid apps are available for free on this app store.
  • There are certain apps that are banned in some regions of the world. These banned apps and games can also be downloaded and installed from GetApk Market.
  • There are various categories to choose from in the store.
  1. GetApk provides you the opportunity to explore millions of apps and games of the world in one single place.
  2. You will get all the latest updates of the apps and games.

  • You will save your phone’s memory as you will be able to download .apk files and store them on your device and install them whenever necessary.
  • All Android versions from Android 2.2 onwards are compatible with GetApk.
  • The size is only 1 to 2 MB (1.12 MB) so it does not take up much space on your device.
  • There is the feature of sharing .apk files via Bluetooth or other app sharing services.
  • GetApk does not require you to provide your email and password to download apps, unlike the Google Play Store.

How can you Download & Install GetApk Market?

To download the latest version of GetApk Market, Click here and follow the steps given below:

  • Once downloaded, Just make sure that you allow the unknown sources to download from Setting.
  • Go to Settings –> Security and then select the Unknown sources option.
  • Install latest apk of GetApk App Store and Enjoy 🙂

Note: GetApk Market is not available for iOS users either it’s iPad or iPhone.

Is GetApk Market Safe?

GetApk Market is a safe and secure app. However, as it is an open source app distribution platform you are recommended to download and install it from trustworthy websites only.

You will need to provide two permissions while installing GetApk Market. One is the read and write status and the other is the read and identify device status. It does not require you to login to download apps. It does not collect personal information from your device.

GetApk Market – Advantages and Disadvantages

GetApk Market has lots of advantages. It has a lot of amazing features like free good and resourceful apps and direct download of .apk files. It is really useful if you do not have access Google Play Store on your device.

However, GetApk Market has certain disadvantages as well. Compared to the Google Play Store it does not have a good responsive interface. There is also scope for improvement regarding the special features provided by the app store when compared to the top rated app stores which are available to the public. The app also has to improve its graphical representation. It is quite lackluster when compared to the other app stores.

Final Thoughts

GetApk Market is one of the best app stores which lets you store your apps in the APK format. The reason why this tops other third-party app distribution platforms is that it provides you with the direct source to download apps at free of cost. It also gives you the opportunity to remove restrictions from various paid apps. GetApk Market is currently being used by millions of users. With this app store, you can download all types of apps on your Android devices. Although it does have certain disadvantages, the advantages completely outweigh them. This app store makes a lasting impression in spite of having a small number of flaws.

We sincerely hope you like this information regarding the GetApk Market app store as well as find it useful. Be sure to share your feedback with us and share this content with your family and friends. You can comment below in the comment section if you have any queries or questions regarding GetApk Market.

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