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Best 5 Android Emulator for PC Windows 10/8.1/8 or 7

We have often heard of android emulators, and thus we need to know what an android emulator actually does. Today, we are going to discuss top 5 android emulators for PC windows. However, we need to know some basics first. Android emulator is a software that that can emulate or run your android software on your computer or laptop.

Android emulators work fascinatingly. They create virtual hardware, for example, your android phone runs various apps and software as if it were running on the original hardware.

Android emulators thus, play a very important rule and are being vastly used by different people these days. However, there are various android emulators that people use for the different windows version of their computers or laptops.

Top Best 5 Best 5 Android Emulator for PC Windows 

Here is a list of the top android emulators that can be used by the users especially for windows version 10/ 8/ 8.1 or 7. The list is as follows-


Bluestacks is undoubtedly one of the best and most commonly used android emulators. It has gone through various tests and has proved to be on of the best android emulators. This is also absolutely free of cost, and you need not spend even a penny for using and downloading this android emulator.

It has been tested bluestacks runs the best in Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or even 10. As long as it is more than Windows XP, this android emulator works wonderfully. This emulator is known to be able to run almost 95% of the apps in Google play store.

This emulator ahs gained further popularity because of its user-friendly nature. Using blue stacks is probably the easiest even for new users because it is extremely easy and interactive. All that the user needs to keep in mind is about the windows version. Since most of us use windows version 7 or, it is not difficult to use the bluestack emulator. This emulator is mainly famous for playing the various games on Google play store but it performs other tasks almost with 95% efficiency.

Droid 4X

This is a comparatively new emulator, but users have extensively used it since then. This emulator has multiple advantages as it comes with a pre-installed Google play store. This emulator also has a lot of add-ons which help in the better functioning of the emulator, facilitating easy use by the users. When it comes to gaming, this android emulator is undoubtedly the best and is definitely the first choice for gaming freaks. This also had a previous version, but with a few upgrades, this android emulator has made significant improvements increasing the number of users using it for different versions of windows.


This is a good android emulator too, but it is not for free. This android emulator comes in two versions. One is for android jellybean, and the other is for an android lollipop. You should choose the correct version so as to ensure that your android emulator works fine.

The different versions of the emulator have different prices, and since it is not free, the number of users using this emulator is comparatively less. This emulator is also not a good option for developers as it does not provide device-specific configurations.

However, this emulator can perform pretty well on your computer, and it will not let you down. Though this is not very user-friendly, it is not difficult to use either and user reviews are pretty good.


This is the simplest android emulator among the ones mentioned. This is extremely user-friendly, and you can use it even if you do not have any knowledge of using android emulators before.

Starting from playing games to running almost a wide range of apps, windroy emulator helps in running most of the android apps on your phone. The best part about it is that it can run with different windows versions and not only Windows 8 or 10.


Genymotion is one of the best android emulators used by different users. This is also apt for developers. This is the correct and most perfect android emulator for developing games on your computer.

You can develop various games on devices without even owning the device yourself. This is an extremely good and exciting part, and thus this emulator is a favorite among developers. This emulator is one which is designed specifically for developers more than users. Of course, users can use them too, but it might be a little difficult as it has technical complications. Developers, however, enjoy this emulator as they can multitask, develop various games on the system.

This is so far the most technically advanced android emulator, vastly used by developer all over the world and has extremely good user reviews.


Nox is an android emulator that has been specifically designed for game freaks. This has additional utilities and features too but somewhere when compared to other android emulators; this is slightly less efficient.

However, this android emulator can give gaming freaks an exceptionally good gaming experience and thus it is mostly for them who loves to play games.

Final words

Given above are some of the most frequently used android emulators all over the world. These android emulators are generally the best for windows 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows 10. Some of the emulators can also be used in less updated versions of windows as well, but they work the best in these versions only.

People using android emulators for the first time should, however, be conscious of the windows version they are using. It is not only important to use an efficient android emulator, but one should also make sure that the android emulator matches or is compatible with the windows version the user has. One should always remember that a compatible windows version and the correct android emulator double the efficiency.

Users should always make sure that they check the user reviews before using a particular android emulator so that they do not end up making a wrong choice. Going through user reviews helps in using the correct android emulator that would help you in several ways.

If you have used any of the above android emulators for your laptop, please let us know your experience with that specific android emulators.

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