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Everything about Google Chromebooks | Is it Worth to Buy or Not?

Everything you have in your laptop automatically saves to cloud server! How’s it? Need privacy protection, multitask across different windows and screens, enhance your gaming experience?

Looking to buy a smart, secure computer at an affordable price? Or Computer, which is automatically protected by viruses through Google? Or The one which has an energy-efficient battery?


If all these are in your bucket-list, then we must say that you are on the right platform….

Thinking how you will get all these in just one computer at an affordable price?

Well, Google ChromeBook is an answer to all these. Yes…Google Chromebook. The only solution to all the above questions.

To dive deep into the Chromebooks, be with us till the comment section, and do let us know whether all your quires are solved or not.

About Google Chromebooks:

Google Chromebooks are lightweight laptops that run on Google’s Chrome operating system. Its appearance is similar to normal laptops, but the web-browser makes all the difference.

Chrome OS offers you a unique experience from Windows and macOS that you usually use. But Google Chromebooks are typically good for light computing tasks such as browsing the internet, playing mobile games, and streaming the videos.

Chromo OS is a speedy, manageable, and reliable operating system that powers every Chromebook. The best part is that Chromebook automatically get updates to increase your experience.

These updates keep your software safe and speedy so that you can quickly do your tasks. To keep your data secure, Google works on safeguard policies regularly, and thus, Google protects all your information. Overall, Google Chromebooks are the lightest and most affordable laptops around.

In short, Google Chromebook offers you:

  • It uses the Google Chrome web browser.
  • Chrome Operating System.
  • No extra anti-virus is required, and Automatically protected by Google.
  • All your data will be stored online in the “cloud.”
  • Through this, you can download apps from the Chrome Web Browser and the Android application from the Google Play Store.

If you want to know which browser is best for you, then you can refer to this article as we have mentioned all the necessary points in UC Browser vs Google Chrome Vs Opera Mini.

Google Chromebook Key Features:

Google Chromebook offers you a plethora of functions and features. Google updates and regularly adds new features to it. Some of the latest features are:

Multitasks across Windows:

Now, on Chromebook, you can quickly multitask across different windows and screens. Through the Overview mode, you can drag and drop windows from your Chromebook display to the external monitor and vice versa.

Not only, this you can also split your screen with the help of the Overview mode which means you can review two documents at once or two tasks at once.

Family Link:

It is a unique feature that allows you to create rules and healthy tips for your kids. Even, With Family Link, you can add your kid school account to easily sign-in Google Classroom and other websites to do your schoolwork at home.

In this prevailing situation, this feature is worthful…Isn’t it.

Moreover, you and your kid can also add various extensions from the Chrome Web Store, and the best part is that you have to approve the extension by entering the password in the supervised Chromebook.

High-Level Gaming:

Now, Google has introduced various Gameplay on the Chromebook to increase your gaming experiences such as DOOM, DOOM II, Star Wars, KOTOR, Limbo, and Stardew Valley. You can purchase these from Google Playstore.

  • Explore App:

Want to get in-depth knowledge to take full advantage of the Google Chromebook?

Then this Explore app will help you. It provides tutorials and FAQ’s to help you acquaint with all the features of the Chromebook.

Moreover, it also offers some Perks to the owners of the Chromebook. To use this app, simply click on the bottom left corner on the “Launcher” and search for “Explore.”

Available In Different Sizes and Shapes:

If you believe that the Google Chromebook is available in only a particular size and shape, you are mistaken….Because it is available in all the sizes and shapes. On the official site, you have to fill your requirement, and once you complete that the process, they will recommend you the customized Chromebook as per your requirement.

If you are unaware and don’t know how to transfer your files form Pc, then you can read Five Effective Ways to Transfer Files from PC. This article will guide you to share your files effectively.

Google Chromebook: Is it worthful to buy or not?

The exact answer to this depends upon your needs. If your computing needs are high involving several processors, specific software not available in the Chrome OS, or a niche software, then Chromebooks are not for you.

Despite this, if your computing needs require only browsing the web, streaming videos, working on the document, playing games, then it is perfect for you, even we should say the best alternative for you for laptop.

Now, you yourself have to decide and analyze your computing needs to get your answer.

Although, these Chromebooks are doing well for education purposes and normal work from home requirements.

Is switching data in Google Chromebook easy?

Well, it is super easy. For switching your data, acquaint yourself with the following steps, and you will be done in three phases.

Let’s start:

  • Firstly Sign-in your Chrome Browser:

Firstly, catch your old laptop or computer and sign-in to your Chrome browser with your Google account. By doing this, all your passwords and settings will be gathered for the switch.

  • Take a backup of all your files:

Then, take a backup of all your data and sync it. Now, store all your files and data in Google Drive from your old computer and the SD card.

You can also transfer your data to an external device and later connect it to the Chromebook.

If any of your files have been deleted by mistake, then you can recover deleted files following this guide.

  • Sign-in your Chromebook:

Now, sign-in your new Chromebook, and you are all waiting for you in your Drive. But make sure that you sign-in with the same account that you used in steps 1 and 2. If you want to transfer using an external device, connect it, and share all your data, and you are done.

If you are still unable to transfer your data, let us know in the comment section. We will help you to resolve that issue.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1. What is the difference between Chromebook and other laptops like Windows and Mac?

Ans. Chromebook is a new age of the computer that helps you to complete your tasks quickly and easily. They work on Chrome OS, an operating system. It has unique features such as cloud storage, high-end security with no extra-antivirus, whereas other laptops support all browsers and require extra anti-virus software.

Q.2. Can we work offline with Chromebook?

Ans. Definitely can work offline with a Chromebook by using offline-ready apps when you are not connected to the internet. With the offline mode, you can-

  • Read and write emails with the offline mode.
  • You can create and edit documents offline with the help of offline Google apps such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides.
  • You can view and save photos with the built-in photo editor.
  • You can make lists with Google Keep.

Q.3. Can I operate Microsoft office on Google Chromebook?

Ans. On all the Chromebooks, you can use Microsoft office. You can edit, open, download, and convert any of the Microsoft Office files. As of now, Microsoft Office is available as an Android app.

Q.4. What accessories can I use with Google Chromebook?

Ans. You can use all the accessories you normally use with normal laptops such as USB drives, Keyboards, Computer mice, and all other external storage devices to work well with Chromebook.

Q.5. Where will my files be stored in the Chromebook?

Ans. You can store your files on the Chromebook, or you can keep them in the cloud-based file.

Q.6. If my free cloud storage expires, then what will happen to my files?

Ans. You will get 100GB of storage with 12 months of Google One membership. All your files will remain stored in the Drive, and you can use, download, and share them as you want. If you need extra storage, then you can buy additional storage capacity in the Cloud.

Concluding Words:

Google Chromebook is one of the best alternatives for laptops for day-to-day computing needs. It is the lightest and affordable of almost all the laptops. Moreover, switching data from the Chromebook is also super-easy. Here, we have mentioned all the queries and tries to solve them.

If you have any doubt, do let us know. We will help you.

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