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Shadow of War Cheat Engine: Should You Use It?

Before going into the Shadow of war cheat engine there are things you should know about the game

Shadow of war is developed by Monolith Production and Published by Warner Bros interactive and it is known to be the most followed game in 2017 even though it was released on September 27, 2017.

This game is the second game of Middle earth and the first one is Shadow of Mordor released in 2014.

In this game players have to take control of the spirit of elf lord Celebrimbor and Ranger Talion where they have to create their own army in order to defend the world from Dark Lord Sauron who sends Nazguls to fight with our army.

And just like the last game of Middle Earth; Shadow of Mordor the system of performance has improved to a larger extent and now players can follow other players whose gameplay they like and act as a friend or enemy it depends on the your way of play.

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Why You Should Use the Shadow of War Cheat Engine?

I cannot say that both are alike and it could not be as the quality of the original one can never be copied or pirated, but if you are a person who don’t want to waste money to buy a game or you are impatient to play every part of the game and reach to next level.

Then sure as hell it gets boring if you are stuck in one level for a long time, then my article shall be helpful to you for playing the game without any of these discrepancies,

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Shadow of war cheat engine

So without wasting much of your time let me introduce to you the first cheat engine and that is Wemod.


Wemod is nothing but a trainer cheat engine which helps you by auto detecting the edition you are using and will notify you within a while whether or not it is able to access your version.

So if it does you are lucky like me, right?

This game offers you 6 benefits and they are Unlimited Health, Unlimited Focus, Unlimited Might, Ghost Mode, Unlimited Arrows and importantly Unlimited Skill Points.


But if you cannot access to this cheat file then you can use our second file which should be downloaded from MrAntifun.

Comparative to the first cheat file MrAntifun has more benefits and they are Unlimited Health, Unlimited Arrows, Infinite Focus, Faster Kill power, Infinite Might, Instant Filling of Rage, Mega Exp and Infinite Skill Points. But there are a 2 precautions to be taken and they are;

  1. Open skills window after activating skill points cheat then close it and open it again,
  2. Backing up your game is very much necessary as you don’t want to lose your hardwork for a cheat.


The Third and the most powerful cheat file is to be downloaded from CheatHappens and the goodnews here is that it contains options for both windows and steam making it easier for players to get access.

There are 9 cheat benefits, highest compared to others and you get this after downloading the file and they are:

✅Unlimited Health making you immortal

✅Super Stealth Mode

✅Unlimited Focus Mode

✅Unlimited Arrows

✅Faster growth of XP

✅Unlimited Might

✅No Skill Points Requirement to Unlock Skills

✅No Talion Level Requirement to Unlock Skills

✅And most important and unique feature, Easy Captain Kills.

Shadow of war cheat engine

Why You Shouldn’t Use Shadow of War Cheat Engine?

You might get banned from the application or even worst that your account might get ban leading to reset of data.

If you make others angry by playing like a freak to the extent that they understand that you have cheated in the game and making them report you.

If you use these cheats then I recommend you to play in single mode rather than risking your hardwork by playing in multiplayer mode, but if you still want to play in multiplayer mode then make sure you don’t irritate anyone and act like you are a pro player.

To purchase Shadow of war (Original), it is available on Steam and the official website,

If you’ve purchase it from steam then get the first time access of the game from the Steam Purchase History

But before the purchase you should think about the editions you want to buy and they are Standard, silver, gold and definitive edition.

Shadow of War User Reviews

Shadow of war cheat engine

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is a pretty awesome game, from its Batman Arkham Knight fighting style to the awesome Assassin’s Creed-esque killing animations.

The storyline feels pretty long and in depth with all the inexorable killing in between.

With the deluxe edition, you will be playing 3 characters from the Middle-earth inclusive of the main story protagonist Talion, The Ranger, Baranor from Gondor or Minas Ithil and Eltariel, The Last Blade of Galadriel.

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